Animals in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Animals in Queen Elizabeth National Park are the key factor as to why the par was conserved i.e. to protect the wildlife species. Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the most famous National Parks in Uganda and the top-visited destinations for game viewing in Uganda. The park is situated in south-western part of Uganda which lies within the Albertine Rift valley and supports a variety of wildlife on a total area of about 1978 square kilometers of its lowland that inhabits with crater lakes, grassy hills, open savannah, vegetation, woodland, tree species, forests among others and the diverse ecosystem support large variety of mammals with over 95 mammals which have been recorded .The park was established in 1952 to protect the faunas and floras which are being catered for by Uganda wildlife Authority and the park is on the list of the world heritage site.

Animals in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Animals in Queen Elizabeth national park

Animals sighted during the safari Tour in Queen Elizabeth national park include the most prominent one in usual plains species the tree-climbing lions, hyenas, and leopards which are the predators. Other animals include elephants, buffaloes, warthogs, waterbuck, Giant Forest Hog, the interesting antelopes like Uganda kobs, Oribis, Topi, bushbuck, sitatunga and many more. Kazinga channel also supports water animals like hippos and crocodile and even is good for birders, lake Edward and George they are also water bodies in the park that support a big population of Hippos and crocodiles. The park is also a home of primates such as habituated chimpanzees which can be tracked in kyambura gorge, black and white colobus monkeys, Red tailed monkeys, blue monkeys, unique mongoose which are small animals of rodent family they are commonly found in areas of Mweya peninsular within the park and many more.

The wildlife highlights in the park 

The tree climbing lions are the most highlight wild species in Queen Elizabeth national park that can be viewed hanging on fig trees in ishasha sector and Giant forest hog can be easily seen in the park both on game drive and on the boat trip along kazinga channel. Buffalos are extremely attractive as they often reddish-brown due to interbreeding with forest buffalos from the nearby country ‘’Congo’’. The impressive endangered chimpanzees are available in the tropical forest of kyambura Gorge.

The number of animals in the park

The number of the game in Queen Elizabeth national includes about 2500 Elephants, 5000 hippos, 1000 buffaloes that are habitant in the vast savannah kasenyi plains. They are commonly seen during the game drive along kazinga channel and on the shores of lake George.

Animals in Queen Elizabeth National Park
Animals in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Best Time for wild viewing in Queen Elizabeth National ParkQueen Elizabeth National park can be visited all year round but most especially in dry seasons when the grass is short due to much sunshine and the best time for wildlife viewing starts from June to August and January to February when the there is a lot of concentrated animals near lakes and rivers in the park. And during dry seasons roads can be in good condition and forests out of slippery, because some of the roads become impassable after heavy rainfall.

Besides being the most visited national park in Uganda it also offers with beautiful accommodation facilities to serve the travelers with what they prefer too that can suit up their stay ranging from mid-range to luxury and such lodges include; White house hotel, Pumba safari cottage, Mweya safari lodge, Ishasha wilderness camp, Park view lodge, Queen Elizabeth safari camp, Queen Elizabeth Bush lodge among other unique accommodation facilities.

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