Attractions in Kibale National Park

Attractions in Kibale National Park

Attractions in Kibale National Park are the key features that travelers would love to spot when they visit the park to undergo different activities. The most interesting tourist attraction in Kibale national park is the Chimpanzee trekking safari. Kibale national park is one of the best outstanding national park in the western region of Uganda as a home for primates, standing at 1,590 meters above the sea level and its lowest point raises 1,100meter on its floor of the Albertine Rift valley to the south.

The park has varied altitude which supports different types of habitat, ranging from the wet tropical rain forest on the fort portal plateau to savannah on the rift valley floor. Kibale national park is one of Africa’s research sites on the endangered chimpanzees and other primates found with in the park, ecosystems, wild pigs and fish species among others. Kibale forest is a tropical rain forest covered with patches of grassland and swamp, stand over the northern and central side of the park on an elevated plateau.

The park covers an area of about 780 square kilometers and rich in biodiversity of over 70 mammal species, 13 species of primates including the unique chimpanzees and contains over 380 species of birds making it be one of Uganda’s most rewarding primitive destination to explore. Kibale national park is positioned close to the Ndali-Kasenda crater area and a half driving hours of Queen Elizabeth national park, Semuliki national park, Rwenzori Mountains as well the Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve and they are all situated in the western region of Uganda.

Kibale national park is every magnificent destination which consists of numerous gorgeous attraction ranking it to be one of the top tourist destinations in Uganda and East Africa and such attractions they include,


Kibale national park is the capital of primates which consists of the highest population of chimpanzees with over 1500 individuals and note that Uganda hosts a total number of about 5000 chimpanzees in different natural habitants but the biggest number can be encountered in here in kibale national park which sounds like the top primitive destination in entire East Africa. Kibale national park is covered with tropical rain forest containing big tall trees where the primates inhabit from, plays, feed and build their nests to sleep in. The park is recorded to inhibits 13 famous primate species that is the interesting endangered chimpanzees, blue monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, L’hoest’s monkeys, Uganda Red Colobus Monkeys, Central African Monkeys, grey-cheeked mangabey and many more. Of all these amazing primates chimpanzees have the highest population with over 1500 chimpanzee individuals. The endangered chimpanzees in kibale national park offer the most interesting and exciting chimpanzee tracking experience and chimpanzee habituation where you get a chance to see your close related cousins which can be done in kanyanchu. You may think that these are the only primates you can encounter but kibale also offers nocturnal primates encounter where you can view primate species like pottos and bush babies which at be seen while on your night forest walks.

Wildlife species

Although kibale national park sounds like a top destination for primates but also is home to other wildlife species which habits in the thick forests, open savannah featured around the park. Other animals to be seen in the park include elephants ,bush pigs ,golden cats ,leopards ,lions ,serval cat ,buffaloes ,Harvey’s duiker ,African palm civet ,alexander’s cusimanse ,marsh mongoose ,warthogs ,bushbucks ,sitatunga ,swamp otter which are seen near Bigodi wetland sanctuary. The park is estimated with a total population of 500 elephants, golden cats, leopards, lions which are seen occasionally migrating from Queen Elizabeth national park which adjoins to kibale national park.

Bird species

Kibale national park is a home for birders which host over 380 beautiful bird species both permanent and endemic species  to the park .The park also harbours with forested bird species and migratory bird species which occasionally migrate from Queen Elizabeth national park and other neighbouring areas .Bird species to be sighted include Olive long-tailed Cuckoo ,African Grey parrot ,Western Tinker bird ,yellow rumped Tinker bird ,red-chested owlet ,red-faced woodland warbler ,brown crested Alethe ,Nathan’s francolin ,little green bul ,blue breast kingfisher ,black eared ground thrush ,purple-breast sun bird ,little green bul ,African pitta ,black-capped Apalis ,white napped pigeon ,African grey parrot ,Collared apalis ,Dusky crimsoning ,crowned eagle ,Abyssinian ground thrush ,African pitta ,green breasted pitta among others. 

Bigodi wetland sanctuary

Bigodi Wetland sanctuary is known as the best place for birding located in swamp areas close to the park ,to many tourist who visit kibale national park do not leave the park without encountering this wetlands .While at bigondi wetland ,you can be able to view different wild life species such as sitatunga ,bush pigs ,blue monkeys ,red colobus monkeys ,bush buck ,black and white colobus ,baboons ,chimpanzees .Above all ,this is best place for birders who visit the park on their birding safaris and birds to be spotted include ;flycatchers ,spotted barbet ,white spotted fluff tail ,western nectar ,blue breasted kingfisher ,African pitta ,Collared Apalis ,Green breasted pitta ,Brown chested Alethe ,Black bee-eater ,Brown throated wattle eye ,Black and white flycatcher ,weaver birds ,brown crowned Tchagra ,Yellow billed barbet ,tailed ant thrush ,purple breasted sunbird ,Grey winged robin chat ,white breasted Negrofinch ,Hornbills ,Little Green bul among others.

Crater lakes in Kibale

The crater lakes of kibale national park are known as ndali kasenda craters, perhaps Ndali kasenda is a permanent natural environment marked by very many volcanic depressions positioned on the fringe of kibale national park and Queen Elizabeth park in western Uganda. To note, the area of the crates in kibale is much elevated above sea level located between kibale national park and kamwenge road ,along this road there is rewardable spectacular view of the explosion craters and crater lakes in the area .These crater lakes have been existing for more than 10,000 years and such lake include lake Nkuruba ,Lake Nyinambuga ,Lake Nyabikere ,Lake Lyantonde ,Lake Kifuruka all are located in different direction of the park ,offering spectacular view of the forests ,rewardable in nature walk ,hiking ,safe water for swimming and all these experiences make your safari adventure amazing  on your Uganda safari in kibale national park.

Attractions in Kibale National Park
Crater Lakes in Kibale are part of the Attractions in Kibale National Park

Impressive green vegetation

Kibale national park features with moist ever green and semi deciduous forest cover which consist of over 250 tree species and among these tree species there is some species which are endangered timber species such as lovoa swynnertonni, cordia millenii, entandrophragma angolense among others. Other species include pine trees and eucalyptus. Though the park has lost wide number of tree species due to logging done by the locals but due to numerous efforts this illegal activity has been prohibited.


Kibale national park is surrounded with different community which offers several authentic African cultural activities, there are two local groups that is Bakiga and batooro who are good in entertaining local dances, songs, local handmade craft which is made through their association in the names of kibale association of rural environment development ‘’KAFFRED’’.

Butterfly species

Kibale national park boosts with colourful butterfly species with a total number of 250 species which are seen in the park.

Accommodation facilities in Kibale national park.

Kibale national park hosts a number of beautiful accommodation facilities located inside and outside the park. This accommodation offers well-trained chefs, maids and they are good in welcoming visitors regardless of your status because they offer services that can fit traveller’s needs.

These accommodation facilities include; primate lodge, Kanyanchu river camp, Sebitoli camping ground, Nyinabulitwa resort and safari camp, kibale safari lodge, Lake Nkuruba nature reserve, Crater valley kibale lakeside resort, Chimp’s nest kibale safari lodge, Montane tented camp, Safari hotel bigondi and many more.


Kibale national park is located in western Uganda and can be easily accessed from Kampala the main city of Uganda, approximately 300 kilometres in driving hours taking 5 to 6 hours by road. The park can be reached from the north and south direction and road transport is a quicker and shorter route using the route leading to the northern region of the park you can pass via kanyanchu that is Kampala-Mubende fort portal route.

Alternatively, traveller can decide to use air transport with domestic flights which are available from Entebbe international airport and Kajjansi airstrip few kilometres away from capital city ‘’Kampala’’, charter flight is got from Entebbe Airport that is Aero link or fly Uganda which lands to nearby airstrip to kibale national park ‘’kasese airstrip’’ which lasts within 1:20hours by Air.

Lastly, Kibale national park is a very impressive national park offering the best exciting experience of chimpanzee tracking and chimpanzee habituation which is worth your visit on your Uganda safaris. Visit kibale national park the top primitive destination and discover several amazing tourist attractions which will leave you with a memorable experience.

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