Bad Facts About Uganda? Uganda the pearl of Africa is ranked among the best countries one can visit while on a safari in East Africa because it has so many tourist attractions and good destinations to where one can visit for example; the country has around 10 national parks where tourists can visit more especially specifically for those on their adventurous safari and some of these include; Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Mgahinga national park, Kibale national park and many others which all host populations of wildlife species which are considered to be among the top tourist attractions. More so, within these game parks, the unique about touring around each of them individuals get to participate in different activities and capture classic views of amazing features and many others. however, apart from the above mentioned, there are many other bad facts that are recorded about Uganda and it is important for tourists to be aware of them before travelling to the country and some of these include;


Uganda is well known to have a tropical climate therefore it experiences two rainy seasons which are between months of March to May and from September to December and this period of time, tourists always get many difficult situations during their safari for example; it is not easy for those engage into hiking and mountain climbing due to the fact that during this period the roads tend to be slippery.  In addition, the temperature during this period of time the temperatures mid-70s throughout the year.

Bad Facts About Uganda?

Road Safety.

The roads in Uganda generally lack adequate maintenance. Therefore,  for tourists planning to go a safari should expect to see the vehicles down along  the way,   wondering pedestrians, stray animals, drunk drivers especially during the night for example; the number of pedestrians comprise of  40%, the three wheeled, rides on small motorized of two and three wheeled which are over 33% of fatal road accidents.

Crimes in Uganda.

Crimes in Uganda often happen around the main cities around the country such as; Kampala which is considered to be the capital city of the country and the Entebbe city. In addition, it is around these areas where violent crimes usually happen such as; armed robbery and home invasion. In addition, the local police that would be in place to help it is noted that it lacks resources and skills therefore here are some of the tips that tourists are encouraged to follow while touring around Uganda and some of these include;

  • They are encouraged to maintain the maximum control over the valuable things such as; the handbags, wallets, mobile phones while in public places.
  • In addition, for those having their stay in lodges or hotels, they are advised to never leave their valuables unattended to.
  • People are also encouraged to use ATM cards while in prominent banks and use credit cards which is an easy way of making payments while visiting in large hotels and while dealing with big businesses.
  • More so, individuals are advised to review and take keen of their personal safety and maintain a low-key profile while they are in public places in order to avoid capturing the attention of thieves.
  • Tourists are advised to avoid carrying big cash on the while going to public places or going to use public means of transport such as; mini-busses and taxis while touring around the city.
  • Lastly, they are encouraged to always leave behind their important documents such as; passports, expensive jewelry, airline tickets in hotel rooms where they are having their stay and many others.

And for any individuals who happens to be a victim of the above mentioned crimes, they are advised to get in touch with any local police nearby  and they are also encouraged to move with their travel insurance which helps them to get any medical attention in case of any injuries. More so, they should note that the emergency number of contacting the Uganda police is 999 but for crimes, one is free to report to the nearest police station for quick responses.

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