Best Hotels in Uganda : While on a Uganda safari or a Kampala city tour, most visitors would love to have the best meals the country can provide right from the local food and the western food. some tourist have a rich taste of food and thousands just travel in with a mindset of  having test of the Ugandan Rolex as the most famous street food in the whole of Africa to the level that it even has its own festival in the country.

Other it’s not a trip before they taste the Ugandan chicken luwombo or taste the Matooke & Eshabwe, most of the famous restaurants in Uganda serve these dishes according to the clients wish of taste. There are some of these that just give you basically local food and others do both local and western dishes. For local food served at eateries and restaurants, the most common main dish is a stew of meat, beans or groundnuts served with posho (maize meal) and matooke (mashed green bananas). Cassava, sweet potato, white potato, yam and rice are also common starches. mugati naamaggi (a pancake filled with minced meat and egg), and samosas. Popular drinks are tea (try the chai-spiced tea) and coffee – two of Uganda’s crops – as well as lager beer, banana and millet beer and fermented banana wine. If you have any dietary requirements (such as vegan or vegetarian food), be sure to notify your travel expert in advance of your stay, Best Hotels in Uganda .

Below are some of the most famous restaurants in Uganda that every visitor would love to try out their dishes for a thrilling taste of food and experience.

Best restaurants in Uganda

Kampala Serena Hotel restaurants

Pearl of Africa Hotel restaurant

Best Hotels in Uganda
Pearl of Africa Hotel restaurant

2k restaurant

Amagara Café Bistro, Colville street Kampala

La Patisserie, Acacia mall

Mama Ashanti Restaurant

Piato restaurant

Spectrum @La Bonita

Fang Fang Chinese restaurant, Colville Street

Nanjing restaurant, Kololo

Shanghai restaurant, Ternan avenue nakasero

The Asian Fusion restaurant,

 Fairway hotel & restaurant

Prunes, Wampewo Avenue, kololo

The Lawns, Impala avenue, kololo

Villa Kololo restaurant, Kololo

7 hills revolving restaurant

Cayenne restaurant

Kabira country club

The Bistro’s, Kisementi

Rock Garden Café, Speke hotel

Faze 2 restaurant, nakasero road

Mythos Greek Tavern Lounge

Nawab Asian Bistro

Haandi restaurant

Biryani House, Acacia Avenue, kololo

Kati Kati restaurant, Lugogo

Khana Khazana, Acacia Avenue

The great Indian Dhaba, kololo

Yujo Japanese restaurant, Nakasero

Yasigi Beer Garden

The woods, Muyenga

Tamarai restaurant, Kololo

Shaka Zulu foods, Bugolobi

Café Javas restaurants

Java House restaurants

Endiro Coffee, Kisementi.

The Olives restaurant

Pizza Hut

Peri Peri restaurant, cargen house Kampala road

Sky restaurant, Kisementi

Arirang restaurant, Nakasero

Tasted Budz, Indian & Chinese food, Ntinda

Café Ceylon, Naguru

Ashiana restaurant, Bandali rise, Bugolobi

Miso Garden restaurant, Mabua road, Kololo

The Copper Chimney restaurant, Lugogo

Lebanese food restaurant

Mediterraneo restaurant

Seven seas restaurant

 Sheraton hotel

Best Hotels in Uganda
Sheraton hotel

Golden Tulip Canaan restaurant Kampala

Kampala is a busy town with traffic all day long covering most roads but this doesn’t stop your city tour. A lot of interesting things to see and learn but most of all the local food, and cuisine in Uganda those area some of the famous restaurants that you can visit on your Kampala city tour and get to get the best food venture  ever, Best Hotels in Uganda .


Once again, Uganda has no tipping culture and you should follow your heart on whether to tip or not. Since you will be traveling with drivers as your guide, always feel free to ask for his/her advice on anything including tipping, Most times when you visit such restaurants most people think tipping would be the best you could provide as a thank you to the people who were at your services.

This is important since you might not be familiar with the local currency and what is a good tip for a service especially in cases where you are purchasing something small

Unlike in other places, tipping after service is not a compulsory or expected custom. This means that no one will remind you or hint at it, and therefore, as a guest, tipping is at your discretion, Tipping on Uganda Safari is not obligatory but many travellers do leave tips and this extra money really helps boost the income of people working in the tourism industry. For restaurants, you can tip 10% for good service; this is out of your own free will. Generally any restaurant that caters primarily to tourists and to wealthy Ugandan residents will automatically add a service charge to the bill, but since there’s no telling where that service charge ends up, it would still be reasonable to reward good service with a cash tip.

Onto the other side going out for a meal should be an enjoyable experience, but if it falls short of expectations you should be aware of your legal rights and how to exercise them so the best way to do this in order to avoid having a bad day or even spoil your tour speak to your guide about the issues that have not reached your expectations and the case will be handed to the right people for that matter, most guest get complications and keep them to their selves but don’t allow this kill your day, Best Hotels in Uganda .

Having a well complete Uganda budget safari means that all your expectations have been meet and that all will leave your mind relaxed and your spirit happy, food and accommodation are one of the things that make meaning in a lovely travel with the right travel company all these will be rendered to you.

There as well more fun moments to encounter while on your Kampala City tours and all those involve visitation to different areas and localities get to know about the cultures, parks, vegetation and other sorts that you could be interested in.

Photography, hikes, gorilla treks, swimming, rafting, bungee jumps and zip lining plus other thousands of games awaiting you to experience while on a Kampala tour. And when it comes to the lodging facilities that is nothing to be worried about because Uganda has all kinds of them luxury and budget ones with extreme tight security. Therefore have time to stopover at Uganda.

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