Best items to pack for a Uganda Safari:  Just like the way you dress up for the day and you feel comfortable in your dressing code the same to what you wear or pack for your African safari because it also determines how much you will enjoy yourself. Just imagine traveling to a national park without a camera with extra batteries, binocular, how much will you enjoy without taking memorable photography for your future remembrance, you will be all you are left with after that Uganda Safari.

 Below are the items or useful things to carry with you on Uganda Safari as a guide on What to pack;

Pack Friendly Safari Clothes

 It is very possible a traveler to pack comfortable items while choosing what to wear for a safari trip. May include a visit to the country’s culture, weather, vegetation among others. When packing on Uganda safaris male visitors would have been good to pack Khaki attires, clothes must be in dull color that blend in with your environment such as brown, khaki, olive green its because bright colors scare animals away, blue and black colors tend to attract mosquitoes and tsetse flies.

For the ladies, pack sport bra its deal because it makes you comfortable of the rides. Then on gorilla trekking tours or forest walk to pack long sleeved shirts, long trouser and socks to protect against insect bites, gloves to defend on sharp branches as well as rain poncho. Note, In Uganda the weather is unpredictable it may rain in the morning by afternoon gets quite chilly. On your visit to African safaris, you can pack a light weight water proof jacket that can be kept into your day pack.

Comfortable shoes for Safari

While planning for safari, you need to pack comfortable walking shoes for nature walks or hikes and sandals for the chilling in the evening at the lodge or camp. Activities that may require you to put on comfortable shoes is Gorilla trekking and Chimpanzee tracking because both activities take you deep into the dense forests thus fitting for hike. On top of that, you can choose to carry waterproof shoes made of material that is easy to clean without getting drenched as well as hard rubber soles because they are not easily penetrated by thorns.

Best items to pack for a Uganda Safari
Packing List for Uganda Safari

Sun Protection Gear

 Heat and Sunshine are Africa’s most famous attributes though mornings and night game drive may momentarily make you forget how much you may have sweated at noon. Other items can be packed just to ease your response to the weather and its change.

Sunscreen; Visit Uganda in peak season you are more likely to face heat burn and the better way to avoid the discomfort arising from the scorching heat is apply sun screen, a wide brimmed safari hat will also help you in prevention of sunshine as you ride through the wild and the large one will cover  the entire head of yours with the neck too.

Sunglasses; Also helps in presentation of too much sunshine thus making your safari worthwhile.

Safari Gadgets or Equipment

 When planning for safari it’s good to carry outstanding gadget to enjoy your safari such as a camera with extra battery, memory card, binoculars   which are priority under the trip. Additional to that, on Uganda safaris you will need to pack, headlamp or flashlight and 3 pin 3 UK style adapters which makes your charging easy while at the camp or lodge   to make your safari more memorable.


 All Uganda safari destination lodges and hotels provides some toiletries and laundry services thus making safari stay an ideal. You can carry wet wipes which you may use to cleanse your face  or dust on the body that can be accumulated from the game drives before you refresh up. Ladies can pack tampons which are hard to find around, endeavor to pack toothpaste, a toothbrush and shower shorts to carry your soap to the bathroom at a camp shouldn’t be forgotten outside.

Medical Kit

Carrying a medical kit is very useful items just in case you get an injury or get sick, a first aid kit would be the first option to help you in pain.  It carries, insect repellents, first aid with bandages, cottons, anti –malaria meds, stomach and headaches, pain killers, your prescriptions medicines and treatments for any chronic illnesses.

Day Pack

 This day pack helps to protect personal documents such as visa, passport, rain poncho, mineral bottle, snack eats, sanitizers many more.

 Documents –Items

 Such as a passport, ticket, travel insurance documents, safari itinerary, cash in foreign currency, useful vaccines like the Yellow fever vaccine. All those items are required for your safari to Uganda and Rwanda destination.

Best items to pack for a Uganda Safari
Best items to pack for a Uganda Safari

Items to Support Local Communities

It is worth considering as you prepare to travel to Africa. If your Uganda safari package includes community based activities, you can carry item like clothes or school items for children.

 Mobile Phone, IPAD or Tablet

There are free Wi-Fi in Uganda’s national parks lodges although most of the time can be connected only in the lounge area. Or else you can choose to buy a local sim card meaning your mobile phone should be unlocked.

 Packing for your safari can be an easy way for you to have a great adventure while in the jungle.

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