Best Places to Do Self- Drive Safaris in Uganda : First of all, the term self-drive refer to as a hiring a car from car rental company to enjoy a car yourself rather than being driven by some else –you enjoy it in your own pace and freedom according to the number of the hired days. However, self-drive is the best way to enjoy what ranks Uganda to be called the ‘’Pearl of Africa’’ and best done through road tripping drive in your own pace or a take self-drive to Uganda unmatched wilderness best for self-drive adventure. You can explore Uganda starting from its city Kampala and enjoy your own drive adventure which is best done in comfortable and reliable fleet – cars very affordable consisting of; Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota RAV4, Toyota Hilux Double Cab and widely used 4×4 wheel vehicles in Uganda. You should always hire a car from trustworthy car rentals with all the objectives which includes; insurance ,24/7 roadside assistance, road map and latest Brandt Travel Guide. The self-drive trip is best enjoyed as a group, family couple and as an individual.

If your new to the country and know less about it, always a hire a car with driver-guide. Uganda has several car rental companies offering flexible car rental options like Car hire with driver guide which is a best option to the new visitors. Those cars are offered with professional drives who know the pearl of Africa from Entebbe to Queen Elizabeth National, Murchison Falls National Parks and remote area of Kidepo Valley National Park, however, this option car hire is great for road trippers that don’t fancy driving themselves yet they want more relaxed experience and to learn more about the local culture as well as wildlife in Uganda. One of the reliable car hire companies to reach out are the road trip Africa who provide well experienced tour guides and bush mechanics. This is truly ultimate safari.

Car Hire with Camping Gear

You can car hire a car with camping gear yet traveling on a budget, love the outdoors and it is best for those who don’t want to book accommodation a head of time while on road tripping in Uganda, it includes with a full set of a camping gear in the back of the car hence giving you lots of flexibility and enjoyments. Best hired car with camping gear on yourself drive tour in Uganda by car agency include; Toyota Hilux Double Cab and Land Cruisers of hire in Uganda are fully equipped with a rooftop tent or you can hire a dome tent. Both options offer a full set of quality camping gears including a mattress, sleeping, bag, cooking equipment’s, table and chairs. Those to their trip to Uganda game parks, we recommend you to hire the Toyota Hilux Double Cab an excellent vehicle for camping in the bush and boasts with enough storage space for all your camping gears. Other perfect car camping gears include; Camp gear set with ground tent, camp set with roof top tent, camp set family rooftop tent as well as electrical fridges best car type are Hilux and Land cruisers.

Best Places to Do Self- Drive Safaris in Uganda
Best Places to Do Self- Drive Safaris in Uganda

Book A Road trip with Accommodation

A traveler who want to experience their own privacy and flexibility of driving your own safari in Uganda but with peace of mind about which travel route to take and where to sleep? Each Self-drive tour Uganda offers a reasonable planned route with stays in pre-booked lodges. Such commonly places to stay while road tripping might include; small –scale, good price –quality ratio and owner managed when possible and one of the best car rental companies to organize is road trip Africa, Best Places to Do Self- Drive Safaris in Uganda.

Visit Uganda a country of hospitable people and welcoming. The best way to enjoy Uganda’s tourist attractions is to do self-drive tour through road tripping or visiting Uganda’s national park like taking a visit to southwestern Uganda regions where you can be able to marvel about its green rolling hills, lake, chimps and the rare mountain gorillas. Best places to go for self-drive game drives in Uganda are; a visit to Lake Mburo, Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls and remote Kidepo National Park. You can take a visit to a great traditional Karamojong manyatta in the wild northeast or visit Uganda eastern route to the world’s largest river –River Nile for thrilling wild water rafting and be able to relax at perfect lodges in Jinja.

A drive to north eastern region of Uganda is gainful for those looking for an off the beaten track adventure while traveling in truly comfortable car. Go explode in Murchison Falls National Park, after continue to drive further north and experience the stunning of pure isolation in Kidepo Valley National Park, be able to discover traditional tribal culture in Karamoja, drive off in the highlands of Mount Elgon and finish off with a blast in Jinja, wild water rafting on the Nile.

What tips to consider before renting a car; We advise you to always secure your desired rental car in advance earlier to the actual trip. Well, when you book a car hire early gives you a great time to get choice of your own car with a chance to enjoy discount.

What is the driver age limits when renting a car in Uganda for self-drive tour;

Before you go to rent a car from the car hire agency, always make sure your 20 years of age, though the normal age for car hire companies must be between 25 and 70 years of ages to hire car. Then the age of fewer than 18 years old is eligible to hire in Uganda.

Uganda a great destination to do both a self-drive road tripping and visiting Uganda’s safari destination on your own pace especially to travelers interested much more in nature and cultures.

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