Best time for game viewing and Primate Safari in Uganda : Uganda like all the other countries experiences the wet and the dry seasons and if you are planning a Uganda safari tour, you may visit the country any time of the year because the weather change is normally not that severe. Uganda’s Climatic changes are influenced by the fact that it lies along the Equator and the existence of Lake Victoria and so if the question is when is the best time to Visit Uganda, then it is likely that any time of the year is perfect time for anyone to visit his great nation. The temperatures range between 24- 28°C and in the night, it often cooler.  If you are visiting Uganda for may be gorilla trekking adventure, you may take into a few issues into consideration when choosing when to come so you can meet the easiest gorilla trekking conditions. Despite the fact that gorilla tracking is an all year round tourism activity, there is always the best time that you can choose to visit.

Best time for game viewing and Primate Safari in Uganda

When you visit Uganda’s national parks, the main purpose is to go for game viewing since It is the main activity done in these parks so no one should ever miss out on this. Game viewing is very interesting; many animals can be seen in these savannah parks especially towards the end of every dry season, which normally comes around February and March, also from September or early October. Around that time, there are usually lots of animals tend to concentrate around the water sources making it really easy to see them and in big numbers.

Best time for game viewing and Primate Safari in Uganda might not exactly fun during the rainy season which start from the month of March-May and comes back October to November. During the rainy season, the roads become almost impassable and the animals have dispersed making wildlife viewing a little bit hard. However when it comes to gorilla tracking, the tracking paths are not slippery therefore in better conditions but you have to search for longer hours because gorillas tend move to further locations hunting for food. During the wet seasons however, tracking routes may be slippery and impassable but the gorilla can find food everywhere which means they don’t have to go far to search for food, most of the groups move to the lower slopes since food is readily available and temperature are mild therefore, you don’t have to hike fur. The closer they can get food, the easier it is for you to find them during the trek.

Best time for game viewing and Primate Safari in Uganda
Columbus Monkeys

Bird watching on the other hand is normally at its peak during the months of November and April. During these months, most of the migrant bird species have come in, lots of migrant birds can be spotted in the different park, which means, a very keen bird watcher will be able to see much more species than what you would actually see during the other months.

Uganda Safaris is also perfect during April, May and November because these are the low seasons in the tourism business therefore there are very few people coming in for tourism purpose. This means lodges and the parks are less crowded, you will have humble time, peace and quiet if you visited during this time. Beside the peace and quiet, during the low season, the permits and lodge especially the luxury one cut their prices thus an added benefit.

In this case, it is just proper to say that Uganda is an all year round tourism destination because for each season, there is an advantage and a disadvantage and none seems seem to out weight that other. The decision as to when to visit Uganda should be made depending on how ready one is to travel because regardless of what time you visit, you will have the same experience and it will be a memorable one.

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