Best Time To Visit Kampala : Kampala city, which is also famously known as the capital city of Uganda and located in the central region of the country. This city is easily accessed for tourists because it is just about 37 square kilometers away from Entebbe International airport. More so, Kampala was first named as “Kasozi ka Impala” by the Buganda people because it first known as the natural sanctuary for the Impalas and later it was named as Kampala to way the pronounciation part by the British colonialists. Kampala city is majorly known as the best centre where all the Buganda activities are done and it is a good hunting ground for the kings of the Buganda who are referred to as the Kabaka’s in the local language.

Touring around this city gives tourists chances to learn more about the historical and cultural tourism of Uganda and get opportunities to capture classic views of stunning waterbodies because it is situated a few kilometers away from shores of Lake Victoria. In addition, there so many interesting places to visit while in this city such as; bars and restaurants, religious sites, discotheques, political installments, shopping malls, recreation centers among others. More so, exploring more through Kampala city gives you opportunities to engage in many interesting activities, which include the following below;

Activities to do while in Kampala city.

Visiting the Kasubi Tombs.

The Kasubi tombs are famously place for the royal family of the Buganda kingdom and there are located in the Northwestern region of Kampala city on the Kasubi Hill. More so, these are being management of the UNESCO World Heritage and it’s the best place to visit and get to learn more about the historical background of the Kabakas of Buganda and all the cultural significance.

The Buganda Parliament.

Tourists visiting this city can also opt to check out the Buganda parliament, which is also commonly referred to as “Bulange”, and it is also, where the important issues concerning the country are always discussed. In addition, these important meeting are always held every month however, the Kabaka of Buganda is always noticed attending at only the beginning and when closing the meeting. Therefore visiting the parliament and from hearing from the sessions of these meetings gives you chances to learn more about the history  for example; you get to know about the former kings and fifty six clans. In addition, before the idea of the construction of the parliament, people were always seen gathering under the shades of the trees or from the grass thatched houses where they would discuss the important issues.

Visit the Kabaka Lake.

Tourists can opt to visit the Kabaka Lake, which is located in Ndeeba and it famously known and commonly visited because it is considered as the largest fabricated lake in Africa, which is about 200 feet deep. More so, it is recorded that it is Kabaka Mwanga who encouraged his other subjects through digging process of this lake and till today, the clan leaders of Buganda are always seen gathering in order to clean the lake. More so, the Kabaka is ranked to be among the top attractions found in Kampala and for tourists who decide to visit always get chances to participate in many activities such as; bird watching where they spot in many bird species in the sky, boat cruise, racing and being around this lake gives a moment of relaxation due to the breathe taking atmosphere in the surrounding.

Bahai Temple.

 The Bahai temple is situated is famously known as the temple of the Bahai Faith in the whole of Africa and it is situated on Kikaya hill along the outskirts of Kampala city. Visiting this temple helps you to increase your faith and your levels of humanity as you understand more betters of the religion entails. In addition, for individuals planning to visit the city should note that this temple is always open from 8:00am to 6:00pm however, the main services are always held on Sundays. More so, they should note that taking pictures and recording videos in this temple is prohibited and it is against the faith’s rituals and virtues. The Bahai temple happened to have originated from the Iran/ Persia.

Best Time To Visit Kampala
Bahai Temple

Apart from the above mentioned places, there are many other more important things to do while visiting in Kampala and some of these include;  touring around old kampala, kibuli mosque, Uganda martyrs shrines in Namugongo, Namirembe cathedral, Rubaga cathedral, going for shopping in the Owino market, Kibuli mosque and many others.

Best time to visit in Kampala.

Tourists planning to visit in Kampala can always come through at any time of the year however, the dry season is considered to be the best time which is between months of June to September and from mid- December to February. More so, this is taken to be the best time because it is during this period where there happens to be less rains which help individuals to tour around without any disturbances.

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