Budget safaris: pros and cons : Budget safaris are some of the most sought after safaris by traveler lovers. People that love to be exploring the wild all year round , will want a budget safari to help the explore the wild as much as they can as still not go broke from it. Other people that seek budget safaris are those who really want to travel experience the wild but serious the monies are tight.

However there is also the an orthodox category that thinks budget safaris are actually more fun that the other safaris so they will always opts for budget safaris for the fun and adventure.

Well we can’t exhaust all the reasons people choose budget safaris over other safaris but what we can do is share with you some of the pros and cons of budget safaris to help you make an informed choice when that time comes.

So what makes a budget safari a budget safari?

Well a budget safari is a safari that gives you quite exactly a similar experience like the other safari packages but at the lowest prices possible. We have written other pieces on other safaris packages so you should check them out to compare and see. But for budget safaris you will almost always spend way less than you would have spent on the other packages.

Budget safaris: pros and cons
Budget safaris

Pros of budget safaris

  • Affordable

These safaris packages are very affordable to almost everyone. In fact some persons will say they are cheap. But because of their affordability, they allow many people to have a chance to experience the wild at a fee that won’t break their finances. On top of that, their affordability allows you to save monies that you can use for other things.

  • Short

Budget safaris are usually short, they run between 2 to 5 days, so you can have them on a short break from your daily routine and then get back into work or other things. We are not saying other safari packages cannot be short, they actually can but rarely are; however budget safaris are always almost short.

  • Discounts

You have higher chances getting discounts on a budget safari, compared to other packages; so if you are looking out for discounts this is the safari package for you.

  • Adventures

It’s always been said that when you have little you will encounter the most adventure. Well since with budget safaris you’re staying within a budget you will have to improvise most of the time, which turns out to be a very adventurous experience.

  • Fun

Fact, 90% of budget safaris are group safaris, its easily to get discounts in groups or rather reducing prices makes it worthwhile for service providers when it’s in a group than when it’s just one individual. So because of the number of people with on this safari, you are assured of fun, fun and fun all throughout the safari.

Budget safaris: pros and cons
Group safaris

Cons of budget safaris

  • Season

These safari packages are seasonal and usually happen during the low safari seasons. Meaning you can’t have a budget safari anytime you want, you have to be within a particular season.

  • Limited Experiences

Some safari costs cannot be reduced or tailor made to fit in a budget safari, hence, when on a budget safari you will most likely miss out on those experiences. Things like mountain gorilla trekking, Mt hiking etc.

  • Short

As stated these safaris are usually short, so sometimes they may not allow you to take in the wild to the fullest. The time is just not enough or doesn’t allow you to do that.

  • Crowded

Since most budget are usually done in groups, the safaris are crowded with others which is fun but may also be a source of conflict and discomfort on your safari.

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