Bugungu Wildlife Reserve : Uganda is an ideal safari destination that has got lots of attractions that each and every one deserves to sight and get to know the beauty that lies in the country with great and unbeatable safari activities to experience.

Uganda ranks to be one of the most thrilling East African countries that would surely make thousands say truly this country is indeed a pearl just cause of the fibulas attractions that are yet to be explored as you’re on a safari in Uganda.

Uganda currently known to have 10 National Parks, 12 Wildlife Reserves and 5 Community Wildlife Management Areas plus 13 Wildlife Sanctuaries all these are distributed in different areas of Uganda with so much attractions to behold while in the pearl of Africa.

For today Achieve global safaris brings to you one of the list known wildlife reserve in Uganda yet with so much to behold and marvel at as you have an adventure in the pearl of Africa.

Bugungu Wildlife Reserve is yet one of the thrilling wildlife reserves that are so great to have an adventure at as you get to know more about Uganda’s attraction and Excellency of beauty.

Bugungu Wildlife Reserve is located in northwestern Uganda in the Buliisa and Hoima districts, near the shores of Lake Albert and highly protected by the Uganda wildlife authority with so much fascinating attractions to behold and understand more about.

Bugungu Wildlife Reserve being strategically located near Albertine Rift Valley, which is recognized as one of the most biodiversity regions in Africa implies that the reserve is a great habitant of wildlife.

Bugungu Wildlife Reserve rich wildlife area which primarily belong to the Banyoro and Alur ethnic groups and hence the reserve is full of great cultural experiences to encounter as you get to have wildlife safari at the area.

These communities have a lot to experience while you are at Bugungu Wildlife Reserve and these involve activities such as subsistence farming, fishing, and livestock rearing.

It is made of great flora and this is one of the reason as to why it’s a great home to diverse wildlife for the reserve is characterized by vast expanses of savannah grasslands and consist of scattered trees and shrubs which give shade to the wildlife not letting out the several wetland areas.

Bugungu Wildlife Reserve is home to a diverse array of wildlife species that are notable wildlife species and offer great wildlife safaris to all those that get to have a safari at the wildlife reserves.

Wildlife species that are notable in the great Bugungu Wildlife Reserve are so exclusive to sight as you learn more about the pearl of Africa and some of the wildlife species found in this area include; Uganda Kob, Bushbuck, Waterbuck, Buffaloes, Elephants, Hippos and Crocodiles.

It is also a great haven for bird enthusiasts for the reserve is recorded to have over 150 bird species which include; African fish eagle, pied kingfisher, malachite kingfisher, and various waterfowl.

Bugungu Wildlife Reserve provides lots of safari activities that cannot be experienced in just a day these are so thrilling to experience while on a safari at the reserves.

Bugungu Wildlife Reserve
Bugungu Wildlife Reserve

Safari activities at Bugungu Wildlife Reserve

Here are some of the great safari activities that are so amazing to involve in while at the great Bugungu Wildlife Reserve as you get learn about the area and its attractions and these include:

Nature Walks: Guided nature walks permit visitors to sightsee the reserve on foot as they get to observe different attractions at the reserve as getting to also learn more about the plant species, tracks, and signs of wildlife and these are conducted by trained guides.

Cultural Encounters: as earlier mentioned the reserve belong to the Banyoro and Alur ethnic groups this means that there is a lot to learn bout as you get to experience the cultural norms, traditional lifestyles, customs, and cultural practices of the tribes this can be possible as you engage into the different communities activities such farming, traditional crafts, and dances.

Photography: the great vegetation cover of Bugungu Wildlife Reserve is so great for great photography experiences to all photo lovers the reserve provides stunning landscapes to capture wildlife in action, and the vibrant cultural elements of the region.

Bird watching: as earlier mentioned the reserve is home to over 150 bird species recorded to be in the reserves and hence providing great birding safaris to all bird lovers as they sight birds of different species such as African fish eagles, pied kingfishers, and numerous waterfowl.

Game Drives: this is yet one of the most done safari activities at Bugungu Wildlife Reserve as you get to be driven through the reserve’s grasslands and woodlands while sighting different wildlife, including Uganda Kob, waterbuck, elephants, buffaloes, and an array of bird species.

These are some of the great safari activities that can be experienced while on a wildlife safari at Bugungu Wildlife Reserve through the help of Achieve global safari as they help you plan for your safari and preparing things such as transportation and accommodation facilities for you.

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