Busoga tourist attractions : Busoga region found in the eastern part of Uganda is home to the source of the river Nile which is the longest river in the world is a great Nile, is inhabited by the people of the Busoga Kingdom. It’s a great place to visit while on a Uganda budget safaris due to its great significance to Uganda’s Tourism Industry and overall economy.

Jinja – is main city in Busoga region where we find the source of river Nile, the longest river in the world. There are a variety of water adventures tourist activities that you can enjoy on your visit to Uganda. Besides exploring the source of the Nile, you can enjoy white water rafting, swimming, bungee jumping, canoeing, bird watching tours, nature walks, biking tours and so many others. Below are some of the cultural tourist sites in Busoga region.

The Mpumwiire Coronation site

This is the area where the Kyabazinga’s (king) Palace is located. It derived its name from the scenario that the sickly king of Bunyoro kingdom – Omukama Kabalega during on his return journey from Seychelles where he had gone to exile was the passing through the Busoga region and died (rested) at this place.

The World War Cemetery – It is at this site that the East African Infantry battalion of the British Commonwealth buried its soldiers.

The Buswiikira Site – This site s found in Mayuge district and here, the legendary icons Kintu and his wife Nambi the ‘ancestors’ of the Baganda are believed to being buried.

The Budhumbula Mausoleum – It is here that Sir. Wilberforce Nadiope who served as the first post-independence Vice President of Uganda as well as twice as king (Kyabazinga) of Busoga was buried.

Nsono –Namakoko – This Fort is found in Bugiri and is said to be the very first British City in this country. Other sites include, Nnhenda Hill found in Iganga and Imaali Coronation site found in Kaliro District at Madibira

Dolwe Island a Treasure in Busoga – Uganda – Dolwe Island is the largest of the numerous rocky Islands found on the eastern side on Lake Victoria in Uganda covers an area of approximately 12 kilometers, and it has two major settlements: the Golofa and the Singla. This island has very beautiful rock formations that were naturally piled like storied building and it is from this that the name Golofa was derived. The people, who have had an opportunity to visit this island will testify to the beautiful scenery and the serenity that lingers around this hidden beauty in Eastern Uganda.

Busoga tourist attractions
Dolwe Island a Treasure in Busoga – Uganda

How the Busoga Tourism Attraction have be promoted in Uganda

The Uganda tourism board hosts yearly Pearl of Africa travel expo in the capital Kampala and the different attractions on the upper Nile-valley and within the Busoga Kingdom. Busoga once the food basket of Uganda

Busoga one of the cultural areas found in the eastern part of Uganda is among the best places to enjoy and experience a true cultural experience while on a Uganda cultural tour.

This area which is inhabited by the Lusoga speaking people belonging to the Bantu ethnic group was once the food basket of Uganda. Because the country is currently experiencing a massive drought and a wave of food scarcity, to some people the memory of Busoga land being one of the leading sources of food for this country might be vivid

Coffee: The people of Busoga grew a lot of coffee (which is the leading cash crop of Uganda), and his was one of predominantly grown crops across the various districts that make up this region. Majority of the families earned a living from coffee growing and it sustained the domestic economy of the locals. Unfortunately, the farms were attacked by Coffee wilt, which diminished nearly all of them.

Sugar: Despite the fact that this area lost the great glory of being among the leading coffee growing areas in Uganda, today it’s the number one producer of sugar-cane a raw material in the sugar making process, and therefore us holds the largest sugar manufacturing industries. Currently nearly each of the districts within Busoga region has a sugar factory and among these are: Kakira Sugar Works found in Jinja District, Kamuli Sugar found in Kamuli District, Mayuge Sugar found in Mayuge District as well as Kaliro Sugar found in Kaliro District among several others.

Rice: Busoga region is in addition the largest rice producer and has the largest rice plantation across Uganda known as Kibimba Rice Scheme found within Bugiri District.

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