Car Hire on Uganda Safaris : A car rental –agency refers to as a company that rents automobiles for short periods of time to the public, generally ranging to the number of days could be days, weeks or months. However, renting a car is one of the most useful thing any travelers on the Uganda Safari should put first into consideration before you start your traveling journey to explore Uganda’s attraction in different parts of itself at your own freedom while traveling in a comfortable way. On other side traveling with public means might seem to be unreliable in most cases and car rental becomes the best option for you to get to achieve your dream destination while enjoying your privacy and freedom in comfortable life style.

 A tourists planning to visit Uganda for a holiday and you are interested to travel independently, these seems to be a good essential car rental Uganda solution for you. However, the car rental Uganda tips are safely designed primarily to guide you and to answer most of your question about rental cars.

Here are the top tips to know before renting a car in Uganda as explained below;

Selects a car; A visitor should always consider good essential car rental tip when renting a car in Uganda is for you to decide which kind of car you plan to use. A rental car is what makes your Uganda holidays to end into amazing way. If you’re considering a car to rent in Uganda, be mindful of the number of people to travel with, space for the luggage.

The kind of the car you choose to hire should be accommodative in terms of space that suits for your travel needs. There are several car kinds to book include among others ;4×4 Toyota Rav4, Land Cruisers with rooftop tents, Coaster buses, Land Cruiser Prado, Safari Minivan, Super custom, Safari Land Cruisers. Uganda offers a wide selections of rental cars that comes in automatic or manual transmission, well- maintained, serviced and affordable.

Driving in Uganda; For beginners, always keep right when driving in Uganda and those who may not be familiar with the routes and driving rules; We advise you to rent a car with a driver. Other things to mind about when driving in Uganda the road users, like motorcycle, the pedestrian and read the road signpost so that you enjoy your road trip.

Driver age limits; This is one the best essential you should consider though some car rental companies allow persons who is 20 years of age but you need to require extra insurance and a liability cover. Normally, Uganda –car hire companies allows persons between 25 and 70 years to hire cars with them. Those under 18 years old is eligible here.

 Car Hire on Uganda Safaris
Car Hire on Uganda Safaris

Study about rates; In Uganda there several different reliable car rental companies though offering different rates for their rental cars. Before you get in contact or deal with any car rental agency in Uganda. Make sure that you have made research on rates so that you can compare to find out the best rate for you.

Essentials for hiring a car for self- drive in Uganda; However, there are several key items you need to have. Before hiring a car, make sure you holding a valid personnel documents such as passport, GPS, international driving permits, self-drive contract and drive license.

Check the car thoroughly; Before you start on a journey to your dream destination. Always make sure that it is better mechanical conditions; make sure the tires are okay and record any damages in the car to avoid incurring costs, thereafter when you return it.

Find out if the rental car is on mileage limits; Before setting off for your road trip adventure in Uganda always make sure you find out whether the car hire is on unlimited mileage. Better deal with car rental companies that provide unlimited mileage.

Don’t forget your belonging; If you know that you carried valuable things in the car. After drop off, make sure you check and confirm whether everything is there especially; your keys, wallets, phones. If possible have a checklist of all your items.

Read and understand the terms and conditions for car rental; Like to any well-organized organized company has its set terms and conditions which you need to read thoroughly and understand.  These terms helps to guide you when choosing the car hire company to deal with.

Lastly , the above essentials will help you to guide you appropriately when hiring a car  in Uganda on both road trip and Safari adventure to Uganda National Parks.

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