Cheetahs in Kidepo Valley National Park

Cheetahs in Kidepo Valley National Park are some of the most unique wildlife species that can only be spotted in this National Park, unlike other national parks. Cheetahs is described as the fastest landing animal and the most admired animal with those striped dots, however, Kidepo valley national park sounds like a top Africa safari destination that gives travellers on their Uganda safaris a gorgeous place to visit in Uganda. Besides being the fastest land animal and in all the ten Uganda protected national parks can be seen only in Kidepo valley national park. The unique cheetah is one of the wild animals that can be seen during a game drive on park’s land which measures 1442 square kilometres on rugged savannah in the north-eastern part of Uganda.       

Cheetahs in Kidepo Valley National Park

Perhaps, on your game drive in Kidepo valley national park will take you through open grassland, bushy areas, lush green hills which is dominated by the 2,750meters Mount Morungole taking your drive in these wildlife habitats, you will have a high chance of spotting cheetahs on their prey.

Key facts about Cheetahs in kidepo valley national park

  • A cheetah is a large cat of the subfamily which can be found in East Africa and inhabits dry forest, savannah and scrub forest.
  • Cheetah has a body slender with small rounded black tear-like streaks on the face, head, long spotted tail and long thin legs.
  • A cheetah measures 70-90 centimetres at the shoulder and it can weigh 21 to 72 kilogrammes.
  • Female cheetahs live with their offspring in home ranges whereas adult males are sociable despite forming their own group called coalitions.
  • They can run at a speed of only 64 kilometers while hunting due to their unusual ability to accelerate.
  • Cheetahs make a gestation period which is close to three months and results into offspring of typically three to five in exceptional cases up to eight cubs.
  • They are much lighter than lions.
  • The female cheetah weighs over 126 kilogrammes and males weigh 186 kilogrammes.
  • They have small heads compared to other wild cats.
  • They are the world’s fastest animal and Africa’s most endangered wild cat.
  • Cheetahs are active mainly during the day especially in the cool of the early mornings and in the late evening, they go hunting as their major activity.
  • The cheetahs inhabit mainly on flat savannah plains where it can be easy for them to set off of their run to prey.
  • They mainly prey on small antelopes and gazelles which they stalk within 100-300 meters’ charge towards them and kill them through biting their throats till to suffocation. 
  • Cheetahs have nice looking tear marks that run down its face and then reflect light from the sun, this brings separation from the similar leopard.
  • In spite of the fact that cheetahs are famously known as the fastest of the big cats but still they are not the strongest animals just they are the weakest among the biggest cats.
  • The population of cheetahs is decreasing and they cannot meet the previous one in the pasted years and in case of diseases the whole population can be wiped out.

What makes the cheetah unique animal

Cheetah has a unique body structure, composing of long legs, semi-retractable claws, flexible spine and along tail that allows it to succeed in an unbelievable top speed of 110kilokmeter per hour.

The body of cheetah looks beautiful with narrow lightweight, long slender limbs and specialized muscles that allow them to have a greater swing to the limbs thus increasing the acceleration that makes it be the fastest land animal in the world.  

Perhaps, travellers may think that Kidepo valley national park is home to only cheetahs yet it is rich in biodiversity, the park also boasts with very many other attractions with over 80 mammal species 28 are endemics to the park, more than 500 bird species.

Cheetahs in Kidepo Valley National Park
Cheetahs in Kidepo Valley National Park

The park is the second national park with wide range of notable bird species in Uganda, you can visit Mount morungole where you can meet the IK tribe who live in the mountainous areas, visit the kanangorok hot springs, visit the Karamojong people and also overlooking vast wilderness in Narus valley is rewarding where you can discover the hidden treasures of the park. All these stunning attraction are the things you can see on your Uganda wildlife safari in Kidepo valley national park.

In general, every traveller would wish to spot the fastest landing animal “famous cheetahs” on his or her safari tours to Uganda which is a hallmark experience in only kidepo valley national park.

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