Christmas Tours – Queen Elizabeth National Park

Christmas tours in Queen Elizabeth National Park are the most highlighted vacation tours in place for you on the annual Uganda tours where many travellers have visited the park to spend their vacation in the wilderness. The park has the unique tree-climbing lions with other variety of wild animals, great apes ‘’Chimpanzees, notable birds, crater lakes, and other famous water bodies like Kazinga channel which connects with Lake Edward and Lake George where you can enjoy the boat cruise while having a fresh breath taking tour with a remarkable view of water animals like crocodile, and hippos.


Christmas tours encountered in Queen Elizabeth National Park is best enjoyed with a families, loved ones, friends where you can engage in several festival packages for one to be jolly in variety of holiday activities during your stay in one of the beautiful accommodation facilities which are located inside the national park. Queen Elizabeth national park is positioned in the western region of Uganda and is among the most visited among national parks in Uganda. The park covers an area of about 1978 square kilometre of its low land with a lot of mother nature’s gifts forming the spectacular landscape with the vast savannah vegetation with the kyambura gorge which forms a unique selection of biodiversity, beautiful bird species and many.

The Christmas tour is truly humbling in Queen Elizabeth national which a game reserve and forest reserve  that are habitant to variety of species with over 95 mammals such as the rare tree-climbing lion in Ishasha, elephants, leopards, warthog, buffaloes, giant forest hog, antelopes like sitatungas, topis, Uganda kobs, Oribs, primates such as Chimpanzees, blue monkeys, black and white monkeys, Red tailed monkeys, colobus monkeys and many more. It is also a haven for over 500 bird species such as African Skimmer, Martial Eagle, Black rumped, Verreaux’s Eagle Owl, Black bee eater, White tailed lark, White-winged warble, papyrus Canary, Corncrake, greater flamingo, Bar-tailed ,unique shoe bill ,pink backed pelican among others, encounter to several water bodies within the park-like the kazinga channel, lake Edward ,lake George among the rest that supports a big population of hippopotamus ,Nile crocodiles and many more.

During the Christmas Tours, the Park offers you a choice of beautiful accommodation facilities that can match with your festival packages within the park. Above all, all the unique accommodations found inside Mweya safari lodge can cope up with what you prefer most when we consider about the lodges in Queen Elizabeth national park. Waking up at Mweya safari lodge you will be welcomed with a bright morning in the African wilderness, having a clear view of Rwenzori mountains ranges which is close to Queen Elizabeth national park as well as the vast spectacular view of open savannah grassland which becomes thick during wet season December inclusive. The days also differ on how many days you are likely to stay in the park to enjoy your holiday activities such perfect activities include game driving, natural walk, bird watching, boat cruise, chimpanzee trekking, mongoose tracking and many more.

After your early morning coffee tea, you can embark for long game drive in kasenyi plains to  the north side of the park to have assured game viewing experience, where you will come across numerous wildlife such as buffaloes grazing, Uganda kobs ,herd of elephants crossing the road ,warthogs ,waterbucks ,sitatunga ,topis , among others, since the park is large enough you can also visit ishasha sector where you can opt with the kings of jungle ‘’the unique tree-climbing lions hanging up on tree branches waiting for their predators the Uganda kobs which is their major food in the park. Queen Elizabeth national park is famously known because of the unique tree-climbing lions which cannot be found elsewhere in Africa except in Uganda and Tanzania in Lake Manyara.

To note game drive viewing in the park is led by a professional guide who acknowledges you about the wildlife species in a different section of the park. Then in the evening at around 2 pm you can go to enjoy the boat cruise along kazinga channel, Kazinga boat cruise can be done two times a day in the morning at around 11 am and evening hours, boat consists of 20 seaters as you enjoying your boat sailing on water you can be able to cruise on water animals such as crocodiles and numbers of hippos, spot out bird species like fish eagle, pink backed pelicans, toxic bee eater, kingfishers and many more, have great viewing of countryside. Amazingly you will come up with a thrilling experience from your festive game drive viewing in Queen Elizabeth national park.

However, you can also engage in chimpanzee trekking which starts early enough after breakfast, your drive is the one to pick you up from your lodges with packed lunch to drive you to park headquarters, for a short briefing about the lifestyle of chimpanzees. After, an experienced guide will lead you to the forest trailhead of these chimpanzees, as you tracking you will be able to sightsee other primates, birds, tree species, animals among others. Once chimpanzees are found you can be given one hour to observe them while taking pictures, learn how they play, feed their young ones as you listen to sweet melodies of birds in the forest. The activity can take 2 to 8 hours while you’re in the natural habitant of chimpanzee and if you are caught out of lunchtime in the midst of the forest , you enjoy your packed lunch. After you will be driven back to the lodge.   

During your Christmas tours in Queen Elizabeth national park, you can also visit the coffee plantation which is owned by the Omwani Women’s Cooperative who take carer of this coffee plantation encounter in the green environment of the tea plantation taste the Arabic coffee beans, learn about the traditional processing of this Arabic coffee and many more.

Christmas Tours
Christmas Tours

Along your Christmas tours to Queen Elizabeth national park expect to sleep in  beautiful accommodation facilities ranging from luxury to mid-range which are surrounded with great viewing of crater lakes , valleys, primates , tree species and much more .such lodges include The Rain forest lodge, Jacana safari lodge, Kyambura Game Reserve, Ishasha wilderness camp, Simba safari camp, Mweya safari lodge among others. But during festival time Mweya safari lodge can work out for you because it offers modernized poolside roasting, camp fire and often have Christmas parties where you can join in the African way of celebrating, celebrate the birth of Jesus in the wilderness on the African continent which can be your unforgettable story to narrate in life. Christmas tours packages to Queen Elizabeth national park are at a cheaper cost though there are different tour companies that organise the festival safaris. You can book with us Achieve global safari through emailing us or contacting us for more details about your Christmas package tour and we advise you to book as early as possible to catch up with nice lodge and amazing activities. 

Queen Elizabeth National park can be easily accessed by road from Kampala City to park’s promises can take 5 to 6 hours by car. Another option you can fly from Entebbe International Airport using a charter flight to Mweya Airstrip within 1:15 hours by Air.

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