Cultural Encounter | Murchison Falls National Park

Cultural Encounter in Murchison Falls National Falls is one of the top activities done in the park by travelers that love to explore the culture. Murchison falls national park is Uganda’s largest national park covering a total land of about 4000square kilometers of its low land, it is located in the north-western region of Uganda surrounded by different districts such as kiryandongo, Pakwach, Masindi, Bulisa and Nwoya. The park is rich in biodiversity with over 76 mammal species, more than 500 bird species among others. Perhaps, it’s on the list of the UNESCO world heritage sites and managed by the body which is responsible for all Uganda’s National parks ‘’UWA’’ Uganda wildlife Authority.

Cultural Encounter in Murchison Falls National Park

Many travellers visits the park because of its outstanding activities that are done by number of tourists such as the incredible game drive for game viewing where you can be able to view animals like lion, Buffaloes, bushbucks, warthogs, Jackson’s hartebeest, Rothschild Giraffes, Buffaloes, Oribis, Elephants and many more wildlife that inhabits across open savannah grassland making it great clear viewing of wildlife species. The interesting boat cruise along the Nile river and hiking are rewardable, spectacular land scape viewing of Murchison falls, experience nature walks, sport fishing, encounter in bird watching and remarkable cultural encounter experience within the communities that surrounds the park and you just magic to encounter in all these activities you can leave with worthy experience in lifetime. 

Murchison falls has a destination that is surrounded by different tribal communities that make it stand out as a sounding cultural destination for tourists on their Uganda cultural safari such communities include Bunyoro in the south, Alur in the Northwest and Acholi in the northeast of the park have got very thrilling cultural background that can be explored by the tourists on their Uganda cultural Tour

The most interesting thing is energetic dancer around here, the Mubako cultural performer who are good in bring out the true African tradition dance to the guest who visits the park during evening hours around campfires, they can as well make a magical African experience at dusk. Come along the Boomu Women’s group known as the best in entertaining the cultural dance and feels the guests with a lot of laughter’s, However, they are not only good in cultural performance, they also offer nice accommodation, have a craft shop where you can you’re your souvenir thing to go back with. They are also good at arranging village tours, revealing the realities of life in this rural community.

Mubako Campfire Performance 

The Mubako community is located in a remote area but in sprawling savannah of Murchison falls national park, just know that the village is so rewardable with nice-looking traditional thatched huts around the area and the villagers of this area gather to escape the midday sun under the large tree shades. The local cultural groups perform interesting traditional songs and dances most especially in evening hours around the lodge campfire, the traditional instruments they use are made of cowhide and twine and harmonies of different sizes and accompanied by the unique sound of the Adungu.

To note, the few economic opportunities carried out in this region and the climate within makes farming hard. Perhaps, the income generated through tourism, the community uses it to improve on the standard of living and also to pay for their children’s school fees.

Boomu Women’s Group

This is one of the most exciting communities that offers incredible cultural experience in Murchison falls national park. The community group provides the tourist with endless opportunities to encounter in the cultural heritage of the Bunyoro tribe and also to participate in their day to day activities. They started as the subsistence farmers from the kihaguzi and Kigaragara village in the dry northern region of Uganda but they ended up harvesting little crops because of too much sunshine. They had to begin a craft group that turned into a wonderful community tourism project, they also own well designed traditional accommodation, restaurant, unique guided tours, and a well-tended garden. The cultural tour with the Boomu women’s group offers various interesting participation like the blacksmith art to food preparation, craft making cultivation and the local homestay lodges for the tourists stay while treating them in an African traditional way. 

The village tour done in this community reveals the features of everyday rural life, as well as introducing to you the hardships that face the community. The tour encountered can be made by an experienced guide who will show you various crops and not only crops but also visiting the village blacksmith. The local residents will take you through storytelling about customs and the local way of life, visit the nursery schools, they teach you how to prepare traditional dishes, learn how to weave a basket in their classes but on the request.

Amazing the Boomu Women group work together as the word “Boomu” means TOGETHER, and they live in true African village life with no electricity in the area, no running water. Travelers can join the team when gathering and preparing food where everything looks fresh without using this modern way of cooking technologies but by use of fire, you can join them and participate till the end.

Cultural Encounter in Murchison Falls National Park
Murchison Falls National Park

The group offers an “African Banda” near the cottage that is well developed in an environment surrounded by trees of mango fruits, attractive flowers with a lot of butterflies and tropical bird species to create a peaceful and relaxing area as you sit under the tree viewing the beautiful weave birds in a tree just close to your cottage. Since the group offers a craft shop, a traveler you’re free to buy souvenir things to create memories of your wonderful stay with the Boomu women group that teaches women to work together.

Whatever, visit you make to Murchison falls national park you shouldn’t leave without visiting the Boomu women’s group to experience the real African tradition village in Uganda, where the village activities are historical and can be done in one of the basic African Cottages.

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