Devil’s Cauldron Murchison Falls National Park

Devil’s Cauldron is one of the most rewardable tourist attractions in Murchison falls national park, the largest and oldest park among the 10 national parks in Uganda. The Devil’s Cauldron is where the water of the Nile crushes its way through estimating 7 meters narrow gorge and roars thunderous and cracking rocks into the Devil’s Cauldron, in order to create a stunning trademark of the rainbow.

Devil’s Cauldron

The most remarkable safari to Murchison falls national park that brings you closer to the Devil’s Cauldron is the exciting boat cruise activity which is done on the White Nile and you can be given 15 to 10 metres to get closer to the Devil’s Cauldron in order to have a clear spectacular view of the scene. You can as well have a good lifetime of photo shooting as many pictures as possible, take an eye and appreciate the beauty of the longest river in the world famously known as River Nile.

To note, many travellers see the attraction from down not realizing the behind part of it, the photography took below should show you a panoramic view of the 7meters narrow gorge where the water of the Nile encloses itself to crack into the Devil’s Cauldron.

The journey of boat ride leading you to the Devils Cauldron estimates 30 to 45 minutes from the beginning point. This experience is best done in the afternoon and can end up 2 to 3 hours but depending on how much time a traveller will spend at the attraction. It is known that most of the time tourists travel in groups to explore the beauty of the area which makes their exploring even more fun.

However, reaching to the Devil’s cauldron is by means of boat ride which involves in clear viewing of the aquatic water mammals like crocodile, hippopotamuses and water birds as well as the land mammals like buffaloes, elephants, giraffes and many more. In fact, this is one of the best experiences you will ever narrate in a lifetime around Murchison Falls Nation park.

Travellers may ask themselves want they should have to get into a clear viewing of the great Devils Cauldron in Murchison falls national park, don’t get worried but rather book admirable and affordable trip with a recognised tour company or tour operator or else you can feel free to book with us Achieve global safaris today and we do arrangement for you as a great itinerary to the thrilling attraction of the Nile which will leave you with wonderful and memorable experience in lifetime.

Ideally, Murchison falls national park is famously known of its impressive activities which can be combined together with the boat ride along the Nile to explore the famous Devil’s Cauldron. The other tourist’s activities which you can engage in include; game drive viewing, sport fishing, Chimpanzee tracking, nature walk, culture encounter, Hiking on top of the falls and many more.

Murchison falls national park is a home of the big five comprising over 76 mammal species and such mammals you can spot they include; lions, buffaloes, elephants, leopards, giraffes, hyenas, warthogs, antelopes like Reedbuck, Uganda kobs, bushbucks, bush big many more. The park is also a home for birders with over 500 species of birds including spotted Verreaux eagle owls,Pels fishing owl ,Red winged grey warbler ,long toed plover ,Goliath heron ,rare shoe bill ,blue napped mouse bird ,silver bird ,white eyed seedeater ,white billed night heron ,grey cheeked crane among others.

Devil’s Cauldron
Devil’s Cauldron – Murchison Falls National Park

Accommodation facilities in Murchison Falls National Park

On your visit to Devils cauldron in Murchison falls national park can sleep in beautiful lodges ranging from camping, mid-range to luxury range and such lodges they include; Kabalega wilderness lodge, Geo lodge Shoebill campsite, Sambiya River Lodge, Budongo eco-lodge, UWA campsite, pakuba safari lodge, Red chill rest camp, Paraa safari lodge among others.

The park can be reached within 4 to 5 hours by car from the main starting point journey in Kampala. Another alternative you can fly from Entebbe Airport to Pakuba Airstrip within 1:10 hour only by Air.

Murchison falls national park can be visited throughout the year depending on the activity you’re met to engage in like wildlife safari is best done in the dry season which normally occurs in December to February and June to September. Note that Devil’s cauldron can be visited all year round and you can as well participate in other outstanding activities like game drive which is done in open savannah grassland, nature walk which can be carried out in the kaniyo pabidi forest, chimpanzee trekking in Budongo forest, sport fishing, culture encounter and many more in order to make your tour to Murchison worth.

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Devil’s Cauldron

Devil’s Cauldron

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