Do I need to do a COVID19 PCR Test to enter Uganda? Since the COVID19 outbreak in 2020, there are a number of measures that have been put in place to stop the spread of the virus among people in communities as they go about their daily lives. These measures have extended to the travel community and one of the measures that was put in place post the COVID19 outbreak for travellers, was the PCR test. This is supposed to be done by a traveller before boarding an aircraft to their destination; and a traveller can only be admitted on a flight when the COVID19 PCR test results are negative while on Uganda Safaris Tours .

Added on this requirement to further abate the spread of this disease by requiring every entrant into the country to have an on the spot PCR test at the point of entry. Uganda was among those countries that adopted this policy.

However in February 2022, the country abolished this policy with immediate effect and all travellers since then were not required to have a COVID19 PCR test done at the country’s point of entry.

So do you need to do a COVID19 PCR Test to enter Uganda?

The answer is yes and no.

Yes! Because as a requirement for admission to an aircraft from your destination to Uganda you will need to do a PCR test 72 hours prior to boarding the aircraft.

No! Because you don’t need to do a PCR test at the county’s point of entry; immediately you get off that plane you will be automatically permitted entry into the country.

You should not however that though the mandatory PCR testing at the point of entry was abolished; you will still be required to observe all the other COVID19 SOPs are listed by the World Health Organisation and Uganda’s ministry of Health.

Do I need to do a COVID19 PCR Test to enter Uganda?
Do I need to do a COVID19 PCR Test to enter Uganda?

These Standard operating procedures (SOPs) include but are not limited to:-

  1. Wearing a face mask at all times when in public
  2. Routine hand washing or sanitising
  3. Maintaining a social distance of 2m between you and other people in public places.

There might be other SOPs to observe dictated by your places of accommodation or safari place but the above 3 are the main SOPs.

Uganda is one of the top safari destinations in East Africa; it has 10 National Parks which offer habitats to over 700 animal species and over 1000 bird species on top of having unmatchable flora. The country also has over 8 game reserves and other game habitats offering home to about 300 animal species and about 450 bird species.

Uganda is also gifted with amazing physical features like the river Nile, Rwenzori mountain, Mabira forest etc that add to the country’s spectacular beauty.

Uganda is also home to the famous primates the mountain gorillas. It’s one of the 3 East African community countries with the mountain gorillas and it has the highest number of mountain gorillas of all the three countries. Uganda is also home to other primates like chimpanzees, monkeys, baboons among other animals.

So your visit to Uganda will give you plenty of adventure and fun on top of refreshing experiences on your safari. A visit to the country is perfect for any month during the year though the best times to visit are usually the dry months June, July and August. However if you want a time with less people a short rain months are perfect for you.

Overall this 2022, you should explore the possibility of visiting Uganda, you will not be disappointed. Contact Achieve global Safaris for more information on visiting and exploring Uganda.

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