Facts & Why safari tour guides are important?; First of all, a safari tour guide –tourist guides are people of the hospitality, care taker, love working under travel industry   in regard of taking visitors around places of interest. The tour guide might lead a comprised groups or individual tourists through historical sites, museums, geographic destinations and an outdoor excursion.

Others facts of role of a tour guide;

Tour guides have to make sure that itineraries are met and that customers are being informed in an entertaining manner the location they are visiting.

They are the one responsible to ensure the safety of the group in charge of.

 A safari tour guide also ensures that the tour group remains together.

They are employed by registered tour companies, resorts and attractions.

A safari tour guide is a person who takes tourists on trips through an area and explains the interesting details about it.

They guide accompany groups of visitors to tourist attractions whether on day tours or longer visits and giving them information and insights that help them to enjoy the most of the experience.

A safari tour guide must be good in story narrating to the visitors to keep them on the right track.

A tour guide is an expert on the history of the location through offering their tour groups exact interests of information about points of interest at nature attractions, historic sites, scenic locations, museum and other travel destinations.

They are also good in giving fantastic walking tours, bus tours or even boat cruise tour along rivers.

They must ensure the good depth of knowledge that makes guests well contented of their money that is worth on a tour.

A safari tour guide should also learn about the safaris destinations before they take the tourists there, to get more information of the area with its attraction.

They should improve their hard and soft skills with off season training.

A safari tour guide must do research on new activities, hotels and vendors in the area.

They should have a compelling zeal and passion for what they do.

A safari tour guide must not look like locals but they must be people of different.

They should also need to have enough passion to learn the history of an area, naturally, tell the story and able to explain their knowledge to the visitors.

They should have a strong communication skill towards tourists.

A tour guide must be capable of speak loud and clear and good listeners.

They must be punctual in a way that they can designate areas at specific times.

A tour guide should follow a schedule from an itinerary with various timeframes.

They must be confident and bold with the details of their jobs.

They should be good narrating interesting story’s that make visitors laugh.

A tour guide is their task to entertain tourists on visit and heaping them to interpret the sights that they are touring.

A safari tour guide must be very helpful to have a positive experience and take care of their visitors as good as they can.

They should be very kin in case of medical emergencies.

They must be a good leader of any activity that has been organized or planed.

Facts & Why safari tour guides are important?
Facts & Why safari tour guides are important?

A tour guide must be able to use technology in order to maximize the efficiency of the tours.

They must be among the most influential front line actors in the tourism industry.

They more tour different destination gets more knowledge and interpretation of such tourist stopping destination and the more the tour their life transforms a sightseeing tour into an experience.

They work long hours often on their feet all day

A safari guide must know destination routes on their hands thus easy their guests.

They must be good in helping guests through feeling confident and comfortable.

 They should be knowing what guests wants out of their trip whether they failed to see their first lions.

 A safari with young children can be challenge but a good safari guide it is his responsible to know how to engage kids of any age. By knowing what interests, the most, ask questions and running the odd pop quiz on fun animal facts.

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