Flight safari to Murchison Falls National Park; Murchison Falls National park is a popular safari destination worldwide because it hosts famous Murchison Falls which is recognized as the world’s most powerful waterfalls where the water force of the Victoria Nile explodes through a narrow seven-meter gap in the rocks. And this powerful water fall were first written about by the explorer Samuel Baker in his book. More so, this was the greatest waterfall and in honor of the president of the Royal Geographical society who named it Murchison Falls and has become the most important object throughout the whole course of the river.

In fact, Murchison Falls national park was first gazette in 1927 and today is Uganda’s largest park covering an area of about 3840 square kilometers. It is a famous Uganda Budget safari destination with visitors because of its outstanding diversity of wildlife over 76 species ,450 bird species and fabulous activities. Animals to see here include; waterbucks, Jackson heart beast, elephants, lions, hyenas, buffaloes, oribis, kobs, giraffes warthogs, bushbucks, primates like chimpanzees blue monkeys, olive baboon, red tailed monkeys ,black and white colobus among others. the park is also a home of birding paradise some of birds to see include Abyssinian ground hornbill, Shoebill, Senegal thick-bird, Grey crowned crane among others.

Flight Safari to Murchison Falls National Park
Flight Safari to Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls national park activities and attractions include;

Game drives

 Guided nature walk

 Hot air balloon tour

Sport fishing in Muchison Falls 

Forest walks

Chimpanzee tracking

Bird watching

Cultural tour

Guided nature walk

Launch cruise to the bottom of the falls

Flight safari to Murchison Falls National Park

Apart from reaching out to Murchison Falls national park by car, you can opt to fly in safari to Murchison Falls National park by domestic flight ‘’Aerolink charter or schedules in Entebbe Airport to fly you to three Airstrips Pakuba –Bugungu-Chobe.

They have their flight time schedule Entebbe international Airport or Kajjansi to Airstrips; Pakuba –Bugungu – Chobe Airstrip

From Entebbe Airport –Departure Time; 13:15 to Arrive Time 14:15 hours. Upon your arrival in Murchison Falls National Park, our driver guide will be waiting for you to transfer to your lodge by road.

Interestingly, Murchison Falls has three airstrips and each located in different side of the park but easier to access to your booked accommodation unit and activities. Namely; Pakuba airstrip is located in the northern part of the park and recommended to visitors who booked their accommodation to the northing part of the park, Bugungu airstrip located in the southern part of the park the same and Chobe airstrip is recommended for luxury visitors who choose to stay in Chobe Safari Lodge.

There are lots of domestic airlines that organizes daily schedules and charter flight to Murchison falls national park for example Bar aviation, Aerolink Uganda limited, Fly Uganda

Using air transport is the easiest way to access Murchison falls national park as an option quick and less tiresome for tourists who don’t like travelling long journeys. Although long journeys are quite rewarding with beauty of countryside, scenic landscape and the nature.

Flight Safari to Murchison Falls National Park
Giraffe in Murchison Falls N.P

In other words, domestic flights to Murchison Falls national park can be booked by help of a trust worth tour operator like we Uganda Budget Safaris.

You flying to Murchison Falls national park, you can choose to connect to other national park in order to enjoy new safari package like a visit to Bwindi Impenetrable national park for Gorilla trekking experience, Queen Elizabeth national park for Lion tracking and adventuring unique tree climbing lions and a visit Semuliki national park good for bird lovers.

Where to stay in Murchison Falls national park

Murchison Falls national park boosts with a lot of perfect accommodation unit where you will have comfortable stay upon your arrival. Accommodation ranges from Luxury, Midrange and Budget Accommodations in Murchison Falls including Paraa Safari Lodge, Nile Safari lodge, Pakuba safari lodge, Twigi lodge, Parkside safari lodge, Masindi Hotel, Chobe safari lodge, Fort Murchison safari lodge, Amuka safari lodge, Red Chill Rest Camp, Bar Lyec safari lodge, Global Village Guest house, Yebo Safari Camp, Budongo Eco Lodge among others.

Do not hesitate to contact us Achieve Global Safaris for more information about flights to Murchison Falls national park or you can visit our website to your flight Uganda safari tour packages to Murchison Falls national park.

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