Flights to Kidepo Valley National Park; The best way to access to Kidepo Valley National Park is to book a domestic flight in advance by the help of the tour operator or directly to Entebbe International Airports from Aero link Uganda offices, Bar Aviation or Eagle Air or Fly Uganda offices the same location.

Traveling by flight to Kidepo valley National Park may look to be costly  but very affordable and it is the easiest way to access the park since Kidepo is located far away from the starting point ‘’Kampala’’ as the Uganda’s capital meaning traveling by road may take a full day drive which may seem a long driving hours thus causing tire some to visitors who are not used by traveling long journeys to thrill while on Uganda Budget Safaris. However, traveling by road seems to be rewarding as you can enjoy stopovers along the way for memorable photo shooting, viewing of scenic landscape as well as gainful of the country side, which cannot be experience while in air transport its quick but a bit bore till you access the park and engage in activities done.

Flights to Kidepo Valley National Park
Flights to Kidepo Valley National Park

Flights to Kidepo Valley National Park Lands at Apoka Airstrip

 Kidepo Airstrip – Apoka Airstrip

Kidepo –Flight Schedule – Travel Domestic Flight by ‘’Aerolink Uganda ‘’

Entebbe International Airport ‘’EBB’’   – Nonstop flights – Run within ‘’1hour’’

Travel by Aerolink Uganda-Carrier /Weekly Flight Schedule

  • Aerolink Uganda 121 EBB – PAF travel full six days –  Monday to Saturday –Departs at 12:00pm and Arrives at 13:00pm
  • Aerolink Uganda 131 – EBB –PAF travel three days in a week – Wednesday, Friday and Saturday – Departs at 12:00pm and Arrives at 13:30pm.
  • LGW721 – EBB – PAF travel full six days – Monday to Saturday -Departs at 12:05pm and Arrives at 13:05

 Other Flight time table –Scheduled Flight to Kidepo


Flights to Kidepo operate with a minimum of 7 passengers

Entebbe ‘’EBB’’ to Apoka Airstrip

Kajjansi Airstrip to Apoka Airstrip

 Other flight schedule – Run only Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

 From Entebbe to Kidepo – Departs 12:30 pm and Arrives at 14:45pm

 From Kidepo to Entebbe ‘’EBB’’ – Departs 15:00pm and Arrives at 16:30 pm.

However, Aerolink Uganda is a regional domestic flights and here in Uganda it’s the most used air travel by the passengers flying to  different Uganda national park parks as easiest mode of transport to Uganda Safari Destination. Here comes Kidepo Valley national park to be one of the other top visited national park by tourists on their primates, wildlife, culture, City tour, Uganda Budget Safaris

Aero link Uganda usually flies passengers to Uganda National Park  including Visit to Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Jinja Tours, Masai Mara National Reserve, Travel Kisumu among others.

In general, Kidepo Valley National Park is a true African wilderness located in the semi-arid karamoja regions in northeastern Uganda. The park was gazette as a national park in 1962 covering an area of about 1,442 square kilometers which is rugged savannah and dominated by the 2,750 meters –Mount Morungole and   was transected by the kidepo and Narus rivers. More so, Kidepo Valley lies in Kaabong district which estimates around 220 kilometers by road northwest of Moroto renown as the largest city and about 520 kilometers by road northeast of Kampala capital city of Uganda.

Kidepo Valley National park a famous safari destination on the Pearl of Africa which is renown as the untouched African wilderness with annual averages of 86 mammals and birders paradise with over 500 bird species. Therefore, the park is comprised with two stunning areas that is Narus Valley and Kidepo Valley both spectacular places to spot wide range of animal species within the park though the best area to attract larger number animals is Narus which watery area and it is well known that the Northeastern direction is semi -arid with lot of sunshine, so high concentration of animals can be seen along quenching for thirsty. Animal species to adventure include; spotted hyena, lion, cheetah leopard, wild dog, elephants, giraffes, zebra, African buffalo, bar-eared foxes, Rothschild’s giraffes. Birdlife species to encounter include; Northern carmine bee-eater, Jackson’s hornbill, Golden pipit, Fox Kestrel, Black-breasted barbet, Chestnut weaver, Abyssinian scrimtarbill, Abyssinian roller, White-bellied go –way bird, Rufous chatter, Red-ringed parakeet ,Pygmy falcon among others.

Activities to do on visit to Kidepo Valley National Park includes;

Game drives along Narus Valley

Game drive in Kidepo is best enjoyed along Narus valley where you expect to explore variety of wildlife species such as giraffes, zebras, herds of buffaloes, elephants, leopards, cheetah, wild dogs, among others and other species can be spotted. We recommend you to use a 4×4 wheel vehicles.

Flights to Kidepo Valley National Park
Game drives in Kidepo

Nature walk

This is an interesting activity commonly done by the tourists on their Uganda safari to kidepo which can be conducted around Apoka Lodge at any time of day, best area to spot notable bird species most especially during morning hours’ species like Ostriches, Abyssinian scrimtarbill, Fox Kestrel, Chestnut weaver, Pygmy falcon among others.

 Community walks

 This is amazing experience as you can be accompanied by the local guides and park ranges to take a community walk and have a chance   to meet up with local people interact with them, visit their craft handmade materials –you can choose to support them through buying souvenir to take back to your friends and loved ones, have time to learn about the Karamojong cultures.

 Mountain hiking where you will be able to visit the IK people the original people  and now Mountain Morungole become their permanent homestead.

Birding in Kidepo is also gorgeous since the park hosts wide range of bird species   with more than 500 species of birds.

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