Getting to Lake Mburo National Park

Getting to Lake Mburo National Park is so simple and quick since it is the only Uganda national park located close to the capital city ‘’Kampala’’ and in order to access the park. You must be holding the right documents and the guidance of a tour operator before you access the park and note that the personnel documents and the entrance fees at the park are the main key requirements to access the park’s activities. Lake Mburo National park is usually visited on safari, possibly as an overnight break driving between Kampala and Bwindi impenetrable national park since they all use the same routing. However, Lake  Mburo national park is positioned in the south western region of Uganda, covering a total area of about 260square kilometers of its low land which inhabits a wide range of mammals and bird species among others. The park is under the protection of Uganda Wildlife Authority and is on the list of UNESCO heritage sites.   

Getting to Lake Mburo National Park

In most cases, a traveler visiting any protected safari destination has to make a choice of transport he prefers most in order to enjoy the trip on preferred means of transport. Note that, Road transport is quite amazing through gaining in the panoramic view of the quarter along the way to the park where you can have a stopover and take a view of the quarter, thrilling hillside, Ankole cattle, view the tea plantations around thus rewardable you with amazing landscape of the pearl of Africa. 

By Road transport 

Getting to Lake Mburo national park by road is very quick and rewarding since is the only park which is located close to Kampala main city.

The national park is approximately 230 kilometers from the west of Kampala the main city and in driving hours it can take 3 to 4 hours and it can be reached by road from Masaka via Mbarara till the main destination. 

From Kampala to Lake Mburo National park you can still travel by bus via Lyantonde which takes 4hours and 22 minutes. 

By Air Transport

One can decide to use /book domestic daily flights from Entebbe International Airport to Mbarara Airstrip. These are charter flight and scheduled flight which fly to all Uganda’s national park. Please note that Entebbe International Airport is the main entry point to land into Uganda probably to its safari or vacation. For your trip to lake Mburo national park, while using Air transport, you will be helped by the local tour operator who usually arranges for your pick up from the airport or hotel and also is part of your safari packages.

How long is the flight from Entebbe Airport to Lake Mburo National park?

The quickest flight from Entebbe Airport to Mbarara Airport last within 45 min.

What are the domestic airlines that fly to Lake Mburo National park?

The domestic Airlines that access your Uganda safari destination includes, Aero link with a seating configuration of 4 people, Eagle Air, Fly Uganda, they all offer comfortable sitting configuration and flies to all Uganda’s national parks. 

How can one book a domestic flight to Mburo national park?

One can book domestic flights with the help of the tour operator who usually books domestic flights to multiple parks for you as part of your Tour package. But the scheduled flight to Mbarara Airstrip can be booked through Fly Uganda. 

For the case of the tour operator to start processing your booking arrangements, you’re required to give in or to send the photocopy of your personal documents like a scanned passport and Visa in order to verify your nationality.

How do I get to Entebbe Airport from Kampala?

The best way to get from Kampala to Entebbe International Airport is by a drive that lasts over 39mins if you’re caught out of jam.

Is it ok to drive from Kampala to Lake Mburo National Park?

Yes, it is very ok because the driving distance between Kampala to Mburo estimates 230km. The journey which takes 3hours and 58mins by drive from Kampala to Lake Mburo National park when you have used short routing.

Getting to Lake Mburo National Park
Wildlife in Lake Mburo National Park

How long does it take to get from Kampala to Lake Mburo National Park?

It is approximately 2 hours and 40min to get from Kampala to Lake Mburo National park, including also the transfers.

 How far is it from Kampala to Lake Mburo

The driving distance between Kampala and Lake Mburo National Park is 210 kilometers and the yet the road distance covers 230.1 kilometers.

Travelers can get to Lake Mburo by all means of transport either by car, bus or flight, the choice depends on travel’s mean pf transport where he or she can be more comfortable in order to access the safari destination.

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