Great Swamps in Uganda  : On a Uganda safari be sure to sight a number of different vegetation and numerous wild life. Uganda is a highly blessed country full of flora and fauna and the country is as well gifted with a tropical kind of climate which is cool hot and wet season wise, hence meaning the country can just by any means have all kinds of  vegetation grown and flourished in the whole land.

While on a Uganda safari there are places that most people do not consider but honestly these places are full of fun and amazing ventures to sight.

Have it at mind to have a visit at Uganda’s best and greatest wetlands and swamps in Uganda.

Wetlands have been distinct as a wide diversity of habitats such as bogs, Fens, Swamps, wet meadows, marshes, peat lands, flood plains, rivers and Lakes and coastal areas such as salt marshes, mangroves and sea grass beds, coral reefs and other marine areas no deeper than six meters at low tide, as well as man-made wetlands such as wastewater conduct ponds and pools. A basic explanation of wetland is that it is an area where the land is flooded with water long enough to support and that do provision poorly drained soils, plants and animals which have been modified to such atmosphere, and organic processes suited to wet areas. Of the habitats stated above, bogs refer to wetlands which are shaped where organic matter have amassed for a long time and water input is completely done precipitation. Fens are peat creating Wetlands which are prejudiced by soil nutrients flowing through the system grasses and sledges. Swamps are mostly portrayed as water logged areas while marshes are vegetation dominated by sledges and reeds.

 Swamps in Uganda

River semiliki wetland: this has major wetland systems associated with its delta in Lake Albert. Increasing snow melt from the Ruwenzori’s, overgrazing, and other alterations to the watershed have caused bank erosion and frequent changes to the course of the meandering lower reaches of the river In some places, Uganda is losing up to 10 meters of land per year on its side of the river to erosion and silt from the Semliki is gradually filling in the southern end the wet land.

Great Swamps in Uganda
Semuliki Wetland

Bigodi wetland: a paradise for bird watchers. Actually skilled birders can spot up to fifty new species on a bird list. Today, 138 species of bird have been recognized within the Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary. Among the major bird species within the sanctuary is the grand Blue Turaco.

This swamp is supports more than 200 species of birds, among which is the most well-known bird – Great Blue Turaco . The swamp is administered by the Kibale Association for Rural and Environmental Development  and it actually benefits greatly from the adjacent Kibale National Park, since there are a number of primates such as the chimpanzees that occasionally visit the swamp, adding on the diversity of wild animals that tourists see within the Bigodi.

Lake wamala wetland: contain endangered species of birds and animals including the sitatunga (“enjobe” in Luganda).The lake is of traditional and cultural significance to the people of Buganda in Central Uganda.

Nabajjuzi wetland: The swamp is a source of fish, clay, papyrus and other crafts materials and game meat. The local community with the help of Nature Uganda has initiated eco-tourism activities in the wetland Nabajjuzi Wetland is important regionally and globally for conservation of vulnerable and threatened species of birds and other animals. The Shoebill has been recorded in Nabajjuzi. Two papyrus endemic species have also been recorded in the wetland system, the Papyrus Gonolek and the Papyrus Yellow Warbler. The Papyrus Yellow Warbler is a Lake Victoria Biome species. The wetland also supports the Grey Crowned Crane whose conservation status in Uganda is at stake because of the pressure on its breeding ground.

Lubigi swamp: Lubigi wetland is a very important water catchment area, serving the city of Kampala and the surrounding areas of Wakiso District. Rain water from the northern and western suburbs of the city drains, via underground aquifers and surface run-off, into the swamp, where it supports unique wildlife, including over 200 species of birds, one of which is the crested crane, the national bird.

Makanaga wetland: Makanaga is a wetland on Lake Victoria that is considered a part of the Mabamba Ramseur site & Important Bird Area. It is well known as another place to see the famous Shoebill in Uganda.

Great Swamps in Uganda
Makanaga wetland

Achwa wetland: This wetland basin area is important for its hydropower generation potential, products of the Shea Butter nut tree, for charcoal and firewood and for water for domestic use and agriculture. The Moroto river is the main source of drinking water for domestic use and for the Water for Production dams in Otuke District.

Mabamba swamps: Mabamba Bay Swamp in Uganda is a prime wetland birding site famous for the Shoebill which is Uganda’s most sought after bird by Uganda birding tourists as well as by nature lovers. Mabamba Swamp is located west of Entebbe on the northern shore of Lake Victoria, covering 2424 ha with thick marshes of papyrus, water lilies and other wetland grasses.

 Those are some of Uganda’s greatest wetlands, Wetlands are important for the role they play in society providing a range of ecological and socio-economic functions. Ecological and regulating services include erosion prevention, moderation of extreme flows, sediment traps, climate modification, soil formation, maintenance of water tables in surrounding lands, and as centers of biodiversity and wildlife habitat. Socio-economic or provisioning services include food, medicines, water supply, fisheries, dry-season grazing for livestock, nutrient and toxin retention, tourism, and so on. They are also important for aesthetic, recreational and spiritual reasons.  Therefore wetlands should be highly preserved and well protected.

 all the mentioned wetlands and some of the unmentioned wetlands all act as great destination for a Uganda safari tour and these can be sighted on your trip to Uganda to allow you have the best time of your life ever and all these tours can easily be arranged for you by a registered and well known plus trusted Uganda safari to stand in to give you a mind thrilling adventure.             

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