Guided Nature Walks in Lake Mburo National Park

Guided Nature walks in Lake Mburo National Park are the most unbeaten activity where a traveler gets a chance to encounter the hidden treasures of the park on foot. Lake Mburo national park is well known for the interesting variety of species that can be seen during your guided nature walk along Rwonyo trails. However, with no fear the park is free from the predators I mean lions and this has made the park an open place to carry out your nature walk activity. The Uganda Wildlife Authority is the one responsible for the management of Lake Mburo national park and is the same body that provides ranger guides to the travellers just your safety. The guided nature walk which is being conducted in Rwonyo will also lead you to the salt lick and in this area expect to find many animals that are attracted to the salty rocks and how they enjoy the salty rocks environment.

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However, the guided nature walk which is conducted in Lake Mburo national park will take you through different thrilling parts of the park. This exciting experience of nature walk starts in the morning hours at 7:00 am and it can take 2 to 3 hours of encountering what makes Lake Mburo nature quiet beautiful place to explore. Along travellers nature walk, you will get an opportunity of seeing variety of wildlife species that roam around the park and some of these species include; Hyenas as they go back to their hidden dens as well as hippos returning to the lake after grazing on the ground, have a look to beautiful zebras, look over to the countryside and, many more. Nature walk is the only way you can come across the park’s treasures which cannot be reached by vehicle.

The nature walk you will have in Lake Mburo national park will also take you through the stunning woodlands and this also grantees you a high chance of sighting the unique bird species like African finfoot, brown chested wattled  plover ,tabor cisticola ,great snipe ,Abyssinian ground hornbill ,African fish eagle ,saddle billed stork ,white winged warbler ,rare shoe stork among others and mammals like impalas ,zebras ,topis ,buffaloes ,eland  many more which can be spotted during this rewarding nature walk experience. You can also walk to the top of the hills and at the top ,you will have a cool breathing air as you relax and through relaxing you will be rewarded with spectacular clear view  of several regions and the 14 lakes that are found in Lake Mburo national park and gain in much more thus having everlasting experience in lifetime.

Lake Mburo national park guided nature walks, can as well take you through the Rubanga forest and the walk you take into this forest gives you another chance of bird sightings and this might be visited on the prior arrangements accompanied by the ranger. Travellers who prefer in exploring nature walk are advised to always book all the walks in advance because the walks will take you close to what will be rewarding your sights, which is not other than, encountering the nature of the park and it has been always nature that creates a difference. During your nature walk experiences which is carried out on the foot, it will lead you to many spotting areas that is at lake Mburo where you will expect to see crocodiles, hippos plus other animals’ species around like giraffes, zebras, impalas and lot more you should expect to see on your guided nature walk in Lake Mburo national park.  

Before embarking for hiking you will have breakfast at your lodge you booked for, after meet the ranger with essentials for the hiking and in fully dressed attire which is suitable for the activity you’re to engage in. Such essentials to be carried with you on your nature walk experience on Uganda safaris include; rubber hiking shoes, enough mineral water bottle, energy snacks, clear camera fully charged which will capture nice photos on your safari adventure.

Lake Mburo national park offers a great nature walk of its nature kind that takes you anywhere in the park while accompanied by the armed guide of Uganda Wildlife Authority. During these nature walks you will be able to come cross Hyenas that are prowl. Moreover, see hippos that are returning to the waters of Lake Mburo from grazing at night and they do so in order to keep cool during day time and protect their delicate skins from the heat of the sun .In addition to the nature walk you will encounter in , expect to see lots of mammals like zebras ,eland ,topis ,giraffes ,antelopes ,birds ,beautiful butterflies. And the walk you take on top of the hills will bring out the clear viewing of beautiful lake Mburo national park.

What is the best time do a nature walk in Lake Mburo?

A guided nature walk can be best done throughout the year since Uganda’s temperature is much more friendly yearly. But the best season to do nature walk is in the dry season when the park is out of water source and easy to access it on foot and those dry seasonal months starts from June to September and December to February making your safari encounter at Lake Mburo national park worth to be visited.

Guided Nature walks
Guided Nature walks

Lastly, the nature walks being explored at Lake Mburo national park are rewarding and want makes it to be rewarding are the hidden features of the park-like spotting wildlife species, bird species, the hills, the scenic land scape of the park, the 14 lakes all these beautify the park with a unique site to adventure thus giving you unforgettable experience in life. On your tour package to safari in Uganda never forget to include nature walk encounter in Lake Mburo National park which is few kilometers drive from Uganda’s capital city ‘’Kampala’’ taking only 3:30hours drive.

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