Happening places in Kampala : Kampala city is famously known to be the capital city of Uganda and it is easily accessed because it is a few kilometers away from Entebbe International airport. Kampala is a lively destination for tourists exploring in the country to enjoy and experience new things both during day and in the night. There are so many hangout places that are ever open 24 hours, which makes this country more of a good place to be happy due to the fact almost each street of this city there is a bar or restaurant where one can go for entertainment and taste their delicious meals, which are always international or local. Therefore, for individuals planning to visit Kampala more especially those doing it for their first time should know that the social life in Kampala is exciting and worth a visit and below are some of the hangout places which include;

  1. Cayenne Bar and restaurant.

Cayenne Bar and restaurant is located in Ntinda, which is situated in about just two miles from the city centre. In addition, it is among the highly recommended to visit while touring around Kampala because it is a good place for executives and the high-class people. More so, it has both a well-stocked bar, which has all kinds of drinks such as; liquor, spirits, cocktails, wines, international and local beers and other soft drinks like; water, sodas, juice and many others. In addition, there is a restaurant, which has well experienced chefs and well trained trainers who serve their customers with delicious meals, which are always either international or local hence giving a chance to people to choose what to eat according their preferences.

  1. Club Silk.

Club silk is known to be among the long serving spots, which are found in Kampala therefore, it is worth a visit while hanging around the city. Club silk is located within the industrial area and it just a short distance from the city centre. More so, this club is commonly visited and famously known for having the best djs who play nice music to dance to.

  1. Mezzo Nior.

Mezo Nior is one of the best bar and restaurant so far in Kampala city and it located in Kololo off Kabojja, plot 08 somero road. Visiting this restaurant gives you chances to enjoy the fine dining which is a touch class, which is accompanied with good entertainment. More so, Mezo Noir restaurant has a cool and great ambience and guests have chances to take pictures to show their people back at home. Their restaurant has a favourable menu, which favors each individual to have something to eat and a well-stocked bar where they can drink anything of their choice.

Happening places in Kampala
Mezzo Nior
  1. Molecule lounge and restaurant.

Molecule lounge and restaurant is well known as a luxury restaurant, which has very good food that is served to their guests and has a stunning bar, which is well equipped with all kinds of drinks such as; liquor, spirits, wines, beers and soft drinks. Molecule lounge and restaurant is located in Koloko 19a Impala Ave, Kampala.

  1. Serena Hotel.

Serena hotel is an exclusive hotel, which is surrounded by an oasis of a cool and green environment, which makes it a good destination to visit and relax. More so, serena hotel has a strategical location whereby it is situated in the heart of the city which is rated as a 5 star hotel by the Uganda tourism board and it offers its guests with facilities and amenities like; free Wi-Fi which is always available hence enabling guests to keep clear communication with people at home and concerning work related. This hotel is being owned bythe Aga Khan Fund for Economics development SA who are famously known for owning the brand Serena and manage the entire Serena brand in the whole of East Africa.

And apart from the above mentioned places, there are more other destinations where individuals can opt to hang out from during their tour in Kampala and some of these include; club rouge which is located along the Jinja road, the lawns which is also a fine dinning place located within the 3A lower kololo terrace road, 7 hills revolving restaurant which is located along the lule road, patio itallian restaurant, the hickory which is known to be a nice relaxing place due to the fact that it is always not too crowded, Endiro coffee which is situated in Kisementi, plot 23B copper road, Le chateau which is known to be an American Embassy along Ggaba road, Mediterraneo restaurant , Café Javas and many others.

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