Hiking Safari in Kidepo Valley National Park

Hiking Safari in Kidepo Valley National Park is one of the most done activities in the park that is located in the Northern region. The park harbours quite a number of wildlife species. Kidepo valley national park has all the species that can make your Uganda safari tour awesome and perfect explore.

Hiking Safari in Kidepo Valley National Park

The hiking safari in Kidepo National Park requires travellers to be physically fit and energetic enough in order to enjoy all vibrant hidden natural wonders in the park. The main starting point for the hiking safari in Kidepo is Apoka where travellers start their experiential hike to wander into wilderness vast savannah area with the help of ranger who can be required.

Hiking is more interesting in early morning hours before the temperature of the day come out or rises, this is the ideal time of starting your hiking safari in Kidepo which can be done on foot. In Kidepo Valley national park hiking can be done along Lomej Mountains which can be reached on foot. The hiking starts at 7 am and takes 4 hours to reach there. This is the best famous destination for hiking tours, because of wondrous features which can be sighted by the hikers along the way. And if it happens to reach there, you will have magnificent views of the Narus valley and still, you can walk along Narus valley which takes two hours extending over a 5kilometers radius from Apoka Tourism Centre.

The hiking safari into the kidepo valley national park is another chance to encounter the beautiful sandbanks surrounded with admirable Borassus palm forests. The travellers can gaze in awe as winds brow the palm forests in all directions producing amazing  cracking sound as the tree branches crash into each other sending the hikers into another level of the world admirer. Many visitors get attracted with sandbanks of kidepo valley national park as a highlight for picnic lunch, taking photographs of various beautiful natural species around, you can also enjoy the sand sport and sundowners.

Travellers can also walk to  Namamkweny valley which takes 1 hour from Apoka to visit Kidepo River which is also an attractive area to see. The hiking safari in Kidepo are a quite exciting and memorable experience where you can move an extra mile to adventure the unique kanangorok hot spring in order to explore a unique natural spa with too much exciting of tales about its formation.

The hiking safaris in kidepo can be done on impressive Morungole Mountains but to hike up there, you should be extremely fit in the body because to reach there it takes 9 hours. The hike carried around here will wonder you with beautiful montane forest, rough terrain and hike to higher altitude with splendid views of the Karamoja plains. Visitors can be able to meet the IK people who are the original people of the north-eastern region.

Hiking Safari in Kidepo Valley National Park
Hiking Safari in Kidepo Valley National Park

Essentials to carry on Hiking Safaris in Kidepo valley 

Travellers you’re advised to carry things which will make your hiking safaris admirable such as mineral water bottles, first aid box, walking stick, insect repellent, clear cameras, long sleeved light clothes in dull colour, hiking shoes, Cap, Sun Scream, guide book, rubber hiking shoes, lunch box and many more you wish to carry.

How much does Hiking activity cost?

Hiking activity cost USD30 for Non-foreign residents, Foreign resident pay USD15 per person and East Africans citizens pay UGX10,000 as hiking fees. 

Where to stay on your hiking safari in kidepo?

Travellers shouldn’t get worried about where to sleep because kidepo valley national park offer beautiful accommodation facilities with rewardable rolling savannah grassland ranging between luxury and Mid-range such lodges include Apoka lodge, Kidepo Savannah lodge among others.

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