Honey Moon Destinations in Uganda

Honey Moon Destinations in Uganda are those places that are more luxurious and adventurous places for a honeymoon couple to enjoy their time.  Honeymoon is the only way of celebrating love and marriage in a relationship and Uganda is known for its interesting tourist honeymoon destinations from the newly wedding anniversaries and offers the perfect and amazing romantic lodges. Note that; Ugandans are welcoming people and the happiest people to found.

Gorilla Trekking Safari Period

Uganda is the land locked country, located in the East Africa neighbouring countries like Kenya in the east, Tanzania in the south, South Sudan in the north, Democratic republic of Congo in the west and Rwanda in the Southwest. To note, Uganda is very safe and secure so you shouldn’t develop any fear while on your honeymoon Uganda tourist destination and the Ugandan weather is so conducive suitable for your stay during your honeymoon celebration or other tourist’s destination. 

Best tourist destination for Honeymoon in Uganda.

One to be able to enjoy his honeymoon in Uganda’s tourist destination has to choose the best interesting places that is stunned with very many amazing things and these are the major classes to choose first such as beautiful and comfortable lodges with amazing facilities and amenities but which can complement the price of the whole safari.

However, it is well known that the great honeymoon requires good end points lodge which will give you quite more remembrances as you rejoice your relationship on any of the admirable safari destination in Uganda. The honeymoon is quite an interesting tour and is one of the areas that we take as great on and because they gain experience over many years. We enhance new lodges that we book for and also leave the everlasting memories in a lifetime.

Below is the best tourist destination in Uganda;

The wild water lodge: The wild water lodge is located on the source of the Nile Jinja which is the world’s longest river offering great scenic viewing to the honeymoon. The lodge since it sits near the waters of the source of the Nile, you are likely to say on a private island in the stunning heart of the impressive sounds of river Nile in wild water lodge. Where you will live in one of the beyond belief romantic rewardable scenery in one of Uganda’s most superior lodge. The lodge also offers tented cottages which have nothing to fear or to lack, they have private desks with nice food, you can as well enjoy nature walk along the island and this is one place to where you can relax and enjoy the amazing tropical sun on one of the beautiful rivers in the world popularly known as the source of the Nile.

Chameleon Hill Lodge: This is one the type of the lodge within Uganda tourist destination and is among the upmarket lodge which is also along Africa’s most rewardable lakes built in the style which is surely not the norm but your mind can go beyond the expectation and note that it’s a new brand lodge. Along this lodge, you can as well, explore lake Mutanda which is positioned near Mgahinga Gorilla National park and on the southern side of Bwindi impenetrable forest. 

Mihingo Safari lodge: This is the most visited lodge among many honeymooners that visit Uganda tourist destination. This is so interesting lodge and each of its tented cottages looks in a unique way from the other with spectacular views that begin from the bathrooms, rewardable viewing of the surrounding African bush.  Honeymooner can as well enjoy horse riding tours, swimming pools with a great view around the community environment. As honeymooners, you can have your romantic meal here and you can choose to order your private bush dish by your cottage since honeymoon is full of love and beauty of relationship one can experience in a lifetime. The lodge staffs are corporative and provide care for the couples in a special way, above all is one of Uganda’s best lodges to be visited during honeymoon celebration because of its beautiful scenic view and comfortable rooms suitable for your honeymoon. 

The Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp in Bwindi: This is one of the highlight honeymoon destinations located within Bwindi impenetrable national park. To note is one of the famous honeymoon destinations in Uganda with very many experiential activities that cannot be found anywhere in the world expect here in Bwindi. This all because Bwindi boosts with half of the mountain gorillas in the world and one of the locations of the incredible gorilla trekking and lodge offers good professionals chefs who are good at preparing delicious food both local and international food. Along your veranda on your lodging widows, you are likely to adventure these primates like gorillas and monkeys thus giving you a more exciting and amazing experience. The lodge is among the best place for the honeymoon in Uganda where you leave with everlasting memories.

Pineapple Bay Resort: This is located on Bulago Island which is the best place to enjoy your honeymoon in Uganda while you on a true tropical Island in the sun. The resort offers the facilities which are suitable for the honeymoons such thing include beautiful cottages, nature walk, swimming pool and they usually offer a romantic dining table to the beach for the honeymoon visitors. Not only this but also offers a nighty lighting storms in the far distances and Uganda which is called version Zanzibar. Honeymoons are free to opt whether to sleep in a cottage along the beach with overlooks Lake Victoria where you can be able to watch the sunrise as well set. There is another chance of enjoying nature walk where you can see palm trees, do fishing or fishing going on, swimming in the pool as well as having perfect a pleasant meal here.

Chobe Safari Lodge: Chobe Safari Lodge is located in Uganda’s largest national park found in northwestern Uganda. Chobe safari lodge is a luxury accommodation with best room facility suitable for honeymooners has it offers fresh breath taking romantic things. The lodge offers a spectacular view of the Victoria Nile flowing water from its spacious terrace, it also has a swimming pool to well come you for an interesting swimming and relaxation time.

The lodge also has nice looking restaurant ready to serve both local and international cuisines, stocked bar, gift shop. Chobe safari lodge does not only offer a beautiful view of the park and the River Nile but also gives you possibility on how to access the park for a game drive, launch cruise, hiking to the top of the impressive Murchison falls national park.

Kyaninga Lodge: Kyaninga lodge is also best for honeymooners and a luxury comfort lodge located in Fort portal a few kilometers away from the north of the town. The lodge sits in the midst of the forest vegetation with conducive fresh air which can be suitable for the honeymooners. The kyaninga lodge is positioned close to the admirable crater lake kyaninga and near Kibale forest, the lodge’s accommodation facility is designed through beautifully constructed self-contained rooms that are set apart for the privacy of newlyweds. It also offers a luxury swimming pool overlooking the amazing forested nature, a fully stocked bar, a spa and a restaurant offering delicious cuisines both local and international. 

Since the lodge is located in the western region of Uganda, you can as well be able to access to Kibale national park which is just an hour drive to reach, note that kibale is primitive capital for chimpanzees where you can combine your honeymoon adventure with chimpanzee trekking experience in Kibale national park.

Bird Nest in Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda: Bird nest resort is located along the shores of Lake Bunyonyi with over 29 Islands, that you are adventure, swimming pool in order to enjoy the water and swim with in the lake. This is another gorgeous place one to be able to enjoy his honeymoon in Uganda, to a place where you can chill out after encountering your gorilla trekking or volcano climbing from Mgahinga gorilla national park.

The resort is owned by Belgians who offer wonderful cuisine that gives the guest local crayfish in any form that you feel you like. While on your honeymoon both of you can enjoy eating this crayfish on your honeymoon anniversary. The lodge is also one of the best impressive lodges in Uganda.     

Mweya safari lodge: This is one of the unique lodges found in Queen Elizabeth national park in the south-western region, which offers a variety of comfortable rooms with quite a number of options like a tented cottage that will give privacy to the honeymooners. There is also private cottages that are close to the tents with good viewing of the kazinga channel with lots of wildlife species and bird species. Mweya safari lodge offers unique facilities, amenities that attracts a number of tourist to come back to Queen Elizabeth national park.

Having your honeymoon at Mweya safari lodge is another way of giving you the bosom honeymoon feeling by use of their individual choice like luxury tented cottages with the bath which is suitable to offer a great view of kazinga channel. Also, make it one of the best Uganda Honeymoon lodges.

Honeymoon Destinations in Uganda
Mweya Safari Lodge – Honeymoon Destinations in Uganda

Equator Snow Lodge: This lodge amazes a lot with its unique facilities, located in the foothills of the snow Rwenzori mountain. Where it is located you can enjoy the views of the mountain, mountain hikes, learn how to fish while using your hands. Equator snow lodge sits off the path with four cottages and offers a unique experience for the honeymooners within Uganda tourist destinations.

Uganda known as the pearl of Africa has got very many honeymoon destinations in Uganda but of all which have been mentioned offers to you the best honeymoon experience to help you to celebrate your love in peace, with overlooking trees, primates, birds and many more.

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