Hot air balloon safaris in Uganda is an amazing activity that most tourists who come to Uganda on a safari embark on to get the best memorable experience while in the sky. However, this activity is best for loved couple on their honeymoon or individuals on a one-time adventure.

Hot Ari balloon safaris in Uganda are best conducted from Murchison falls national park and they are being managed by the Dream Balloon tours who have partnership with the Uganda Wildlife Authority which is known to be a government agency whose role is to protect all the national parks in the country and also pattern with Paraa safari lodge, Uganda Communications commission and the national environmental management Authority, and the Uganda civil Aviation Authority. Hot air balloon safari tours is one of the luxurious ways that tourists get an opportunity to have a memorable, thrilling experience as they explore  in the sky while capturing spectacular views of  Uganda’s beautiful landscape and wildlife.

Well-trained and experienced pilots who go through the Egyptian Aviation Authorities for clearance and learn how to operate the hot air balloons are flying Hot Air balloon. So therefore, these pilots ready to fly the hot air balloons are required to first pass through the aviation course and graduate from an aviation school in order to be granted an opportunity to fly the hot air balloons at any time tourists are in need of their services.

Murchison falls national park offers two hot air balloons which tourists can engage themselves in and these include; the sunrise/ morning and sunset/ evening hot air balloon safaris.

Sunrise/ Morning hot air balloon safaris.  

The sunrise/ morning hot air balloon safaris always begin very early at 5:00am and always go until 9:00am. Tourists arrive earlier and get to watch how the balloons are filled with Air as they are to take off individuals to the sky where they are given one hour of fascinating through the beautiful landscape, adventure and get chances to overlook at various wildlife species within the national park such as lions, giraffes, elephants, leopards and many others. Later when they return to the ground, they are served with the bush breakfast which is accompanied with a bottle of Champaign while relaxing amidst the national park and later each individual is being given a certificate and meet up with their driver who to take you back to where you stay and during this morning drive, visitors still get more opportunities to sight see more wildlife creatures.

Hot Air Balloon Safaris in Uganda
Murchison Falls Hot Air Balloon Safari

Sunset/ evening hot air balloon.

Evening Hot air balloon activities always begin at 4:00pm and end around 6:30pm. During the evening hot air balloon trips, tourists get to capture the beautiful scenery of the sun as its sets down and they also get great opportunities of looking at various wildlife species with in the park as they return to their dens after a long day of moving around the park, however they will also see many nocturnal animals while they are getting ready for their hunt and these include; civets, lions and bush babies among others.  Unfortunately, for tourists who opt to go for evening hot air balloons tend to miss the bush breakfast and the Champaign but instead they can get privileges of embarking on night game drives around the park and later return to their respective lodges where they get to have their dinner.

Hot air balloon activity in Murchison falls National Park is charged at a fee of 380USD per person for the foreign residents and 925,000Ugx for the African citizens and the advantage of this fee is that it covers other payments like; the pilot fee, flight insurance, a third party insurance but excludes the bush breakfast meal plan.

Best time to go for a Hot air balloon safari tour.

The best time for tourists to do the hot air balloon safari is during the dry season between the months of June to September and from December to February since it is during this time that there are less rains and this tourists an opportunity to gaze at very many different wild animals since they are always moving around the park look for food and gathering around the water pools and this serving individuals with a wonderful adventurous experience, Hot Air Balloon Safaris in Uganda

However, tourists on a safari in Murchison falls national park can also combine the hot air balloon safari with other exciting activities like; Sport fishing, Guided game drives, boat cruise on the Albert Nile, Bird watching, Hiking to the top of the falls, Guided nature walks, community visits, and cultural encounters and many others.

How to get to Murchison Falls National Park.

Due to the fact that Murchison falls National park is located in Masindi district in the northern region of Uganda. Tourists planning to go on a Hot air balloon safari in the park can opt to take a drive from Kampala city, which covers a distance of about 279 square kilometers and takes about four and a half hours to reach the park.

For any inquires, feel free to contact our trusted tour operators and Book with our tours and travels companies which offers good packages on your Hot Air balloon safari in Murchison falls National Park.

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