How to prepare for African safari; Uganda –Pearl of Africa offers incredible number of safari to its amazing national parks, reserves, cultural sites and its beautiful nature which is truly a magical lifetime experience. On Uganda Safari you will meet up with acknowledgeable safari guide very friendly and welcoming who will help you in telling you how beautiful and exciting it is to go on a safari and why it is important to be part of African safaris and knowing the tips that can help you in preparing for safari.

 Below are best tips how you should prepare for your African safari as high lightened;

Find out the best time to set off for an African Safari

However, the best time of the year you to visit an African safari is all year around though remember a year has two seasons wet and dry season. Visiting in the rainy seasonal grass can be tall that keeps the animals hidden thus not giving clear view of animals but it can be a time you move freely because you cannot experience dusty.

Meanwhile, the best time to marvel with African safaris visit in dry seasons of the months of June, July, August, September, January and February, during this period large concentration of animals can be seen along the water holes to drinking thus making animal spotting easy.

Generally, drier seasons of most countries –Uganda are the excellent time for wildlife viewing.

Wake up early

Starting your safari activity in the morning is the best of session to engage in while on any safari destination, morning hours gives tourists high chances of exploring diversity of wildlife species and rewarding with perfect photo of the African wildlife with a backdrop of the rising sun. Morning we mean around 6:30am to 10am.

 More so, in the morning, wild animals are more active thus moving closer to places where they can be adventured easier other than in the afternoon where they’re all taking shelter right from the sun. It’s the reason why most of Game Drive Adventures are being conducted in the morning hours and in the evening. Surely, you will witness the African magical.

How to Prepare for African Safari
How to Prepare for African Safari

Be on the Look –out to spot the wild Animals

This is one of the most important tips to plan over for an African Safari for the first travelers, however, always be on the lookout while game driving.

This is absolutely different to those who visit wildlife from the Zoos which means that you can drive along journey without any sightseeing of the big fives.

Ask the Guide Questions

This is another tips for an African Safari, one to get contented on any safari as to ask questions if you’ve booked a game drive with a registered tour company, you will be assigned by a tour guide who will answer all your questions.

The only way you will get to learn about the African animals the wild in general is through asking questions.

Most questions to be asked; The behaviors of some animals, history of the conservation area, best time to see predators –big fives animals and more. The guide they provide are knowledgeable enough to give you answers.

On safari, try to be friendly with the guides as that will make them closer to you through sharing beyond just the animals.

Take Your Time to Enjoy the Wildlife

African tourist safari sounds as the most remarkable wildlife in the world and it’s not a shame to rush for African safari during a game drive.

Note; There is a lot to adventure on different safaris where kind of scenic landscape can be appreciated.

When you sight see large herds of animals, request a guide to stop a car to explore the animal species and have memorable photo taking of animals mating or fight when you’re lucky  ,see lion chasing down the prey among others.

Take Lots of Phots

During on a safari, make sure you capture as many photos as possible to relive your trip even years later of the incredible beautiful nature in Africa. On visit, we advise you to carry extra memory cards to keep more for the photos.

Bring A Good Camera

To any African Safari never forget carrying a camera that will help you to capture the wildlife and it will truly bring out the beauty that Africa boasts.

Follow The Rules and Listen to Your Guide

Almost to any safari, visitors are being guided in numbery of rules to follow by the guides and these are made for your own safety and wild animal safety.

Some of safari Rules includes;

Never feed the animal

Never get out of the safari car

Paying maximum attention if you’re on a walking safari

Not disturbing the animals. Never get carried away by the excitement.

Stay Safe at All Times

African safari is truly untouched life experience that presents a number of danger.

You while enjoy the wind and make sure that you adhere to the park rules in order to stay safe.

Remember to carry useful essentials and following rules given on safari; Carry a first Aid Kit

Follow all the rules mentioned above

Roll up the car windows if the wild animals are so close to your safari vehicle

Travel Health On an African Safari

While traveling for your first African Safari, travel health first meets up your doctor for medical checkup in order you travel health and stay healthy while on safari.

On safari try to carry a bottle of mineral water, insect repellent, carry sunscreen

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