How to Travel to Uganda on Budget Safari : Discover and travel to Uganda on a low budget. if you are looking forward to travel to Uganda and wondering how you can travel on a low budget while enjoying all your activities in all destination of your choice, Here is all what you need to know before you visit Uganda. Uganda receives visitors of all budgets ranging from economy travelers to luxury travelers. Every person on a Uganda safari aims at reducing costs while enjoying more tourist activities. The major determinants of a tour cost are transportation and accommodation in Uganda safari national parks. Therefore, to reduce the Uganda trip cost one must minimize the costs of the above-mentioned expenses. In this post, we have highlighted some of the ways to travel to Uganda on low budget.

Stay at budget accommodation facilities or camping

In Uganda accommodation ranges from luxury to budget catering for every traveler’s pocket. In order to cut costs on accommodation. Travelers are recommended to stay in budget lodges that usually outside the parks and tourist attractions or to camp.

How to Travel to Uganda on Budget Safari
How to Travel to Uganda on Budget Safari

There are many camping sites in all the protected areas and most lodges and hotels provide camping services. These camping sites provide the basic requirements like bathrooms with running water and toilets. There other hotels and lodges that cater for locals and these are relatively cheap.

Travelers on budget can also stay in the moderate accommodations that offer budget rooms. Some of these rooms are en-suite and others have shared facilities so be sure to check them out.

Choose the cheap means of transport

Uganda Budget Safaris are usually run using safari vehicles, which are 4×4 wheel drive for easy movement in the hard to reach areas around parks whose roads are not developed. These vehicles range in prices with luxury going with land cruisers. Visitors can choose to move in safari vans that are a bit cheaper but can do the same work as the big luxury safari Land cruiser. For the very budget travelers, they can choose to travel by public means which is so cheap but not convenient in time and sometimes do not take you up to your destinations as they follow designated routes.

Eat at local restaurants or prepare your meals.

In Uganda, food is readily available but it tends to be costlier in upmarket lodges and hotels. You can choose to stay in a best accommodation facility but have your meals from a nearby local restaurant. There are many street vendors selling local food especially the well-known Rolex.

Alternatively, visitors can buy food from the markets and supermarkets and prepare their own meals at their destinations. There are fruits and vegetables readily available and more foods like potatoes, bananas, rice sold in markets. The best option is to do shopping in Kampala because of its wide range of food choices.

Travel in the wet season.

Uganda experiences two rainy seasons and two dry seasons. The rainy season is usually a low season with few tourists in Uganda, thus attracting more discounts on services especially lodging in the national parks in order to boost tourism.

So travelling in this time allows you enjoy the country with few tourist traffic at a subsidized price. The low season is in the months of March, April, May, October and November. During this time, the country is covered in green and so beautiful for photography though wildlife might be hard to spot.

Choose the right activities for your Safari

There are a number of activities in Uganda to choose from, however, some of these activities are costly like gorilla trekking which costs $700 per person per hour in a day and Chimpanzee tracking 200$ per person which can also be got at a cheaper price in Kyambura gorge and Kalinzu forest. Therefore, visitors need to determine their preferences and to reduce costs travelers need to participate in the off the beaten path activities that have less traffic making them cheaper than the sought after activities like gorilla trekking.

How to Travel to Uganda on Budget Safari
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Book in advance and directly through a local tour company

Booking in advance helps you skip the hustle of too much competition and demand for same services and so one might get chances of discounts or extra time to plan. Booking through a local tour company based in Uganda allows you interact with someone with first-hand information.

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