Is It Safe to Travel to Uganda? Is it safe to travel to Uganda? Absolutely yes?  Uganda is a safest country in the Sub-Saharan Africa, with a friendly and welcoming people. If it comes to self-drive safari in country also its safe. For that reason, we believe you to travel sensibly through following the precautions in order to avoid such reckless issue.

Tourism activities to do at visiting Virunga national park

Do not travel late in the night.

 Always travel with enough cash, a charged phone with airtime, enough water and some food.

 Always park your car at the private parking places.

Avoid long drive that brings tiresome in the body though traveling is a great deal slower than you could imagine.

How are the roads in Uganda?

Uganda’s road condition is good, like to all primary roads radiating out of Kampala to other corners of the country are smooth. Though you can expect a lot of speed bumps and the occasional pothole. The road stretch in Uganda sometime it requires driving on gravel roads to access your final visited location could be to the lodge or park entrance gate. Beware, roads that lead people to Uganda’s national parks when you get off the main road then off road drive –roads are not in good condition. The condition of dirt roads tend to be variable from one season to the next and become most difficult during the rainy season.

When driving in Uganda you don’t need reach more than 60kilometers –hour. Due to the many speed bumps on the road, you need to reduce the speed when passing through villages which will help you to have stopover for memorable photography, just know adventuring Uganda on self-drive car is quiet gorgeous. What you need to do is travel in a comfortable car in our fleet for driving on asphalt roads.

Is It Safe to Travel to Uganda?
Is It Safe to Travel to Uganda?

What side of the road should I drive in Uganda?

Drive at left side of the road always. Uganda’s driving side is left sided.

Tips to drive safe in Uganda

Consider speed limits;

 On the highway your advised to drive 80kilometers –hour. However, it seems to be limited but take note about the type of vehicle you’re to use like a Land cruiser and Hilux packed with luggage and camp gear is a heavy vehicle.

50km/hour this good when driving through towns and around town there are routes leading to highways, where you greatly need to reduce the spend.

Drive about 30 – 40km/hours while inside the National Parks, depending on the tracks. We advise travelers on visit to Uganda to use cars which are well equipped for the journey of yourself.

Are there restricted areas for Self-drive in Uganda?

There are no off limit areas when driving in Uganda. But a drive to Kidepo Valley National Park, we recommend you to hire a car in good mechanical system suitable for long traveling journey like Hilux and Land cruiser.

Best Time to travel to Uganda

You travel to Uganda all year around because it stuns with warm climates and largely experiences two rainy seasons per year March to May and September to December are wet monthly seasons and drier months tends to occur from June to Mid –September and December to February. Within all this periodic months of the years you can visit Uganda but the best time with no destruction of heavy rainfall that can hinder your limits of travel around the pearl of Africa which happens from June to Mid-September and December to February.

What to carry with you on travel to Uganda’s destination?

You will need to carry essential items in order to make your travel in Uganda rewarding and gorgeous include; Warm clothes-sweater, light jackets, long sleeved shirt, sunglasses, portable alarm clock, Solar charge for batteries, Comfortable shoes, medical kit, toilet bags, binoculars, clothing, camping gear among others.

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