Is Kampala A District Or A Capital City? : Kampala is famously known as the capital city of Uganda, it is considered one of the happiest cities in East Africa, it is surrounded with so many tourist attractions, and there are several activities that tourists on a safari in Uganda would enjoy to participate in. Kampala city derived its name from the Luganda Phrase “Akasozi Ke ‘Empala” which is meant to the Hill of the Impala” and this city is referred to as the “city of seven Hills” due to the fact that it is situated on the seven major hills however, today the city covers more than 7 hills and below you will delive more about the history of some of each these hills. This article addresses the question “is kampala a district or a capital city?”

Is Kampala A District Or A Capital City
  • Mengo Hill: Mengo hill is known to have been the formerly recognized as the capital of the Kingdom of Buganda during the British colonial rule. In addition, this hill also acted as the administrative centre of the people would meet to discuss all the decisions to be made concerning the welfare of the Buganda Kingdom.
  • Kibuli Hill: Kibuli hill is famously known as the region where the kibuli mosque is found which is also ranked as the oldest and biggest mosque in the country.
  • Rubaga Hill: Rubaga hill is also commonly visited most especially by Catholics due to the fact that it is where the Rubaga catholic cathedral church is situated therefore, this area is a must visit fir individuals who are on a religious tour in the city. More so, Rubaga hill is a base, which was used by the white father’s catholic faction during the time of the error of the first missionaries who came in Uganda.
  • Namirembe Hill: this area is where one can find the Namirembe Anglican cathedral. More so, Namirembe hill is known to be where the Buganda religious wars were fought and this was during 1888-1892.
  • Old Kampala Hill: This area is known to be where Captain Fredrick Lugard first established the British military base in 1890.
  • Nsyambya Hill: the Nsyambya hill is known to be the hill that was given to the British catholic Mill Hill Mission, which was signed during period when the Buganda Agreement was being signed in 1900. More so, on this hill is where the cathedral of St. Peters Nsyambya is found.

In addition, apart from the above-mentioned hills, there are more hills that are found within the city and these include; Kololo hill and Nakasero hill, Mulago hill, Makerere hill, Kikaya among others.

Climate in Kampala City.

Tourists planning to explore around Kampala city while on a safari in Uganda should note that this city experiences around two wet seasons, which happen between months of August to December and from February to June. In addition, this city also experiences a tropical rainforest climate and this makes it clear how there is no defined dry season however, the months of January to July, the weather always tends to be hot.

Topography of Kampala City.

Kampala city covers a total surface area of about 189 square kilometers, it is also estimated to have a total population of about 1,507 million people, and this census was last carried out in 2014. This city is a hilly area, which is surrounded with green lush vegetation, green hills, valleys and swamps. More so, Kampala city is has its highest point as Kololo hill that stands at an elevated area of about 1,311 meters above the sea level and its lowest point being known as the shores of Lake Victoria standing at area with altitude of 1,135 meters above the sea level.

Is Kampala A District Or A Capital City
Kampala City

What is there to see when touring around Kampala City?

Exploring around this city gives tourists chances to visit within different areas where they get to see many interesting things and some of these include; individuals can opt to visit the Kasubi tombs which are known to the burial ground of the kings of Buganda, Ndere centre and visiting this area helps tourists to have an insight into the unique and various cultures that exist in the country, Bulange and Lubiri which are both situated in Mengo, the Uganda National museum which is located on Kira road in Kamwokya, Gadhafi mosque that is famously known to be the biggest and oldest mosque serving in the Islam faith in the country, Kibuli mosque. More so, people can visit other places like; the Bahai temple, Idi Amin’s Torture Chambers, Uganda Martyrs shrine Namugongo, Rubaga and Namirembe cathedrals, Monuments, Local markets, shopping malls where they can be able to get lots of designer of designer clothes and shoes, craft markets such as; the craft village on Buganda road, Uganda crafts and the National Theater craft shops among others.

In summary, This article addresses the question “is Kampala a district or a capital city?”

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