Is Uganda worth visiting? 100% yes, though it’s a landlocked country in East Africa whose scenic diverse of landscape encompasses the majestically snowcapped Rwenzori Mountain and immense Lake Victoria.  Above all, its home stuns with biodiversity of wildlife including ; unique chimpanzees and abundant of notable bird species. Come along the remote Bwindi Impenetrable National Park a home to a renowned mountain gorilla’s sanctuary. Visit Murchison Falls National Park in northwestern region a great location for its powerful waterfall which is 43kmeter tall as well as home to diversity of wild animals such as hippos, crocodiles, African elephants, buffaloes, leopard ,lions ,waterbucks , warthogs , oribis ,Jackson Hartebeest among others. Furthermore, people of Uganda are hospitable good in welcoming every one with a smile and when it comes visiting the village people, you’re likely to enjoy more of there life.

Absolutely! Uganda is worth visiting   because of its outstanding features which are the largest freshwater on the continent -Lake Victoria, the source of the longest river, the source of longest river in the world –Source of the Nile, the strongest waterfall, the largest number of primates and the highest number of endangered mountain gorillas worldwide. Still the country boosts with a lot of attractions in the world such as the unique tree climbing lions ,Mountain gorillas ,visiting of the Uganda Martyr’s Day every 3rd June ,offers affordable services to in and out visitors as well as a lot to see on city tours –Kampala such as Visit Uganda National Museums ,Baha’i Temple –Best Mother temple in Africa, Visit the seven stunning hills ,Visit the local markets –Nakasero Market full of fresh vegetables, Visit craft shops, Visit King’s tomb ,Visit the torture chamber where Idi Amin used to torture 100 people in one watery cell both missed men and women’s ,he could kill them with electricity , Visit King’s Lake among the rest.

Is Uganda Worth Visiting?
The Uganda Museum

Is Uganda a beautiful country?

Is Uganda a beautiful country? Answer is yes! This is a common asked question to the first travelers wishing to visit Uganda destination. Uganda once named the Pearl of Africa as a diverse and beautiful place to visit with lots of attractions including the magnificently high mountains, fabulous waterfalls, gorgeous forest ,vast lakes –Lake Victoria ,remarkable plains and mighty rivers .More then ,that attracts tourists  to visit Uganda its natural beauty with an abundance of gift that rewards to her , named as the great mountain gorillas , snowcapped Rwenzori mountain  that gives the best hikes in the world by the National Geographic ,Mountain Elgon with the largest volcanic caldera in the world ,the mighty Source of River Nile which starts in Jinja one of the developed towns in Uganda. , and Africa’s largest lake –Lake Victoria.

Uganda culture hosts more than 50 tribes with different culture live ,on visit try to reach out to Batwa people in Bwindi National Park and the Karamojong people ,Visit the Ndere culture center ,Visit the northern culture among others.

Uganda safaris are affordable when it comes to prices and remarkable.

Is it Uganda good for tourists?

Generally, Uganda is safe for travel and tourism and is considered as politically stable country with securely operated borders within the East African region as well as internal security bodies. Its city is also secure with policemen’s all over the streets and cameras are hidden on streets and on road junctions. However, like any other country there are opportunistic crimes like petty theft, credit card fraud and home robbery many more, you just need to be careful with your belongings. But it’s a good destination to visit politically and economically stable.

Furthermore, Uganda is good for safari as it outshines all other Uganda safari destinations, in addition to that, it remains a superb destination for traditional safari by vehicle or by boat. Rewards goes to its lush habitats and variety of species and to those looking out something fresh and memorable, Uganda is the perfect choice of destination to visit.

Is Uganda Worth Visiting?
Is Uganda Worth Visiting?

Do I need a Visa to visit Uganda?

Yes! Mostly especially the outside visitors, you’re required to have valid Visa when you travel to Uganda and passport with validity of up to 6 months before you enter the country. To apply for it e-Visa, you can, you can be helped by the registered tour company tour operator.

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