Luuba Thurston Tower : Although it is no longer legal anywhere in the world, the traces and impact are prevalent among people and in literature. The most dominant impact of this is visible among black people and African history, slave trade is the worst remembered history in Africa and one of the monuments to remember it is in Uganda, join in for a Kampala city tour to visit the Luuba Thurston tower.

Luuba was the chief of Bunha Chiefdom and Thurston was a Missionary Commander who came to stop the activities of slave trade in Bukaleba.

Luuba Thurston Tower
Luuba Thurston Tower

This tower was built in memory of Thurston who was killed by the black people yet he was stopping slavery and the flag pole to direct landing ships to collect slaves was raised at this very point always. “Given the shared experience of slavery in the United States and in Uganda and given the historical significance of this site, I am proud especially as someone descended from enslaved people that the U.S government was able to support the Uganda National Museum work to restore the Luba Thurston monument and record the history of slavery in the region,” Brown said. Brown described the site as one of the most important monuments marking the history of slavery in Uganda.

Why Visit The Luuba Thurston Tower?

A lot of attractions and educative moments at the site are there to be seen and learnt about so come experience and see where it all happened from and with a well-trained Uganda safari guide you will be taught and shown deeper into it. And these areas include.

Luuba Meeting Point/Court/Lukiko: Chief Luuba used this point as Lukiko where he used to sit while settling disputes in his chiefdom. Today BFC has built a forest monitoring/ watching tower in the area.

Slave Trench: It’s believed that it is where slaves were hidden and their walk way before being taken to the waiting ship on the lake shores at Walumbe.

Risen Tapping: Risen is tapped from pine trees in Bukatube and Kityerera, tapping of risen is used for making high quality rubber materials. It’s mostly sold to the Chinese and European Countries. The exercise is too attractive by on lookers on their way to Walumbe Tourist sites.

Bukaleba Peninsular: Bukaleba peninsular is found in Bukatube (Namugongo beach/village). It’s a former Government Buffalo referral farm. It has wild animals such as, leopards, antelopes and many species of birds, breeding area for crocodiles, natural vegetation ever green. It has a direct view of the deepest part of Lake Victoria locally called “Kanwa Musayi”.

Bishop Hannington Murder Site: Bishop Hannington murder site is found in Bukatube Sub-County, Kyando village. It has various tourism sites used by the late Bishop i.e., library, murder site, well, preaching rocks etc. singing slavery songs: During the ceremony, the Makerere Spirituals Choir performed a series of African-American spirituals, derived from songs sung by slaves to recognize the shared experience.

Singing slavery songs: These songs were a way to pass information to people seeking to flee slavery and they have been sung in movements for positive social change in the U.S and around the world. They remind us of painful elements of our past, give us strength to overcome the obstacles in our daily lives and inspire us to do all we can to ensure that the future generations enjoy the benefits of liberty, justice and equality

On the tour you get to sight all these and all these will help you caught up with what you had forgotten or didn’t know about the area under the slave trade regime.

What To Pack on Your Way to The Luuba Thurston Towers

Most genuine necessities are surprisingly easy to get hold of in Uganda’s main centers. Most of the ingenious gadgets you can buy in camping shops are unlikely to amount to much more than dead weight on the road.

If it came to it, you could easily travel to Uganda with little more than a change of clothes, a few basic toiletries, and a medical kit. That said, let’s take a look at how your packing list should look like.

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Outdoor journal with pen/pencil
  3. Headlamp or flashlight
  4. Extra batteries
  5. Wicking T-shirt
  6. Wicking underwear
  7. Quick-drying pants or shorts
  8. Long-sleeve shirt (for bugs, sun)
  9. Sun-shielding hat
  10. Insulating fleece jacket or vest
  11. Bandana or Buff
  12. Mosquito net clothing
  13. Wicking long-sleeve T-shirt
  14. Wicking long underwear
  15. Hat, cap or headband
  16. Gloves or mittens
  17. Boots or shoes suited to terrain

All these could be of great use and could help you out when you need them so those and lots more should be included in your pack list every time you consider a Kampala city tour.

Luuba Thurston Tower
Luuba Thurston Tower

When you move to that place and get to know about the way Africans were saved from slave trade it gives you a thrill of an innovative, creative, calm serenity. A spirit of togetherness and humanism, a patient, peaceful, joyful emotion Independence Different shades of Turquoise a new, fresh, hopeful place of rest Natural and development Success Vitality.

Accomodation Facilities Near Luuba Thurston Tower

Mayuge District has got a number of hotels and guest houses especially in the urban areas. Executive accommodations are offered as you tour the area. Resort Hotel with swimming pools and very good self-contained rooms, Wade guest houses, all in Mayuge Town Council which can provide wonderful resting environment for Tourists.

All the hotels have serious security which makes guests comfortable while relaxing and touring. Various beaches along the shores of Lake Victoria including Doctrine Beach and Margarita Beach all in Baitambogwe Sub-County, Victoria sands Beach in Wairasa and Musoma beach in Bwondha all give tourists the best beaching facilities.

The shackles rend, your hands are free, you need no longer humbly bow beneath the lash of tyranny; Go shape the molten metal now. Behold! “The Door of Hope,” ajar, And Freedom freely beckoning; bids you gaze a star, and veer not from your reckoning!  That’s what Africans and other tourists see and feel when they come to the tour the forever held history in hearts of blacks and whites. The tower stands as a memory of hope and freedom.

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