Major hot springs in Uganda : Uganda is gifted with a variety of physical features that should be on your buck list to travel to Uganda. These include all kinds of wildlife and beautiful landscape. The things to do in Uganda are some of the unique things to do in the world. The Hot Springs in Uganda form one of the most beautiful attractions in Uganda. A hot spring is produced by the emergence of geothermal-heated groundwater from the earth’s crust. In a simple term, it is formed when water meet the heated rock. The deep percolation of water into the crust causes it to be heated by the hot rocks. The heated is forced back up under pressure to bubble as a hot spring.

 There are about 7 major hot springs in Uganda and they are located in different parts of the country, especially in Western Uganda. Some of these hot springs are traditionally believed by the local communities to be having healing powers. Most local communities around the hot springs believe that it has the divine powers and performs miracles and therefore it is worshipped by local people. They do believe the gods reside in the hot spring.  Scientifically, the water from the hot springs have been found to contain varying amounts of minerals and chemicals which are known to have medicinal values in them. It is estimated that about 800 people visit some of the springs per week to bathe. When bathing in a hot spring, the dense clouds of steam rise above the rippling water to bathe you in beads of moisture. This is equivalent to being in a sauna, albeit fully clothed. The water temperature of some of the hot springs is capable of boiling an egg in 10 minutes. The water in the springs can warm up to 120 °C (248 °F). Below are some of the hot springs to explore;

Kitagata hotsprings

During your Uganda tour, take a visit to the iconic Kitagata Hot Springs. This is a natural hot spring that flows in the western region of the country. Located near Ishaka town, you will be greeted by impressive hills and valleys with a lot of greenery. Local believes the hot spring has some magical healing water. The spring has 2 sides one is very hot with boiling temperature and the other is just warm. The boiling water is so hot that it can boil an egg. This natural gift of God with healing water is named after Mulago Hospital.

Sempaya Hot Springs

These hot springs reside inside the Semuliki national park in western Uganda, the Sempaya hot spring is one of the mesmerizing springs of Uganda. This spring have amazingly high temperature reaching up to 100 degrees Celsius. The spring can be seen in two parts of the national park, which locals believe to be one as male and other as the female. The spring’s area discloses mangabey monkeys, the red-tailed monkey, the black and white colobus monkey.

Major hot springs in Uganda
Sempaya Hot Springs

The female spring is just about 30 minutes from the male spring. The female hot spring is so hot that travelers used to boil bananas and eggs. Nearer to the hot springs, you can explore some of the Batwa community villages to explore their lifestyle.

Rwagimba Hot Springs

Rwagimba Hot Springs is one of the dreamiest Uganda hot springs that attracts many tourists. The hot spring is found in River Rwimi. The River is separating Kabarole and Kasese districts.

The hot spring is highly respected by the locals. The sulphur hot spring believed to cure their and their animal’s pain. For seeking freedom from their pain, they used to take bath in the hot spring. Hiking to this mesmerizing spring offers a great view as well.

Amoropii Hot Springs

Amoropii Hot Springs is another prime attraction of Uganda hot springs list. It is located just about 2 to 3 kilometres from Panyimur fishing village of Nebbi District. The lake is on the western shores of Lake Albert. Locale believes the hot spring has some divine power so they worship this spring. They believe the hot spring is home of god Amoropii. Locals daily sacrifice one of their animals to please god Amoropii. It is believed that to get blessings from the Prime Minister Nyipir Onen, before visiting these hot springs. If you do not get clearance from the prime minister, it is believed that you can’t get cured of your pain and misfortune even after taking a bath in the hot spring.

Buranga Hot Springs

One of the most amazing hot springs in Uganda is Burunga Hot Spring. Out of 37 springs flowing in East Africa, Burunga is one of the catchiest. The hot spring located in Ruwenzori Mountains, one of the remote locations of Uganda. The mountain chain is covered by lowland tropical rainforest that ads more beauty to the spring surrounding. The spring has its own small ecosystems that attract many birds and animal species. There 3 bodies of spring located 600 to 700m away to each other namely; Nyansimbe spring, Mumbuga springs, and Kagoro springs.

Ihimba Hot Springs

Ihimba hot spring is one of the breathtaking ones in the list of hot springs in Uganda that offers amazing views. Located in Kibale in western Uganda the spring got its name from the Bahima people residing in the area. Like the other hot springs, the hot spring is too believed to be one of magical hot spring having curing power. It is believed if you take bath in the hot spring you will get relief from backache, rheumatism and other pains. The tourists can visit the Bahima people residing in the area to explore their rich history, culture, and beliefs.

Kibiro Hot Springs

The Kibiro Hot Springs can be travel by the road from Hoima town and reach in about 60 minutes. The hot spring is flowing in the Kibiro, a small fishing village residing at the Western Rift valley of Uganda. The location is a bit in a remote location.

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