Muzinga Square Park Entebbe : When it comes to the best points of attractions in Uganda one cannot miss to speak about the historic events in Uganda and the basic ones are mostly discovered while on a Kampala city tour.

Uganda is a land locked country and this means it does not have a sea port but this does not stop the country from being one of the greatest and most amazing countries in east Africa with great and educative happenings.

 Right from the day Uganda received its independence there are lots of event that had taken place in the country and still happening so when one decides to have a tour in the pearl of Africa they need to understand the true meaning of history in Uganda.

If we are to start aligning the historical events that have taken place in Uganda one could seriously be so touched over this and most to get to understand the events historical events in Uganda it all starts from the 1500-1875 which is the history of how Uganda come to expand.

Still running down with the historical points of Uganda you get to run through the books of history which show British influence from 1877-1986, cutting the long stories short you can get to experience all these as you get a historical tour in the republic of Uganda.

 In this article Achieve global safaris will run you through one of the most memorable historical sites in Uganda situated at Entebbe, giving you more thrills of the pearl of Africa.

For more Uganda historical surprises and thrills get to have a tour at the Muzinga historical Square Park Entebbe, vibrant and worthy a visit as you get to learn more about the history of Uganda.

Muzinga Historical Square Park is situated at Entebbe next to the Municipal council and if speaking history the Muzinga historical Square Park is truly a rich prehistoric structure for one to sight the historical canon that was in Uganda before.

The Muzinga word means “Canon” and this is currently a historical tourist attraction in the Entebbe town carrying so much value with it when it comes to the history of Uganda.

While on your Kampala city tour to the Muzinga historical Square Park get to learn how this canon was abandoned by Tanzanian troops after defeat from President Idi Amin Dada.

Once you are at the Muzinga historical Square Park you have greater chances to understand the political history of Uganda and to historians with adventurous hearts this is the best place to visit in Uganda for with the help of achieve global safaris you have the chance to know and learn the political history of Uganda from 1971-2023 present day.

Muzinga Square Park Entebbe
Muzinga Square Park Entebbe

The visit to the Muzinga historical Square Park will surely prove to one how precious Uganda is and how the political history of Uganda was built and this is the safari activity can be carried out as a start or end of safaris in Uganda with the juicy and main Uganda safaris such as; Mountain gorilla Trekking in Bwindi impenetrable National Park  or Mgahinga gorilla national parks, also spiced by visiting the Virgin Kidepo valley national park, the Queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison falls national park.

 For unbeatable safari events in Kampala and Uganda at large Achieve global safaris stands in to see that your desire is fulfilled as you get to learn more of the history of the pearl of Africa and the wildlife in Uganda.

All kinds of Uganda safaris can be arranged for you and your family by Achieve global safaris to make sure that you get the most precious and excellent times in the stunning blessed by mother nature country in the entire of East Africa Uganda.

Conclusively, Achieve global safaris is ready to respond to your questions and to confirm your bookings to take you through the most gorgeous pearl of African country natural side any day, any time.

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