Nature Walk in Kidepo National Park

Nature Walk in Kidepo

Nature walk in Kidepo is one of the key activities done where tourists get to tour parts of the park on foot as they see different wildlife species around. Kidepo Valley National park is a beautiful wilderness that acts as a tourist attraction in Uganda. The park’s beautiful landscape with rewardable breath taking sceneries is cultivated and the beauty of the wilderness spreads beyond the valleys ahead.

However, many travellers prefer engaging in the game viewing safaris. The nature walk can be done in the wilderness and it brings travellers nearer to wildlife and gives travellers notable wilderness experiences.

The guided nature walk in Kidepo starts in the morning at 7 am at Apoka tourism office which is the meeting point for briefing. Nature walk has to be done by the professional ranger who knows all the hidden treasures of the park and shares them to you. The walk to Narus valley is best popular spectacular viewing of wild animals, mountains,  the flat plains of the valley. The valley is located a short average distance of 5 kilometres radius of delightful structure, rewardable beautiful scenery landscape and vibrant population of wildlife species because of watering holes in the area where animals are seen linking for water.

The travellers who enjoy walking safaris, Narus valley in Kidepo valley national park can be your best destination where you can have a high chance of exploring a huge number of wild animals such as Cheetahs, elephants, leopards, giraffes,  buffaloes, waterbucks, hartebeest among many  and other large collections of notable bird species such as Ostriches, Unique Kori bustard, Abyssinian ground hornbill, Carmine, Pygmy falcon and many more. The constant grazing of a large number of mammal species on the same landscape keeps the grass short, offering to visitors an opportunity to view or capture admirable wildlife sighting a few distances away. The amazing nature walk carried out through the Narus valley gives a great opting of the valley and kidepo flat plains onto the Namamukweny valley, Morungole mountain. The Namamukweny valley is another famous walking destination for the travellers who seek for more time to encounter in deeper hidden natures into the wilderness. Many travellers have felt to know that the nature walking activity reveals to them with very many secret natures inside the park and above all nature walk in kidepo valley national provides to you the best encounter of desert palm which is habitat with unique notable bird species like Ostriches.

The duration of nature walks

To engage in nature, walking activity needs you to consider the weather condition of an area, the physical fitness of your body in order to enjoy your activity amazingly. The half-day nature walk usually starts at 7am when the sun had just come out and during the morning hours, it’s when wildlife species get out into their hiding corner acting as every famous experience.   

Things to carry on nature walk safaris

Since nature walk involves in a lot of energy to move and to be physically fit these are the amazing essential you shouldn’t miss to pack on your Uganda nature walk tour in kidepo valley such as pair of safari shorts, hiking shoes, sunglasses, safari huts, insect repellent, snack, Sun scream, binoculars, camera, long strong socks, map, guide book, first aid kit, mineral water bottle among many. Nature walk is best done throughout the year but mostly in dry seasons from the month of June to September and December to early March.

What is the cost of Nature walk Experience?

The nature walk activity costs USD 30 for Non-foreign resident, Foreign residents pay USD 15 and East African citizen cost UGX 10,000 per person per day.  

Accommodations in Kidepo National Park

On your nature walk safari in kidepo, a traveller can sleep in beautiful accommodation facilities such as Apoka safari lodge, Apoka Rest Camp, Nga’ Moru Wilderness Camp, Kidepo savannah lodge among others.

Kidepo valley national park is positioned in the north-eastern Karamojong region of Uganda between the international borders of South Sudan and Kenya, approximately 600 kilometres from the northeast of Uganda’s busiest capital city – Kampala.

In order for a traveller to discover all the hidden treasure in the wilderness of kidepo valley national park, you need to engage in Nature walk safaris that bring out great rewardable sightseeing of species in the African bush.

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