Park Rules for Uganda National Parks  : Getting to visit a national park in Uganda is one of the most delightful experiences one can have, you have the opportunity to explore and enjoy the beautiful vegetation in the parks as you also view hundreds of animal species, birds and many other things. You enjoy time in the wild adventuring, taking scenic views, moments and creatures.

Uganda is blessed with over 10 National Parks and Game reserves combined. All these game destinations are habitats to over 500 animal and bird species living in unique assortments of vegetation and landscapes.

The fun part about visiting any of these national parks and game reserves is the numerous activities you get to engage in from trekking adventures, game drives , primate viewing, birding, boat rides, nature walks, community tours to horseback riding and many more  you will be assured to have a time of your life at any of the national parks.

While planning to visit any of these parks you also know, that just like any other entity, the parks also have guiding rules and regulations; that guide the park’s smooth running and operations. So to help you be ready for your park visit here are some of the rules and regulations that govern all the Uganda parks.

Park Rules for Uganda National Parks
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Some parks may however have a few additional depending on the park’s structure but listed below are the set of rules and regulations that guide all the national parks.

The park rules and regulations include but not limited to:-

  • All National parks admit guests between 7am and 7pm. Thus you will not be allowed entry into the park before 7am and after 7pm.
  • Do not enter the national park without official authorisation.
  • Always have your receipts of payments with you, for any inspection or for when they may be needed.
  • Unless you are having a guided night game drive, you are not permitted to drive in the park between 7pm and 7am.
  • Driving speed limit for all parks is 40km per hour; you shouldn’t exceed this speed limit at any time when in the park.
  • Do not drive off the tracks.
  • You should observe all animal conservation laws while you are in the park.
  • You should sound motor horns while in the park; they disturb the peace of the wildlife.
  • Desist from littering the park.
  • Do not pick flowers or destroy any park vegetation.
  • Firearms and ammunition will not be allowed in the park.
  • Pets (dogs, cats etc) are not allowed in the park.
  • Do not camp in undesignated areas.
  • Do not make campfires at undesignated sites.
  • In this post- Covid19 era as the country recovers from this deadly disease, you will be required to observe all the Covid19 SOPs while you are at the park, Park Rules for Uganda National Parks .
  • Desist from engaging in anything that will irritate the wildlife.
  • Follow the rangers and tour guide directions will on park adventures
  • Do not venture into the park without a guide or ranger.
  • Always ask for help and guidance from the park management in case of anything.
  • Park Rules for Uganda National Parks
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These are the general rules for the national parks and game reserves in Uganda. However as stated above some parks have specifics according to the type of wildlife and activities they offer, so on top of reading knowing these rules and regulations, you should also find out from the park management or your tour operator about the specific rules and regulations that apply to the park you are planning to visit.

That said, the park offices always have personnel ready to help you in clarifying most of these rules and other things you may want to know about the park. So utilize them.

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