Spice up your safari with these activities : When we think of game drives, the most that goes to our mind is that we shall have activities like game drives, trekking, nature walks etc. because these are the traditional safari activities. Well to be fair these are the most exciting activities on the safari trail and that’s why they headline the safaris. However, they can also become boring at times, so you will need some other activities to spice up your time at the safari location.

In this piece we want to suggest some activities that you can do to spice up your safari.

  • community walks

You can take walks in the neighboring communities, to just get the feel of how the life is in the communities surrounding the parks. These walks are refreshing and give you unexpected fun and fulfilment.

  • Horse-back and Camel rides

You can also go on Horse back rides and Camel rides in the park to just enjoy the breeze and have fun. These rides are exciting thrilling and out of the box. You are using them to refresh, relax, just some fun vibes among other things. For people on a romantic safari, this can also be turned into a romantic activity.

The only downside with this is that some parks may not have these rides so if you are looking for these activities, you will have to look for safari locations with these rides

  • Helicopter Rides

Though not common because they are just in a few parks, these Helicopter Rides are quite an experience. You get fly above the park as you view the animals and the park features from above. This experience is so surreal; you will be left speechless and amazed at the same time.

Plus its quite luxurious to have an helicopter safari ride and fly above the safari park. The downside of this though is that, not all park facilities offer these rides so you have to choose the parks specific with that.

  • sunset picnics

You can also take sunset picnics in the assorted vegetation of the park to get a feel of the park and the flora even much more. You also get to enjoy beautiful scenes in the lush greens and scenic savannah vegetation. More so you get to enjoy the sunset and beautiful scenes of the dark coming in.

  • The Campfires and bush dinner

you can also have bush dinner around a camp fire with friends or other campers enjoying good conservation and company. The camp fire bush dinners are normally set around a blazing barbecue and crackling campfire. Sometimes it’s just the ordinary buffet with good company.

  • Hot Air Balloon

fly up in the air with the hot air balloon as you experience the winds and the views of the park, animals and scenic park views. the beauty with hot air balloons you can even stay up in the air for a while having a picnic in the air.

Spice up your safari with these activities
Uganda Hot Air Balloon Safari

you should know however know that not all parks offer his also, there is are specific guidelines to the hot air balloon experience, so make sure you meet all of them.

  • Night game drives

If parks where it’s possible, you can also ask to have a a night game drive in the park to experience the animal views in a different light. This really helps you to just adventure into the wild in the night.

These are some of the things you can do to spice up your safari experience; but you should note though, you may not have all activities on your itinerary for one reason or another, so be open and appreciative to the activities you can have.

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