Ssese Island Tour In Uganda : Ssese Island is considered one of the most beautiful islands in Uganda, which is located in the Northwestern part of Lake Victoria. More so, this island is commonly visited because it is seen as seen as a picture perfect place for photography and a good destination to relax from its fresh and breathe taking atmosphere in the surrounding. Individuals on this island can also be able to create romantic scenes as they play and lay at the white sand beach as they capture beautiful views of the sunset, clear seas and the palm trees in the surrounding.

More so, touring around the Ssese islands is always worth a visit because it gives tourists opportunities to overlook at many wildlife species due to the fact that this island is a home to many mammal species such as; sitatunga antelopes, large snakes, hippos that are easily seen around the Buggala island which is in a marsh near to Mulabana, and primate species like; Vevert monkeys. more so, they are able to sight see at many bird species. However, tourists should note that the best time to visit the Ssese islands is during the dry season, which is between months of June to September and from mid-December to February where there happens to be fewer rainfalls, which enables individuals to continue with their daily progarammes without any distractions. In addition, visiting this island also gives you chances to engage in several exciting activities, which include the following below;

Best Activities done in Ssese Islands.

Game Viewing.

Touring around the Sssese islands gives blesses tourists with great opportunities to see many wildlife species such as; vervet monkeys, hippos, colobus monkeys, antelopes and also sight see at many beautiful bird species such as; the rare shoebill stork, the crested crane, the great blue turaco, Marabou stork, Shelley’s crimsoning, the African green broadbill, and Doherty’s Bush shrike and many others. More so, individuals can be able to see many butterfly species in many colors due to the fact that Uganda is known to be a home to over 7% of the world’s butterflies.

Sport fishing.

Ssese Island Tour In Uganda
Ssese Island Tour In Uganda

Tourists who have their best interests to embark on fishing activities due to the fact that ssese island is also considered as the best place to go to for fishing. In addition, the advantage is that the UWA fishing permit may not be so important required on this island but individuals are always encouraged to at least be with a licensed boat operator who is registered with the ministry of fisheries. More so, tourists are allowed to come along with their own fish gears or they can rent them if they do not have and while during the fishing, they are always able to catch many fish species such as; Tilapia fish, cat fish and the Nile perch which is known to be the largest fish that is caught in Lake Victoria.


Tourists who happen to have some good swimming skills can always opt to go for swimming from Mutambala beach which is found on Buggala island where the waters are clean and swim to relax and cool off their hot long day or tourists can choose to swim from the swimming pools found at the safari lodges where they are staying. And many always find it as a best option because they believe in the pools there are no dangerous animals like; crocodiles, hippos among others. more so, they also believe that the swimming from the pools prevents them from getting diseases like. Bilharzia among other that are always contracted from the lakes.

Quad biking.

Quad biking is one the most fun and interesting activities done from this island because it always gives tourists chances to explore through many different areas around the Ssese island which gives them a good adventurous experience as they go through the dense forests, rugged cliff tops, sandy beaches, and also go through the fishing villages within the surrounding where they get chances to interact with the local people and get to learn and know much about them among others.

However, apart from the mentioned above, there are many more activities that tourists can do while visiting in the Ssese islands and these include; bird watching, the Ngamba chimpanzee sanctuary on lake Victoria, canoe riding, Gorilla trekking, visiting the Nanziri waterfalls, Golf, guided nature walks, boat rides, island hopping, banana boat rides and many others.

Accommodation facilities in Sees Island.

There are so many accommodation facilities that are found the Ssese islands where tourists can always have their stay. However, these lodging facilities are ranged and put in different classes of budget for example; they range from budget, luxury and mid-range hence giving opportunities to the visitors to decide on where they want to stay according to their choice of preference and where it matches with their budget. therefore, some of these accommodation facilities include; Sssese island beach hotel, Ssese habitat resort, island peak motel, Victoria forest resort, Banda island resort, Kalangala pearl resort, Panorama cottages, mirembe beach resort among others.

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