The Entanda Cultural Tour in Mityana district  : This is normally a one day cultural experience that you can always opt for if you have a day in Kampala before or after the wildlife safari out of Kampala. This tour is relatively cheap considering the fun you will experience once you get to the site. You will have a guide to drive you to the site and also guide you around with the help of the local one.

You will depart from Kampala to Walumbe Ttanda very early in the morning. This Ttanda cultural centre is said to the home to the legendary Walumbe which means god of death. Legend tells us that Walumbe was Nambi’s bother and Nambi together with her husband Kintu were the very first Buganda people. When you get to the site, the guide will show you the 240 footprints of Walumbe and they believe the prints were left there at the time when walumbe was being pursued by Kayikuuzi after the former caused chaos among community members. Some footprints appear to be bottomless pits and it very clear they have been there for centuries and clearly they were not dug by someone who supports in a girl like her. Once there, you will.

When you get at site, you will be received then go learn about the different cultural beliefs. The tell you the different roles of all the local shrines around the site and these roles are facilitated to exercises like psychotherapy, foretelling and conflict resolution as well as exorcism among the people of Buganda. This place is considered as a worship centre where people from all walks of life go and seek for divine blessings from the spirits.

By 11 am, you should be driving to Kijjude Village and you will enjoy the beautiful sceneries as you drive through, fertile free land covered with that green natural vegetation and in some areas are large pieces of land covered by tea plantations. You will walk through a natural rain forest and patches of wetlands which are homes for lots of bird species like you will see. Upon reaching the hunter’s community, you will be received with the traditional dance and using 100% local made instruments.

The Entanda Cultural Tour in Mityana district

As the dancing goes o, you will be served with lots and lots of fresh fruits which will include sweet bananas, guavas, there will be fresh jackfruit, local pineapples, sugar canes, mangoes and both types of passion fruits the hard and soft ones will be available. You will be given the chance to enter farmers’ gardens and get the ripe ones and even carry home if you wish to.

As you enjoy the fruits, this is will be the right time to use the swings, these are traditionally made swings, just a couple of ropes tightly tied on trees. This exciting and also vigor experience reminds you of your childhood days. There are also bicycles to ride for those who know how to and you have to follow the footpaths in the village, go through the tea plantations and forests before returning. This cultural experience is not only meant for fun but also to teach you how the local people living deep in the different areas in Uganda live their lives.

By Midday, you should be ready to go hunting if you are a male and the capable females can go too and the rest of the females will stay home preparing lunch. Preparing food will include preparing different types of Luwombo but before all that, you will be briefed just before you go into the bush to hunt the wild animals or enter the kitchen. Hutting sport will lead you to other homesteads, take you through wetlands and forests as well as hills that way, you will test your hiking abilities. The locals will teach you the skills of good hunters because they have done that for centuries.

As you hunt, do enjoy sights and sounds of the so many bird species that live in this forest and the beauty of the butterflies as the fly around the forest. The fun in doing this sport is that you will identify the animal that you have killed and even touch it. The whole idea is to see what exactly happens when people go hunting.

You can also go get some counselling session from the elders we normally call the Ssenga and uncles for the women and men respectively.  These elder usually have a lot of advice for the married people, they will always have to handle matters that arise in marriage, health matters and love affairs.

The Sengas will be very helpful ladies during the food preparation process in the real traditional way. She will take you through the whole process step by step starting from harvesting all the food you intend to prepare on that day from the gardens until when it ready to be served. It is very important that you actively participate so that by the day you have learnt how prepare different meals like luwombo, matooke and other foods.

After putting the food on fire and you will be using the traditional way of cooking which involved the use of firewood, the ssenga (auntie) may take the ladies if they are interested to the “bush” so she can teach them about more private marriage matters. She will have the best tip of how to care for a husband, teach you the use of different local herbs including the herbs you have never imagined would be that important to human life.

The men will get advice from the kojja (uncles), he will find a private place where they can discuss their male issues. They can do this during the hunting session during that time when they are resting in the jungle. He will be willing to answer all questions they may have regarding marriage and relationships. These discussions are usually fun because the Kojjas are very willing to share their experiences. They will discuss norms and beliefs of the traditional life styles in regards to code of dressing, respect for others, among others. He will show how the bark cloth is made, tell you what its used for more so during the ancient days of their lives and also elaborate the general duties of a man in the home as well as teach how ell to treat the women.

The Entanda Cultural Tour in Mityana district
The Entanda Cultural Tour in Mityana district

At 4:00pm: This will be lunch time.

You should be read to enjoy a great meal which will include the traditional local cuisine (luwombo) and it will be served in a pure Kiganda way. This will be a meal to remember since you will have participated in its preparations and also because the food will be 100% fresh, straight from the garden. Apart from the food, there will be variety of vegetables and greens too like cabbages. You will be provided with mats to sit on, served with food and will have to use your own hands to eat. You have to sit around the serving point as the typical Baganda do when having a meal. In a home, its only the man of the house who is given a stool to sit on and the rest of the family members have to sit down,  The Entanda Cultural Tour in Mityana district .

At 5:30pm: Relaxing and playing.

You should be through with your lunch within an hour and after lunch, it will be time for the games which will include soccer match with the local people vs visitors and the winner will be awarded with Goat. There is a football pitch where the soccer competition will be carried out. At the end of the game, if the visitors have won, the goat roasting is done there and then but you also have a choice to carry it with you to which ever place you wish to thrill while on Uganda Safaris Tours.

7:30pm will be time for everyone to go back home and rest after such a long day. The driver/ guide will drive you back to Kampala if you are not proceeding to another destination along that same for example towards Fort port which is a great tourism destination but can be for another day when you can. Etanda cultural visit is among the best cultural tours that you can do in the central region since it includes lots of cultural experiences that you might not be able to find in any other cultural site, The Entanda Cultural Tour in Mityana district .

There are lots of other activities and usually time is the limit here which is why you can always choose what is more interesting to you otherwise, other activities like drumming and dancing, visiting and participating the process of making the local beers and wines with be fun. You can also visit the local tea processing plant and you how they locally process this tea, among so many other activities.

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