Things to do and See in Rwanda : There is quite a comfortable number of attractions to do and see in Rwanda destination. However, Rwanda is located in East Africa and covers an area of about 26,338 square kilometers and it shares borders with Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, and Tanzania. More so, Rwanda is renowned for a quiet number of attractions especially beautiful hills, volcanoes, endangered mountain gorillas, and handsome people like beautiful women in the world are found in Rwanda. Unfortunately, the country hosts one of the worst genocides in recent history but fortunately, after the genocide, the government of Kagame embarked on the difficult task of healing the nation, reconciliation, and bringing people together to rebuild their country.

Today, Rwanda is considered a benchmark for how other African countries can organize their people, curb corruption and set efficient systems even with few resources. However, the greatest achievement of the new government in Rwanda can be seen in the tourism sector and the government has emphasized a lot in promoting tourism. All the great effort the government has put in is because Rwanda is blessed with natural beauty, excellent weather, endless hills, volcanoes, lakes, rivers, and wildlife.

Despite that, Rwanda is now a developed country whereby it has invested a lot in tourism through developing tourism infrastructure like roads and hotels on high standards while the national parks are managed by patriotic citizens.

More to that. Rwanda is one of the safest countries to visit in the world and Kigali’s Capital is considered to be the cleanest in entire Africa. Besides its natural beauty, Rwanda has a rich cultural heritage, friendly and welcoming people, and great local cuisine. If you are planning to visit Rwanda endeavor to visit all the city attractions, and main visited national parks in Rwanda among others.

Tourists attractions and things to do in Rwanda; However, Rwanda has got a bucket of things to do and see while on a visit to Rwanda tours, and below are quite a several attractions to do;

Kigali Genocide Memorial Center; On your visit to Rwanda’s popular national parks, we recommend you never leave the country without visiting the Genocide Memorial Center in the Capital Kigali, or always consider it in your itinerary. The museum holds the remains of about thousands of people who were brutally murdered by the Interahamwe. This genocide center is divided into three sections; One section displays children who were killed during the genocides, another displays pictures for adults, and the final section is dedicated to learning about genocides that occurred in different parts of the world.

Things to do and See in Rwanda
Kigali Genocide Memorial

 Visiting the genocides, you will probably learn much more about the transpired that happened before during, and after the 1994 genocide. These experience is quite emotional but brings out the reality that happened in those decades.

State House Museum; The state house museum is the former presidential palace and the last president to occupy it was Habyarimana. Sadly, the plane which Habyarimana boarded crushed right there in the palace compound after being shot at. The shooting down of the presidential plane is what set off a genocide that was already in the plan. More so, the palace is now a museum where visitors can go to learn about the events that usually conduct the genocides and the kind of life lived by presidents Habyarimana.

Cultural Dance Performances; Visiting the cultural site in Rwanda while on a safari tour, is the easiest way to get to know the culture and traditions of the people of Rwanda to visit the center and watch a performance by an Intore Dance Troupe. The best time to watch the amazing activity is in the evening time after your tiresome day’s activity, go watch as you relax around with a soft drink. Truly with be able to enjoy Kinyarwanda dance culture.

 Kimironko Market; You can go visit the Kimirinko market which sells cheaply and attracts more people to go buy fresh fruits, vegetables, and food. Many shoppers simply visit the different stalls and get what they want. It does not only sell fruits but also as an extension of selling quality second-hand clothes, shoes, handbags, and suits, sold at a good price.

Inema Art Center; This stunning center was started by two brothers to support local artists. The center offers the best contemporary artisan products in the country. You can find displays from some of the finest artists in the country and abroad. They have a good management team that organizes workshops and training sessions for upcoming artists and especially orphans. However, on a typical visit, visitors are shown around the facility as they shop for a souvenir from different galleries. Along your visit, you will have entertained by the Intore cultural group with amazing cultural dance and songs. If you still have enough time, you can choose to visit Ivuka Arts Centre to learn about their community projects and shop for more art pieces, Things to do and See in Rwanda

Volunteer Work; The reason why Rwanda ranks among the cleanest country in Africa, it’s because of the volunteer done during Umuganda. In so doing, the government came up with a great solution of banning on careless disposal of plastic bags.

This is a useful community service done for all citizens in the country and it is usually organized every last Saturday of the month with the president as a Key participant. It only requires one to clear litter on the roads, prune unwanted bushes and repair a broken public facility. At the visit, you can join in as a volunteer and help clean up a road, and renovate the house –school, and community medical center.

Gorilla Trekking –Volcanoes National Park; Go visit the famous Volcanoes National Park which attracts thousands of international visitors annually to come to see the unique mountain gorillas alongside other thing activities. The most done activity here is; Gorilla trekking which starts early in the morning after briefing at 7 am from the park headquarters. After the briefing, a park ranger will group you in a group of 8 people to your assigned gorilla family. The park ranger will lead you to the forest trailhead to look for these giant gentle in their natural habitat.

Things to do and See in Rwanda
Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park

Once you find the gorilla family, one hour is allowed to you watch them as they play, feed, and spend their day long in the forest as well as picture taking. Rwanda Gorilla trekking costs USD1,500 per person per trek.

Milk Bars; Historically, Banyarwanda are known as cattle grazing, who boosts with long-horned cattle.  This fresh milk is best for breakfast. The milk bar is in every part of the country and good for those who want to enjoy the milk fresh or hot.

 Chimpanzee Tracking –Nyungwe National Park; This is one of the most attractive activities done by tourists on their visit to Rwanda Safari. This activity allows you to meet up with our closest cousins who share 99% DNA and after allocating them one hour is given to you to experience the activity.

Canopy walk –Nyungwe Forest; After chimpanzee tracking, you can choose for canopy walk on one of the best trails in Africa however, the canopy walkway is 70 meters high thus offering an aerial view of the forest and the creatures therein. Note, you need to be completely confident to walk on it.

Other attractions, and things to do and see while one visits Rwanda include; King Palace Museum in Nyanza town, visit Mount Kigali, Hotel des Mille Collins, Kigali Convention center, golden monkey tracking and visiting the tomb of Dian Fossey, Helicopter tour, game drive in Akagera National Park, Nature walk, birding and primate tracking in Gishwati, Visit coffee and Tea plantations among others.

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