Tipping on safari in Uganda; First of all, tipping is an act of giving an amount to someone who has provided a good service at the hotel, safari tour and restaurant’s all needed to give out to driver guides or tour guides, safari and gorilla trekking guides and porters at the end of a safari. Of which the guides you can tip them little amount of money between USD10 and USD20 per day per guest, and for a porter you can tip them USD5 to USD 10. Then a private driver you can tip USD20 to USD30 per day per group of people.

Tipping in Uganda is the better way to do things right with a client and the extra money really helps boosts the income of people working in the tourism industry. Coming to restaurant, you can tip them small rate at around 10%for their good services.

Tipping on safari in Uganda
Tipping on safari in Uganda

It’s very usual to tip drivers, safari and gorilla tracking guides and porters at the end of safari.

January is dry month-season with both the north and south of Uganda. During day time temperatures peaking in the high 20s in the south and in the 30s in the north. This can be good time to go for gorilla trekking and touring national park in the south of the country.

Other common asked questions;

How much should I tip my safari driver?

In general, tipping a tour guide is matter of appreciating for the great work done at the end of the trip but not on a daily basis. However, the amount can be adopted according to the safari, per day per car and tipping amount may be more suitable for bigger parties.

Furthermore, tipping in Africa is a common thing in the tourism industry where you shouldn’t have to feel awkward about it at all. Still gratuity offers a substance amount through ensuring that those working behind the scenes to make your journey of traveling successful. But you should never feel thankful to leave a tip if the service you got were unprofessional.

Is tipping jar while on a group tour?

Tipping is also another tickly and often awkward experience. Leaving money in your room when you check out to handing cash to people and adding on something extra to your credit card on final payments –let it be at the camp or lodge according to its system that you have to navigate.

Surprisingly, some camps and lodges have a tipping jar which does not permit any awkwardness and does allows the staff people to notice it, on how much specific guests tipped them. For this case, tipping jars are either shared to the guides at the back of house and front of house or giving them out at the end of the tour when others have departed.

Is it good for tipping at safari lodges?

Most of lodges have tipping advice and guidelines, just feel free to ask the reception about their tipping policy. Tipping rate at the lodges go on around USD10 to USD20 per person per day.

Tipping on safari in Uganda
Tipping on safari in Uganda

Tipping safari guides;                                     

It every good to tip the safari guides since are the very person in charge of your safari, being responsible for your safety in the wild and giving out interesting information about the wildlife and region. You can leave a USD10 tip per person per day for your safari guide and usually given at the end of your trip.

You as a customer it’s you to decide the amount you can give per person per day, which is usually given at the end of your Uganda safari.

Who do you tip while on safari in Africa-Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya;

Tipping in Africa is not very different from other continent. To be realistic, you should tip to the house staff like cooks, porters and cleaners as well as the front desk and staffs such as trackers, guides, waiters and waitresses and transfer drivers. However ,10% is a great starting place when determining how much to tip on tour.

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