Tips on planning a honeymoon safari : Honeymoon safaris are slowly becoming a popular adventure for young couples as it gives them, not just to get away from the chaos but also a chance to enjoy themselves in a different set of environment with the wild.

However, honeymoon safaris will only serve their purpose if they are planned and executed well. Usually the execution will come automatically if the planning was good.

But during  the wedding preparations you can get overly soaked in the weeding plans you forget to put in some effort or even any effort in the honeymoon preps even when you had hoped for a your dream wild honey moon safari.

In this article we help you give tips of how to plan your honeymoon safari experience amidst all the wedding up and downs.

  • Plan with a tour operator or consultant

to help you get everything right and in time you will need to employ the services of a tour operator/consultant.

These people know all about safaris are trained in organizing these safaris and have the experience in organizing the safaris. So they will help put everything together for you, advise you on the nots among other things.

  • Have a clear vision

It’s easier to plan for your dream honey safari is you have a clear vision of what you. So dream and articulate your dream so that you know what you are looking for or what you want. It will help you achieve it easier and quicker.

If the tour operator is helping you, you will be able to help because they know and understand what you are looking for.

If you don’t have a vision, it will be harder for you to zero down on what you want to execute.

To help you get a clear vision, talk to a tour operator to seek their advice also visit any our websites to read some material about safari honeymoons they will give your ideas and shade a light for you.

  • Plan in time

Planning in time here is relative, because it will totally depend on when you are expected to have the honeymoon. But at least plan the honeymoon safari at least 3 months in advance so that you have room to Make all the adjustments and get everything you need for the safari in time.

  • Plan with your spouse

The honeymoon safari is for two people in love who are going to get married and start their life together. So make sure it’s not one side or the other party is not left out; you should plan together with your spouse so that everyone’s needs are catered for.

  • Do some research if you must

Especially when you don’t have all the facts, do some research to help you get a better understanding of what your honeymoon safari will look like. This helps you know what to expect and mentally prepare you for what’s to come ahead.

Tips on planning a honeymoon safari
Tips on planning a honeymoon safari
  • Have a balanced itinerary with alone time.

Also while you are planning for the safari make sure you have tailor made itinerary that will give you alone time with your spouse. Do overcrowd your itinerary with back to back activities, you will be drained and fail to enjoy your Uganda safari.

  • Opt to plan for the honeymoon not near the wedding day

If the planning gets overwhelming with the wedding preps too; you can also have the honeymoon safari pushed ahead weeks after your wedding day. So that you can have fined tuned honeymoon safari.

  • Update your travel documents and vaccination

Avoid being surprised at the last moment; update all your travel documents in time, so that when the time gets there you are ready and good to go.

  • Don’t force things

Sometimes when planning a honeymoon safari, you feel adventurous and want to try out everything there’s in the wild. Please don’t go overboard, it’s good to try out but keep it within your comfort levels and don’t force things. We are sure you will enjoy your safari either way.

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