Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Entebbe, Uganda : Entebbe the thriving city of Uganda, may be found on the banks of Lake Victoria. It is a fantastic location to visit when in Uganda, because it is home to many fascinating and stunning sites. The top 10 sites to visit in Entebbe are included in this post, if you’re planning a vacation to spend some time there. These locations have been regarded as the top places to visit in Entebbe by the majority of tourists from around the globe. They have received ratings based on comments left on sites like TripAdvisor, Facebook, and others. ,

  1. UWEC – Entebbe Zoo

A fun and educational location to visit Ugandan Wildlife and learn about the ecosystems, in which they thrive, is the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC), which is situated in Entebbe near the Shoreline.

 Spend some time getting to know, how they behave, interact, and eat. It is home to some of the creatures that have been rescued and/or rehabbed after becoming victims of the bush meat trade, habitat loss, or illegal trading.

 UWEC is a facility where wildlife education and recreation are mixed; It is not a zoo in the traditional sense and is not a safari park. You can even locate live collections of conventional medicinal herbs, if botany is your thing.

  1. Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens Entebbe, also known as the National Botanical Gardens of Uganda, are situated in Entebbe, Uganda. The original curator, A Whyte, put them out in 1898, not far from Lake Victoria’s shoreline. There are various zones throughout the gardens, including a rainforest zone. Scenes from the 1940s Tarzan-Films starring Johnny Weissmuller wurden filmed against this rainforest.

 The orange-tufted sunbird, red-chested sunbird, orange weaver, northern brown drifted weavers, yellow-backed weavers, golden-backed weavers, black-headed weavers, and Verreaux’s eagle owl are some of the prominent birds that may be seen in the gardens.

  1. Mabamba Swamp

Spend the day birding in Mabamba Swamp in search of the elusive shoebill stork. It is one of the greatest and most convenient spots to witness the elusive Shoebill, located west of Entebbe. The papyrus reeds expand up into flat grassy wetlands, where a lot of Shoebills can be spotted on a regular basis while paddling in a small canoe.

The bird is most visible in the morning, when it stalks its main meal, mudfish or frogs, but it can be observed all day. They can hold motionless for lengthy periods of time, waiting for their prey to move, and then strike with incredible speed.

Although it is possible to reach Mabamba by car, we recommend taking a boat cruise across Lake Victoria. Getting to Mabamba by boat rather than driving allows you to see many birds that you may otherwise miss. Even the shoebill may elude you in the canoes, only to be spotted as you approach or depart in the larger boat.

  1. Uganda Reptile Village

After a short journey from Entebbe, you will arrive at Abaita-ababiri, a little settlement that will lead you to the snake park, which is located 4 kilometers off the main road.

 Over 20 different reptile species are on show, including cobras, mambas, pythons, boom slangs, skinks, monitor lizards, Nile crocodiles, tortoises, and Africa’s most dangerous snake, the Baboon Viper. There is a particular mesh-enclosing tree for five chameleons, a big pool for a crocodile and two monitor-lizards, and an open trench for multiple tortoises in the reptile town.

  1. Lake Victoria & the Beaches

Entebbe is located on the northern coast of Lake Victoria (Africa’s largest lake), which means that there are numerous beaches to visit for a memorable experience. More than 80% of Uganda’s beaches are located near Entebbe or along the Entebbe-Kampala Road.

 Ugandans and visitors to Uganda spend a lot of time in these beaches, having fun with their family and friends. Imperial Resort Beach, Spenah Beach, Lido Beach, Aero Beach, Sports Beach, Gaba Beach, and many others are among them.

  1. Entebbe Za Mugula cultural site

Even long-term residents of Entebbe are unaware of the true origin of the name „Entebbe“. Entebbe Za Mugula“ (literally „the seat of Mugula“ – Mugula was a chief of the Buganda Kingdom who reported to the King of Buganda) is a little-known but historically significant historical and cultural monument in Entebbe that gave the city its name. It is located in Kigungu Hamlet, directly below the airport. Due to its location within the airport’s security zone, public access is very limited, and one must first get authorization from the Special Forces command in charge of securing the airport. There is a shrine with a traditionalist attendant, who explains everything about the site’s culture and the Baganda tribe. The Entebbe Za Mugula location also boasts a magnificent unspoiled beachfront that attracts groups of water birds including sandpipers, herons, gulls, and others, making it an ideal spot for water birding without taking a boat journey in the lake.

  1. Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

It is one of the few areas where tourists may get up close and personal with chimps, which is impossible in major national parks. The refuge was founded with the intention of giving a new home for rescued and orphaned chimps. Instead of confining the monkeys in cages like at Entebbe Zoo, the Centre lets the chimps to roam freely in the island’s tropical jungle. Tourists can see the chimps up close during feedings or by signing up for the volunteer or caregiver for a day program. The refuge now houses nearly 40 orphaned chimps. The number is limited in order to avoid overcrowding, which could render the space unmanageable. Other activities available while visiting the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary include kayaking, swimming, and visiting the fishing town.

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary
Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary
  1. State House Entebbe

The President of Uganda’s official residence is the Entebbe State House. It’s right on the main Entebbe Road. It is situated on a large plot of ground in the heart of town. Unfortunately, getting near to it is extremely difficult due to the abundance of security officers. It was also created in such a way, that people cannot see, what is going on within. The main building is surrounded by several trees and structures. To gain admission, a formal invitation from the president’s office is required.

  1. Entebbe Golf Club

The Golf Course in Entebbe is Uganda’s oldest. The Clubs are located in a valley off the main road, close to the Lake Victoria Resort Hotel. The British colonial rulers established the Entebbe Golf Club/Course in 1901. It’s an 18-hole golf course that hosts a variety of international and local events. All guests who come in the country are drawn to the lush and well-kept lawns. Everyone is welcome to play golf on the grounds, as long as they can afford the charge, which is collected at the golf club office. Members of the club get access to a cricket oval and a basketball court in addition to the golf course. Indoor games include darts, snooker, and others.

  1. Visit Entebbe’s main Markets

Entebbe has two major local markets. There’s a hotel near the Shell gas station (off the major Entebbe route) and a hotel in Kitoro town center. Agricultural products such as fruits, spices, and vegetables are sold in these marketplaces. They also sell general merchandise such as electronics, textiles, and shoes. These markets are generally crowded, but they offer the best prices for local products and fresh fruits and vegetables.

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