Top 10 tourist attractions in Rwanda ; When it comes to visiting Rwanda for tourism ,Gorilla Trekking becomes a first welcoming tourist attraction on your safari here  ,come along visiting national parks for wildlife viewing safaris like Akagera National Park , Visit Nyungwe National Park  a bird’s eye view from a canopy walk , Volcanoes National Park ,Visit the Kigali Genocide  ,King’s Palace ,Stunning hills that remarks Rwanda to be called a country of thousand hills , Cultural lovers  you can  get exhibits on traditional customs and beliefs at Rwanda’s Ethnographic Museum.

 Below are the lists of  10 top tourist attractions that attracts thousands of visitors to visit Rwanda;

Volcanoes National Park

What makes Rwanda to be one of the top tourist destination and to be the most visited by numbery of visitors are the unique Mountain gorillas which can be seen through engaging in Gorilla Trekking Safaris at Volcanoes National Park that shares a border with Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Volcanoes National Park a home to a growing number of endangered mountain gorillas and to the experts has proved that about 550 individuals are found in the park.

The park has 16 habituated mountain gorilla families that are habituated to humans and one to be able to do gorilla trekking must obtain a valid gorilla trekking permits at a cost USD 1,500. How to get your gorilla trekking permits, is through reputable tour operator who can also arrange transportation from Kigali to the park headquarters.

Top 10 tourist attractions in Rwanda
Volcanoes National Park

However, Gorilla trekking experience can take between 30 to 8 hours since most of the time is spent hiking through mystical bamboo forests, wild meadows and swampy areas. The experience starts with a short briefing and then after park rangers will guide you and leads you to one of the habituated gorilla families.  When you locate them an hour is provided to you to observe these creatures as they feed, care for their young ones, interact with one another as well as taking memorable photography, Top 10 tourist attractions in Rwanda.

Great effort goes to a prominent Dian Fossey who started up a research Centre in Karisoke about gorillas  and now Karisoke Research Center still exists found near Musanze twin, that contains a small, robust museum  that displays about mountain gorillas and the work of conservationists Dian Fossey . The great effort of Dian Fossey to protect gorillas were made famous by the 1988 drams.

Kigali Genocide Memorial

Without doubt, Kigali genocide memorial is among the top tourist’s attraction that attracts many tourists to flock in here, which left many people dead in just 100 days.  The country has come a long way from the devastating massacre but the impact of this historical incident left its mark on the lives of everyday people and generations to come.

Tourists visits the sites   in order to learn about this horrific event at the Kigali Genocide Memorial. So there is haunting museum dives into the timeline that has led to the 1994 genocide that brings the horrors to life through halls of photographs, artifacts and information.

Visiting the Kigali Genocide Memorial is heartbreaking as a responsible tourist who come to enjoy the Rwanda destination, Top 10 tourist attractions in Rwanda.

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe Forest National park is a popular destination to track habituated endangered chimpanzees, also a home to diversity of species including 1,068 plant species ,322 species of birds and 75 mammals. To most of visitors visit Nyungwe rainforest to track chimpanzees which have been habituated to humans by park rangers.

Note, primates tracking isn’t the only thing to do in Nyungwe. Nyungwe has a lot of stunning activities to do like engaging in canopy walk, roughly a 90-minute hike from the Uwinka visitors Center, where you will take a walk across a 91-meter-long suspension bridge dangling measuring 50 meters above the verdant rainforest. The forest gives a dizzying view of the treetops and mountains in the distance. Activities to do include; Bird walk, nature walk, hiking.

Top 10 tourist attractions in Rwanda
Nyungwe Chimps

King’s Palace Museum

On visit to Rwanda while on Rwanda Safaris take a visit to the King’s palace Museum where you will be able to visit the colonial style home that was once the royal residence of King Mutara 111 Rudahigwa into the existing of mid-20th century. You will also enjoy a taste of fresh milk from long horned cattle.

Akagera National Park

 Visit a home of all the big fives animals   with a variety of birds and antelopes.  Though you will still need a lot of time to spot lions or rhinos since they are still working on their populations. However, expect to explore zebras, hippos, Nile crocodiles, elephants and giraffes on a game drive safari.

Visit Lake Kivu

 Just know lake Kivu is known as a largest lake in Rwanda that sits on 2,700 square kilometers, emerald green oasis, which are surrounded by misty mountains. The place is good for leisure time like on Sunday evening where you can go and have much fun which are lively waterfront, sandy beach and stunning resort. You can still do sunset Kayak trip where you see fisherman singing around on Lake Kivu as well as more people on paddling adventure that will leave you amazing.

Ethnographic Museum

This is one of the best collection of ethnological and archeological artifacts found in Rwanda’s Ethnographic Museum that lies about 130 kilometers south of Kigali in the district of Huye.

Ethnographic Museum displays amazing galleries that takes tourists back in time to precolonial Rwanda, where will be able to explore fabulous collection of woven basket, traditional garments made from animal hides and woven grass spears and bows, musical instruments that have been existing from hundreds of years ago and old farming tools.

Visit Gorilla Guardians Village

Visiting Volcanoes National Park, it’s also advisable to take a visit in Rwandan culture at Gorilla Guardians Village –it’s a woman project where you can visit have a chance to try their hand at Rwanda’s most famous crafts and activities. Learn also how to carry a basket on your head, weave your own baskets, shoot an arrow as well as grinding grains with a heavy stone, Top 10 tourist attractions in Rwanda.

Explore Kigali

Travelers visit Kigali and most of them spend a night in Kigali before accessing for gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park, enjoy out vibrant culture, cuisine and sightseeing of beautiful  Kigali city. You check out Kigali’s creatives scene at Inema Arts Center -it’s a galley that showcases of works up to 10 local artists in residence. Take your way to the Rwanda Art Museum at the former Presidential Palace.

Top 10 tourist attractions in Rwanda
Visit Rwanda’s Capital City Kigali

Visit Kwita Izina festival of conservation of the gorillas in the country. The festival gathers people like international musicians, models which are invited to be part of the celebrations after your gorilla trekking in Volcanoes national park.

Visit the major towns

 On Rwanda safari , you can visit the different towns /cites in the country which offers different attractions and activities that are remarkable. Among the towns to visit includes Kigali City where you can engage in Kigali City Tour and be able to explore number of tourist attractions such as mountain Kigali, visit Nyamirambo Muslin quarters. Visit Gisenyi town with much to see like a visit to Gisenyi public beach, African art gallery different art pieces can be seen and so many other activities to do.

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