Top Amazing Facts About Uganda /Uganda Safari Destination

Top Amazing Facts About Uganda

Top Amazing Facts About Uganda : First of all, Uganda ‘’the pearl of Africa’’ is a landlocked country, located on the African continent and is bordered with five countries that is Kenya, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Uganda is one of the most densely populated countries in Africa with a total population of about 45 million people. More so, one of the fastest growing countries in Africa. According to the word’s population, Uganda hosts the world’s youngest population! And the median age in Uganda ‘’15.7 years.

Uganda’s main capital is known as Kampala a ‘city of Seven Hills’. The word Kampala originates from the local Buganda name ‘’K’empala’’ that refers to the Hill of the ‘’Impala’’ it was a name given to the colonial settlement by the British.

Interestingly, Uganda gained its independence in 1963 and since 1986 Uganda is ruled by Yoweri Museveni ‘’the world’s longest standing president. In 2021 presidential election that happen on 14 January, the famous Ugandan musician Bobi Wine tried to challenge the re-election of Museveni.

Despite the fact, the country annually experiences the national holiday ‘’independence Day which is celebrated on every 9th October.

More over, Uganda is a fertile land with volcanic soil and many lakes and rivers and mostly is located on a plateau and there is high mountain in the eastern and western regions of the country thus making Uganda to be called the Pearl of Africa.

Uganda has the longest River famously known as Lake Victoria that sits in the southern part of the country shared with Kenya and Tanzania. More about Lake Victoria is the largest tropical lake in the world and the second largest freshwater lake in the world.

Uganda is located in the Nile Basin and the only river that flows through Uganda is called Katonga River ‘’Longest’’.

Uganda is a mountainous area with the famous highest peak called Margherite peak of Mount Stanley in the Ruwenzori Mountains with over 5,109-meter-tall in the Ruwenzori Mountains and this is the most hiked peak of the mountains that are found in Uganda. Mount Stanley is also called Mount Ngaliema know as the third highest mountain in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. Mount Ruwenzori is every rewardable safari destination to visit more especially to adventurous lovers.

 The beauty of Murchison waterfalls on the Victoria Nile which is listed among the largest waterfall in Africa by water volume. This waterfall is up to 43 meter-141 feet in height. Thus making one of Uganda’s national park ‘’Murchison Falls National Park’’ famous safari destination worldwide on Uganda Safaris.

Although Uganda is a small country but boosts with lot more attractions that attracts many visitors from different races of world to come to adventures such memorable tourist attractions like wildlife and primates ‘’great mountain gorillas, rare tree climbing lions, birds, giraffes, chimpanzees, antelopes ‘’ the nature and leave alone that Uganda is hospitable country among other African countries.

People of Uganda;

Uganda’s official languages are English and Swahili while Luganda which is referred to as Ganda, is the official common spoken language widely. Then 2005, English has been the only official language in Uganda and the Africa world Uganda was selected as a country with excellent accent as Top Amazing Facts About Uganda.

Uganda’s three major ethnic group are the Baganda, Banyankole and Busoga people.

Unfortunately, the country is still in the 3rd inworld with low capacity of technology but most people depend from farming or agricultural sector. Of which 70% of the land is used for agriculture.

Uganda as a country is surrounded with waterbodies where most of Ugandans settles from, they live in the central and southern part of the country mainly along Victoria and Lake Albert. The is percentage of 25 people who lives in urban areas. In other word, to Uganda’s north and northeast regions are the least developed.

Numbery of Ugandans live abroad mainly in USA and the UK. And Uganda is one of the African countries sending the most remittances back to their home country.

Top Amazing Facts About Uganda

More then, Uganda’s population growth is increasing day by day and the country still records one of the highest fertility rates, meaning that on average, Ugandan women give birth to more than five children, something leading to poor population growth rates in the country.

Religions; In Uganda the biggest number of religion are Christians with over 80%, with about 45% protestants and 39% Catholics. About 14% are the Muslim population annually.

Uganda Wildlife; Uganda boosts with ten national parks and known for its remarkable landscape. The most famous and visited safari parks and attractions on Uganda safari tours include the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park renowned as destination to see the great mountain gorilla population, Ruwenzori mountains, the Great Rift Valley and Murchison Falls and Kidepo Valley national park both for rewarding wildlife viewing among others.

Uganda is known as mother land that harbors with giraffes, elephants, antelopes, buffaloes as well as hippopotamus and crocodiles that are found in most lakes and rivers.

The famous beautiful grey crown is the national animal of Uganda.

Sincerely, Uganda is home paradise for bird watching and more than 1000 bird species records are in Uganda, the pearl of Africa!

Uganda Economy; Sadly, the country ranks as one of the poorest and most corrupt countries worldwide. However, the economy is growing due to the increased amount of natural resources.

Crude oil, natural gas, gold and coffee and tea as well as flowers are among the main export goods.

Uganda experiences trading partners with Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, China, UAE and India.

Uganda ‘s games and sports; Amazingly, Uganda has become the top and strong in athletics. As we see in 2019 the Ugandan Halimah Nakaayi won the 800-meter race in the world’s Championships. Another one is Joshua Cheptegei famously one of the world’s strongest long distances runners.

The Ugandan basketball team is nicknamed ‘’silverback while the national football is nicknamed ‘’The Cranes’

Uganda’s resources; Uganda’s natural resources are based one of the richest and most diverse in Africa, thus resulting the country’s economy to depend heavily on goods and services so provided. As part of efforts to ensure effective management of Uganda’s environment and natural resources as well as the institutions have been put in place. But the Country’s natural resources continue to be degraded on both individual livelihoods and the country’s economic development as Top Amazing Facts About Uganda. It has always ensured that natural resource management is at the Centre of good governance and economic development.

Lastly, if a traveler feels like visiting Uganda on your next Uganda budget safari to African, your free to visit the country because it is annually open for visitors who would want to experience   the beauty of the pearl of Africa filled with life time memories of Safari adventure- Safari moments.

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