Top Rarest Wildlife in Uganda  : While on a Uganda Budget safari and you find yourself in a position that your soul is in search of the rarest of the wild life you can spot.  Well Uganda is the right place for you to have a stopover at while on your vacation, holiday or even a family reunion for the heart of Uganda is full so much to see and sight that not even any man on earth get tired of viewing.

safari tours to the different national parks and the  different reserves in Uganda can give the forever electrifying moment that can never be found anyway else apart from  African an in Uganda most especially. Some of these parks and reserves include: the famous Bwindi impenetrable, Murchison fall, Lake Mburo, Queen Elizabeth, Semilki Park, kidepo valley, and so very more others.

Rare animals in Uganda

Below are the most rarest animals in Uganda besides the big 5 these are the also among the rarest animals that will leave you giving a word of praise to  the way how Uganda was created and the kind of mother nature that was blessed to it, Top Rarest Wildlife in Uganda .

Uganda safaris can give a true definition of all these rare and stunning animals that are among the rarest animals in the country, the behaviors and the way they are arranged as them and these are:

Rothschild Giraffe in Uganda

International Union for Conservation of Nature (ICUN) has added Rothschild giraffe into the endangered animal list as the number of Rothschild giraffe is decreasing fast. The main reason for decreasing these giraffes is the loss of their homes. Less than 670 Rothschild giraffes are living in Africa now out of which 60% can be spotted in the national parks of Uganda.

Top Rarest Wildlife in Uganda
Rothschild Giraffe


Due to the prohibited chase by the poachers, the black and white Rhinoceros are in menace and exceptionally lost their numbers. Once widely roaming in Northern Uganda, black Rhinos are available in very few numbers. There are only 300 black Rhinos available in Uganda. These are found at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

White Rhinos are the rarest and can be spotted only 80-100 in protected areas and the national park in Uganda.

Red Colobus Monkey

The Ugandan Red Colobus Monkeys or the ashy red colobus is recognized as a distinct species since 2001. The red Colobus monkey is an old world monkey that can be spotted in 5 places in Uganda as well as Tanzania. The monkey’s population is been decreasing rapidly, a study says the Ugandan red colobus monkey population dropped 89 percent. These monkeys are in danger due to 2 reasons; they getting killed by both the poachers and the chimps residing in the country’s national parks.


One of the most iconic safaris that are in demand in Uganda is the Chimpanzee safari. With decreasing numbers of Chimps now Chimpanzee Trekking Safari is being more popular day by day in Kibale National Park. The country has only 5,000 chimps now in its national parks and reserve areas. These rare species are declining rapidly due to deforestation, getting hunted for meat and also mutilated by wire traps set for antelopes in the forests.

African Elephant

African Elephants are hugely reducing their number in recent years and Uganda is one of the countries that are reducing elephants too. However, the precautions are taken by the govt. of the country has been improving the situation a lot. Due to these trials, the number of elephants in Uganda has increased by 600%.

African Lion

Lions can be widely spotted in Queen Elizabeth national park in the Ishasha Sector; however, the numbers of these lions are decreasing thoroughly due to loss of forest and hunting. The lion population in Uganda has been decreased by 33% in the last 10 years, Top Rarest Wildlife in Uganda .


Due to its nocturnal, solitary behavior and well-camouflaged coat, the striking leopards can be live in various vegetation’s. These stealth cats can be seen in Uganda National Parks. These species can be spotted in Kidepo Valley National Park, Murchison Falls Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, and Lake Mburo National Park. The main fact of their reducing numbers is the poaching for their beautiful fur coats and body parts for medicines.

Top Rarest Wildlife in Uganda

African Wild Dog

Due to ongoing habitat fragmentation, conflict with human activities and infectious disease African wild dogs are vanishing very fast. They are the 2nd most endangered carnivores of Uganda and there are a total of less than 550 wild dogs roaming in African countries. Poaching is one of the prime reasons for these animals’ decreasing numbers.

Mountain Gorilla

Mountain Gorillas are the most iconic attraction of Uganda Safaris; the prime reason for which most of the tourists book their ticket to Uganda. Inhabiting in the deep forest in Uganda’s volcanic mountain forests these are the giant species yet the harmless ones.

Having 98% human-like DNA these species are very playful and interesting to watch. Mountain Gorillas used to decrease heavily due to poaching and deforestation. However, the govt. of Uganda is trying to save them and as a result, the population has improved in recent few years. Considered as critically endangered by IUCN’s Red List, many programs are run to stop poaching.

Fun activities on the safari

While on the search of the rarest animals in Uganda are some fun activities that can be carried out after the study and the observation of these endangered animals, Top Rarest Wildlife in Uganda

Most visitors after their treks on the animals they engage in other different fun activities that help them have more opened up mind states and further understanding of Uganda and its activities.

Some of the most common activities carried out are found in different areas but mostly in jinja town. These include. photography, swimming, nature walks, gorilla trekking, birding, zip lining, bungee jumps, culture encounters, environment studies, quad biking, boat cruise games, and so very more

onto the other leg the accommodation facilities in Uganda and very good and well protected so one has no reason of having to be worried about anything, because all these movements can arranged and even supervised by great tour guides.

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