Tourist attractions in Kasese : Kasese Town is located in the western region of Uganda and is ranked as the largest town in the Rwenzururu region, close just a little north of Lake George.

Kasese is a major tourist destination for travelers because it covers a big and remarkable part of Uganda’s tourist attraction such as the Rwenzori Mountains, Queen Elizabeth national park, it is also filled with lakes, Rivers, waterfalls and crater lakes. Below are some of the top attractions to look out for when planning to visit Kasese and Uganda at large.

Rwenzori Mountains

Mount Rwenzori ranges is a true beauty above Kasese town. The Rwenzori Mountains is Uganda’s highest with a snow peak and the third highest in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro as the first and Mount Kenya as the second. Mount Rwenzori has about 3-5 peaks, the highest peak, Margherita rises to 5,109 meters above sea level, marking it the 3rd highest peak in Africa. As you journey to Kasese through green open tree country, Mountain Rwenzori makes up most of the landscape. Rugged undulating ridges run against the savannah, outlining the edge of the range.

Mount Rwenzori has a year round permanent snow and glaciers have secured it the popular phrase, “mountains of the moon”. It features some of the most unique plant life, fresh water streams and diverse fauna. Below are some of the things to do:

Mountain climbing; There is no adventure in Kasese quite like trekking the highest mountain in the country. Following a 7 – 8 day Mount Rwenzori trek, you venture into a completely new world like you have never seen, all the while testing your perseverance against the natural elements.

Birding; The Rwenzori Mountains are one of the best birding destinations in Uganda. They are perfect, especially for sighting Albertine rift endemics such as the Rwenzori Turaco, Rwenzori batis and many more.

Mountain biking: For travelers in search of adventure but prefer not to endure days trekking, mountain biking is quite the escapade. The activity is set upon some rugged paths that meant to create an adventure thrill quite like no other.

Village walk: Walk the path of the indigenous communities living around the mountain and explore their ways of life. Through remote winding paths, travelers are able to have a taste of local farming, traditional cooking and even natural ways of healing.

Rwenzori Mountains National Park

The park covers about 1,000 square kilometers. Mount Rwenzori national park is a UNESCO world heritage site located in Kasese along the border of Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Most of its landscape is dominated by hills, including most of the center and eastern half of the Rwenzori Mountains. Mountain streams fed by snow and glaciers flow through the park, occasionally creating pools and numerous fresh water lakes. Furthermore, the park’s location within the Albertine rift makes it a must visit destination in Kasese for unique flora and fauna; especially Albertine rift endemics.

Birding: Rwenzori Mountains National Park is an Important Birding Area (IBA) and while here, you can explore several species such as; Barred Long Tailed Cuckoo, Long eared Owl, Golden winged sunbird and Montane Sooty Boubou among others.

Game viewing: There are about 70 mammal species here including; Elephants, Blue monkeys Rwenzori Otters, Chimpanzees, bushbucks and Leopards among others. The three-horned chameleon is frequently spotted as well.

Rwenzori Mountains Art Centre and foundry; Uniquely built at the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains, the Rwenzori Mountains Art center stands out amidst a dark green background. It is quite easy to access along the road stretching between Fort Portal and Queen Elizabeth National Park.  The facility features an eco-friendly gallery built with natural materials such as wood and bamboo. Inside are several sculptures and crafts made by the locals. Some of the pieces are quite fascinating; telling of local tales and history. On the premises is also a bar.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth national park raised to fame following the visit of Queen Elizabeth II of England. This park is presently Uganda’s most visited national park located within four districts of western Uganda including Kasese and covers an area of 1,978 square kilometers. Besides the British monarch’s visit, Queen Elizabeth national park is globally acclaimed for its tree climbing Lions and half of the world’s Nile Crocodile population.

Lion tracking in Queen Elizabeth national park

There are not many places to track Lions in the African jungle. However, Queen Elizabeth national park is home to almost half of the country’s lion population. Spend an average of four hours on this top predator’s trail, watching them rest and sometimes hunt.3 Days Queen Elizabeth Wildlife Safari

Game drive and Birding

With about 95 mammal species recorded in Queen Elizabeth national park, this is the best destination for game drives. The southern Ishasha sector is the avid home for the tree-climbing lions that are abundant here. A 600 species bird count also makes it a great place to go birding.

Kazinga channel boat cruise

This is where Hippos and Crocodiles “hang out”. Travelers are able to spot an array of bird life along the water’s edge and encounter the largest population of Nile Crocodiles in the world.

Chimpanzee tracking

Chimpanzees are located in the deep set of Kyambura gorge, a 100 meters deep trench of montane and tropical flora. The gorge is also a great place to see other primates such as Monkeys and Baboons.

Lake Katwe explosion craters

Lake Katwe explosion craters are intensely beautiful. They are located just at the edge of Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kasese. Lake Katwe is an important source of salt consumed domestically and within East Africa. While here, you are able to witness the process of salt preparation and do some hiking as well.

In conclusion, Kasese is nestled within a rich tourist part of Uganda; featuring the Rwenzori Mountains and Queen Elizabeth National Park; where tree climbing Lions abound. To plan and book your Kasese city tour, contact us on;

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