Twiga Safari lodge Murchison Falls; Twiga Safari lodge is a comfortable place of stay with perfect and good amenities needed with guests. More so, Twiga safari lodge is a Mid-range lodge with 8 excusive cottages located along the bank of the river Nile in Mubaako Paraa opposite the Murchison Falls National park. More then, the lodge is positioned at the heart of all the activities carried out in the park and it takes 5 minutes’ drive away from the Paraa ferry crossing. Therefore, guests are able to enjoy a boat ride and visit the top of the Murchison falls, do sport fishing, bird watching at the lake Albert delta and Game drives through the national park across the river.

Twiga Safari Lodge provides clients with comfortable accommodation in the serene and relaxing breath taking environment of Uganda’s wildlife species. While on site, guests are able to adventure some monkey species and notable variety of birds as you freely walk through the grounds of the lodge.

Twiga Safari lodge Murchison Falls
Twiga Safari lodge Murchison Falls

Twiga safari lodge –Restaurant

They have well established restaurant with professional chefs who are perfect in preparing continental meals and good lounges.

All these are offered with excellent service and a breath taking views of the Nile.

Twiga Safari Lodge offers a scenic vantage point for viewing Uganda’s wildlife that lounge in the river during the day and grazing on land at night around the lodge.

Twagi Safari Lodge Facilities

They offer free Wi-Fi and river views.

The rooms are provided with nice towels and bed linen.

The lodge is established with well comfortable swimming pool where you can rest your evening from after day activity.

They have welcoming and friendly staff members.

Twiga safari lodge offers cleanliness facilities and safe place to stay.

The lodge is easy to locate and to locate the park’s tracking trails for wildlife viewing.

Activities to do while at Twiga Safari Lodge in Murchison Falls National Park

They include ; Game drive ,Bird watching ,Sport fishing ,Boat cruise and visit the top of the famous Murchison falls.

In general ,Murchison Falls national park is renowned for hosting the most powerful waterfall in the world and is Uganda’s largest national park the measures about 3893square kilometers that encompass a wide range of beautiful landscape and it’s a home to abundance of wildlife species such as Giraffes ,Buffaloes ,Uganda kobs ,Elephants ,Hartebeests ,Oribis ,Bushbucks ,Waterbucks ,Warthogs ,hyenas among others even primates can be encountered in Budongo forest that resides in the park  ,species like Chimpanzees ,colobus monkeys .More so ,a home of birders paradise with more than 451 bird species and species to encounter includes; Rare shoe bill ,Silver bird ,Palm-nut vulture ,Giant kingfisher ,Goliath heron ,Malachite kingfisher ,Eastern grey plantain –eater ,Denham’s bustard ,Blue-headed coucal ,Black-billed barbet ,Black-headed lapwing ,Black-headed gonolek ,White-browed sparrow-weaver ,swamp flycatcher ,Squacoo heron among others. The park is located in northwest region of Uganda; approximately 4 to 5 hours’ drive to access the main destination from Kampala city. Murchison Falls national park is under management of UWA – Uganda Wildlife Authority a government body that authorizes all Uganda’s National Parks and Reserves.

Twiga Safari lodge Murchison Falls
Twiga Safari lodge Murchison Falls

Activities done at Twiga Safari Lodge

Game drives in Murchison falls national park

Game drive is one of the main done activity at the park which can be done in sessions, morning, afternoon and evening ,night game drive in a 4×4 WD with a pop roof that gives clears views wildlife species such as ;Jackson’s hartebeest , elephant ,bushbucks ,Uganda kobs ,lions ,if you’re lucky in the morning game drive you can view  predators like hyenas and leopards ,lions before they return back to their hideouts.

Night game drive in Murchison Falls national park you can be able to view nocturnal animals like, leopard, bush babies, genet, hyenas, civet, porcupines, lions as well as seeing hippos feeding many more.

Boat cruise in Murchison Falls national park

 Boat cruise is quite remarkable activity which can be done to the bottom of the falls or downstream to the Victoria Nile delta stretching to the shores of Lake Albert. There are two schedules to do boat cruise morning starts at 9:am and afternoon starts at around 2:00pm. While boat cruise, you will be able cruise near species like hippos, crocodiles, elephants, waterbucks, giraffes, buffaloes, kobs, waterbucks among others. Water birds to encounter include; African fish eagle, African jacana, saddle billed stork, dwarf kingfisher, African skimmer, Chapin flycatcher, Abyssinian hornbill many more.

 Birding in Murchison Falls National park

The park is hoven for birders and expect to encounter a lot of species such as open billed stork, widow bird, Abyssinian ground hornbill, grey crowned crane, saddle billed stork, red throated bee-eater, malachite kingfisher, yellow fronted tinker bird, giant heron, grey headed kingfisher, yellow fronted tinker bird, martial eagle, silver bird among others.

Sport fishing in Murchison Falls national park

On fishing here, you’re able to catch different fish types such as Nile perch, tiger fish and cat fish. All you need to do is to carry you fishing requirements for easy fishing.

Twiga Safari lodge Murchison Falls
SportFishing at Murchison Falls

 Other activities to do include; Chimpanzee tracking

These activities are best visited in peak season when there’s less rain which start from June to September and December to February. You can still visit the park during wet season starts from March to May and November which are best months for birding beautiful bird species and it’s when accommodation rates lower and visitors can be few in the park.

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