Uganda festival season / Rolex festival Uganda ; Rolex festival season it is annual exhibition gathering of thousands people both teenagers and youth gathers on the tasty of Rolex from different delicious prepared unique rolex prepared by several chefs. However, Rolex has become a tourist attraction here in Uganda as we see foreigner feels the tasty and yearning to learn how they are being prepared, the process is not such difficult to learn them, they are simply prepared. Here in Uganda rolex is the most tasted or wanted by teenagers and young youth like the university students and secondary students.

More so, rolex is a unique tasty bite due to its uniqueness that’s why several organizations came in to introduce it into the public to as culinary exhibition as aim at promoting Rolex as the National Meal Identifier for Uganda. However, Uganda has a wide home to 52 tribes   and 6 indigenous group, meaning Rolex carries the same name across all these ethnic groups with no attachments left out of any these groups.

Uganda festival season
Kampala City Tour

Uganda a unique destination to enjoy several different unique and tasty eats such; the Rolex which is liked by almost both old and the younger, visit Uganda to enjoy more of its tasty. We see even foreigners who visits the country they like a tasty of it.

 Note; Uganda offers great Kampala City Tour –Culinary tourism which acts as the travel for the taste of place in order to have a sense of place. To add onto that, Uganda is home to 52 tribes and over 6 indigenous groups so you can opt to enjoy single meal that signatures the country without any ethnic back group or choose to do a combined trip with Kampala City Tour.  However, a unique tasty eats which is designed into a rolled eats thus making only meal that carries the same name   across the country but with no attachment to it, Uganda festival season.

How Rolex bring prepared.

Rolex is signified as Uganda’s unique tasty eats, which are prepared with Ugandan street food like eggs, vegetable.

You start with peeling the onion, Chop the red onion, tomatoes, add salt, green paper, eggs and cabbages and sometime they add in fried small chopped meat like that of a cow, chicken to prepare it tastier. Then after you will have to prepare eggs mixture up with all the above mentioned ingredients fry them and  then you will have to put them to the fried  chapatti .Chapatti are being prepared by mixing wheat ,oil ,baking powder  add in water as you knead till the dough and then fries  .You will have to place  it  on clean plate  where you will have to get that fried platy eggs place them on chapatti add on chill and after wrap  them in chapatti  and have your genuine most satisfying  foods on the planet .To be realistic  ,the rolex preparation is single portion dish quick to prepare and  can be tasted any time of the day from breakfast to a lunch or supper meal or as snack.

More so, Rolex is a popular food item in Uganda destination which can be prepared through combing an egg and tasty vegetables rolled in a chapatti and then enjoy a new life   tasty on African continent without regret.

Ugandan Rolex Recipe –Details

Chapatti –Ingredients and tools:

 ½ cup all-purpose flour


 Add salt

Rolling board and stick

Detailed directions;

  1. Get a pan or a small basket pour wheat flour and add salt to mixture
  2. Slowly add enough water as you knead till the dough then add some little oil to make it not stick onto rolling tick no more
  3. Make small balls of dough
  4. You will have to use a rolling stick, roll out the ball balls into a circular piece of dough and roast it from both sides to your satisfaction.


  1. Break eggs into a shallow cup or a plate, add pinch of salt and beat with a fork
  2. Get a pan put it on fire add oil and then pour the eggs
  3. Use a large spoon to rotate the eggs.
  4. After it fries place on the chapatti on its top and roll it
  5. Place it on chopping board cut it into two or three pieces
  6. Serve it on the plate with add sliced avocado as extra flavor or they do it as a take away.

Note, Rolex derives its name from rolled eggs.

However, Ugandans prefer this special meals, meaning rolex is a born tasty meal of here which is combined of chapatti vegetation’s and eggs. The meal can be tasty with enough ingredients and its tasty depends on the money in your pocket where you can decide to order a rolex with even 5 eggs if you wish.

Uganda festival season
Rolex Festival

What is the annual gathering of Rolex festival in Uganda?

The Uganda annual Kampala Rolex festival exhibition tend to happen in the month of August though the date keeps on changing.

Price of Uganda –Kampala Festival Season; Start at UGX1,000, UGX10,000. You can buy it a small fee of USD10, USD30 and amount of fees depends on your wallet and how sweet and tasty you want may wish!

 The 2022 Kampala Rolex festival culinary exhibition will occur on August 21st at Lugongo Cricket Oval after a 2 year miss out due to the COVID -19 pandemic and last edition was once held in 2019 and here comes the 2022 Rolex festival exhibition tour. But we do advice you to be very careful with your personnel belongs because it can a place full of thieves, robes. Besides that, move with enough money in order to enjoy a tasty of Rolex that fits in your wallet. Kampala Rolex festival can be a day long celebrations filed with joy, peace as you jazz with your loved ones, friends or as a family, endeavor to miss. Get started planning now!

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